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  1. Looking for a Crescendo C1100.4 in good working order and reasonably priced - pm me price with shipping to IL.
  2. So it does not matter if I have 1 or 10 batteries of the same size, the charger will still charge all of them to full capacity just take longer?? Hmmm I wonder why customer support told me to only charge 1 or 2 batteries at a time and the max the charger could handle was 220ah? This is what got me confused...
  3. If am charging, say 6 group 31 105ah batteries all at once with a 7A charger (ctek7002), will it NOT fully charge all the batteries because it is only 7A or will it just take longer to charge and still full charge them compared to say a 25A charger which I assume will charge faster? Just trying to see if I can still use my small ctek7002 and save some cash cos I dont mind it taking longer but if its not fully charging all of them then I guess its time to upgrade...
  4. Ups said that the packaging was not adequate and its not their fault... so I am stuck with this pos...
  5. Read many mixed opinions on this - some people say its ok to patch it up and use it and some people say its no good anymore once the housing gets a hole / leak in it even though it is dry cell agm and can change the internal resistance which can cause charging issues ie. not fully charging etc. - what to do.... What do you guys think about this HC3800 ?
  6. Got a Kinetik HC3800 from a friend and apparently ups damaged the battery and it had a hole the size of a quarter on the housing near the negative terminal. Oddly the battery still read 12.9 volts when charged but I noticed it would charge to full very fast... Do you guys think this battery is still any good or not? I was wondering since it is a drycell maybe the hole did not affect it (we patched it up with epoxy and a piece of plastic btw)... Did a load test on it and it went up to around 400A before dropping to 10v after like 10 seconds...
  7. I have a system that does over 150db and sounds great with Decaf's music or Bass Mekanik CDs but with regular music even if it is rap, dubstep etc. the bass response lacks quite a bit. Do you guys think some sort of bass processing, maybe something like an audiocontrol epicenter should help with this?
  8. Thank you for the confirmation. Yes, I use a digital lcd scope to set all my gains
  9. momofx76

    clean power

    Is it true that it is ok to clip a little if you are doing spl / burps?
  10. I have a 4 channel amp that puts out 300w rms x 2 bridge mode into 4 ohms but I have 4 x 8 ohm mids rated at 150w rms each. So I would like to know a few things that I am unsure about : 1. If I run the amp bridged (2 channel mode, 300w rms x2), can I use ch 1 & 2 as a left input and ch 3 & 4 as a right input so I still have stereo sound? Will I loose stereo seperation this way? 2. Since the mids are 8 ohms, if I run them in parallel for each side (4 ohms total load) does this mean that each mid will get about 75w rms?
  11. I have been using a CTEK 7002 (7 Amps max) to charge two group 31 Deka's. I just added two more group 31's and was wondering if this charger is adequate enough to charge all four batteries or should I look into a higher amperage charger such as a XS power 15A charger?
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