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  1. Thanks man. I'm trying for a clean build. That's why I like your idea. It's nice, simple and clean. Most of all it's hidden Where'd you buy the fans from? I'm thinking of getting 2 from newegg
  2. http://www.ehow.com/...er-windows.html I've had to install power windows to a cavilar. It sucks.
  3. Thanks guys for the offers, but I got a DB Drive Okur a7 2000.1. Thank you for the offers though.
  4. This is just an example..but here's a box in mind: (Bracing not needed, it can be built bigger, I just had it to where more power will be ran to them)
  5. Bought a Crescendo BC2000 for $260. So Nvm.
  6. Cool. Dont care, had some respect for ya. Not no more. /end conversation. Why don't you throw your design in.
  7. It was for looks. Well I'm resigning from this site... nothing but a bunch of dicks on here. Several others think so as well.
  8. Port area is 15.64ft. Its perfect so its not that.
  9. Oops, I forgot a ledge...this is optional though.
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