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  1. Ok so my question on this is, say if I have an electronic crossover (in between the headunit and the amps) that puts out around 5V (clean) at its pre-outs and can accept a signal down to 200mV at its input. Does it matter now if my HU has 2V or 4V pre-outs?? I am leaning towards no...
  2. Do you think that CTEK7002 is good enough? Ok I will check for a drain on it once it warms up here in the freezer aka IL lol.
  3. Kinda off topic here bro lol but its cool - I was told you suppose to charge them all at once, from the front battery...
  4. It dropped back to 12.5V when I got in it this morning...
  5. Well I just got back from a 400 mile highway drive so I will check in the morning what it rests at. However, I do have an aftermarket alarm installed and the temp is currently around 25F...
  6. LOL yeah I get what you're saying and I think I read that somewhere online too! Yeah I was thinking about taking the Kinetik out and testing it first before taking apart the bank of 6 in the back :/ what fun...
  7. Yeah I do charge them almost every weekend with an agm charger thats rated at 7A (CTEK-7002) but even then it still drops to 12.5V just takes a two or three more minutes before it does. This is without the bass turned on - even with just the mids and highs on low volume (cannot hear it outside my garage) .... So yeah I'm kinda confused by this but someone else said its pretty normal? Maybe the charger is too small at 7A?? Btw, these are 6 Group 31's and the Kinetik HC3800 all connected together. The Kinetik is about 3 to 4 years old and the others are all less than 9 months old... Maybe I should charge each battery and load test them seperately? (I have access to a 500A load tester)....
  8. For the past 2 months or so I took my subs and sub amp out so I just using my highs and barely at that. I have noticed my DC Power 320A alternator charges at around 14V with the 6 Deka 31's (back) and 1 Kinetik HC3800 (upfront) but the minute the car is turned off, within about 40 seconds it will drop to 12.5V and it will stay there forever basically. Does not matter if the volume is on mute either... I am wondering if I have a battery that is bad or what do you guys think is the issue? * Car has 3 runs of 0 ga for + and 2 runs of 0 ga for Ground. Big 3 has been done as well. All wires are CCA Skyhigh wire...
  9. Looking for a Crescendo C1100.4 in good working order and reasonably priced - pm me price with shipping to IL.
  10. OP, I dont know if you already knew this but I was told with the DD1 to use the -5db track for music and -10db track for a spl setup.... yep more confusion for ya
  11. Thanks! Ya I need to look at my batteries (DC Eng. tested the 320A and it came back good). So I suspect a dead cell somewhere :/ Now I gotta take out 6 group 31's and 1 group 34 and test them individually. Lots of fun. Looking forward to see how the new build goes for ya! LOL I bet that wall was a bitch to take out! I swear, walls are easier to build than take out lol.
  12. Dude hows it goin? Long time no chat. Yea I finally broke the 150 mark, and I'm already planning a rebuild. Hows the scion? Are you going to MWSPL finals? Hey sorry for the late reply! Still having low voltage issues in the XB but it did manage a 154 down to 11.8V at the last comp. Yeah I did not enter any of the finals and I regret it now lol. Excited to see your new build man! Take care and Happy Thanksgiving btw!
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