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  1. yeah I have a lot of different files also, I should probably join most of them. What was confusing to me, is the cd player stopped working also.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help. I found a reset button behind the face plate. I hit it and nothing happend,,,,,Then a buddy hops in the next day, takes the usb out and plugs it back in and everything works fine, SO IDK,But thanks
  3. So if I have 3 30 amp fuses does that mean that each channel gets a 30amp fuse and then there is a master third 30 amp fuse that is a back up, or does it mean I have 900 watts Edit: Also I tried to find actual output but I couldnt get my clamp meter to work. I connected the dmm and ran a 45Hz tone at 3/4 HU volume and it read 82.3v coming out of my bridged terminal. Could anyone help me with this or tell me how to use a clamp meter. thanks
  4. yes everything was working fine, and then this morning it keeps trying to read but doesnt play anything
  5. Last night I put some new songs and test tones on my mp3 player,well everything was working find,I set my gains,road around,and then went to bed.Well this morning I got in my car, and now my CD player and Mp3 player doesnt work. Could anyone help
  6. I have a Coustic600se and it has 3 30amp fuse's. I tried googling and only found stuff about the inline fuse for amps. Could anyone help explain what they are for, and why I have a friend with a 1200watt sony explode and he only has an 80amp fuse and I have 90amps with 600watts.thanks
  7. Your a wise man sir. (IMHO and I mean IMHO)I personally think men should never speak of religion and politics, but that could change, pinned topics is as far as Ive got.I'll predict redundant topics and pretentious view's.
  8. I think there blown already.When you push in the woofers it sounds like there is water splashing around. I'm learning I got the amp for free and I hustled the Orions for free. I bought the HU and the Battery.
  9. No I have a gain nob that I adjust as needed but mainly it stays at half way. I never use to max gains I never even would turn the gains up I couldnt or it would over heat.And I never used bass boost either.But now that I have the Big 3 and a couple battery's I am able to turn everything up with out distortion bass boost all the way, gain is half and the lowest the voltage drops nox is 12.3v
  10. DUDE DD is the world record holder @182.7DB or something close to that... BUY 2 to 4 Z18's and more crescendo's... OR some DC's and tune low
  11. Ok I would IMHO I would buy Wow im sorry but ROFL on your quotes in the sig LOL...http://www.ebay.com/itm/18-FI-BTL-Subwoofer-/300688458294?pt=Car_Subwoofers_Enclosures&hash=item46026dc236 and I would get this amphttp://www.audioque.com/AQ1200D-Amplifier_p_30.html or something like that.. Personally you would need about 800 to 900 to do something special.. Scratch that I would buy thishttp://www.ebay.com/itm/POWER-ACOUSTIK-MOFO154X-15-3000W-CAR-AUDIO-SUBWOOFER-SUB-MOFO-154X-/260985568512?pt=Car_Subwoofers_Enclosures&hash=item3cc3f3bd00 and a cheap hifonics amp for now while I saved for the crescendo 3500 But thats just what I would do..
  12. You guys below 30Hz I'm sure you have tuned higher before, so what is your final thought.will you stay low.are you limited to one or so types of music. And do you get port noise when punchy songs are? whats the plus and minus of below 30Hz tuning
  13. I just built a box that is around 3.cubes and ported to 35 Hz sounds great very very loud with low wattage. First box I built for a van was 5.cubes tuned to 45Hz I think it was too high for the Hifonics I put in it. I personally havnt tuned lower then 35Hz. What do you guys think about the 30's mid 20's etc..From you personal experience Not scientific theory what do you guys think about tuning.Lets here some rants...
  14. I hope I dont piss anyone off bumping this,but. After the van died I put everything in my girls lancer and I have not had a problem since. I am really really loud now, and I can bump it to the max without it cutting out or even getting warm(seriously I have a gain nob and I push it to the max,while demoing,and I can touch my face to it, it's so cool afterwards) All together I have the big 3 now 2 stock battery's and a shuriken bt sk20.When i put in the shuriken the amp stopped getting hot, and I grounded my amp twice(battery that is grounded to the frame and the frame so 1 terminal 2 grounds, but im sure it is just the shuriken that made a difference) Edited for coherence:
  15. I currently have an Back L-port on the box I have in my car right now. I can hear a little port noise, so I don't like it, could be because it was built poorly...but..I shall. PS: You should send me that clamp you got...too cheap to buy one =)) LOL I borrowed the clamp's from the guy across the street...IMHO the first box looks like you will lose some port, and it looks like that because you're coming off of 2 seperate chambers into a port in the middle.I think it would be better to have one solid big port for the box I went with the L-shaped port and Im doing really really really good with only 600watts and cheap Orion's. Edit:LOL the other night after I built my box, I ran into a guy from my old street. He told me that he could get me a box that would make my set up twice as loud. Then he went to tell me that I should melt a plastic cup in the gaps between each piece of wood to seal them, because I'm losing so much air. I told him that right about now Im moving so much air that you wouldnt be able to tell difference. He said "No dude Im telling you, you need to melt a cup, go around the edges and then put a piece of wood over the port hole.. Cause you're losing alot of air,you can get way louder". I started to cry, then went home to kill myself.
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