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  1. to make maters worse, i came inside to see what it would do off 80 watts of a surround sounds receiver, and blew my receiver up, today is not for me.
  2. i traded a 60$ amp, an SA-8, and 30 bucks, that mother fucker.
  3. Ok, so i think im a retard, i just pushed up the cone, i saw the top half of the copper looked brand new, and the other half is like a grayish black, am i boned? and if one coil is blown, which is what it seems like, then which coil is which? how do i find out if the top of the coil is the connections on the right or left or the sub? can i run it off one coil and just cut the rms in half?
  4. 2.0 cubes, gain turned all the way down, bass boost off, air tight, its been 20 minutes since i did that and now i can hardly smell it, even if i put my nose right next to the motor, im very confused
  5. Earlier today i traded my SA-8 v.1 D4 and some cash for a Rockford Fosgate 15" T1 dual 4 ohm, seemed to work fine when the guy did a demo, free air, off his amp, played for a minute fine, didnt smell anything, didnt hear anything funny, was wired at 2 ohms, so both coils were hooked up. Now i get home about an hour ago and did a a test in some random 15" box i found in my shed, for literally 30 sec to see how it sounded in a sealed box, crappy btw, and i took it out and it smells like old/ burnt/ electronics, it works fine, both coils are working, i tested them differently, and together, its got good excursion, doesnt bind, surrounds are good, i can see the coil is shiny copper, not burnt as far as i can see, so whats the problem? is it burning up slowly? is it about to burn up? can i only see one of the coils? was it burnt up, and fixed, so the smell is just there? what wrong with it? thanks
  6. i think that i might just buy 2 of these, i dont wanna wait 3 more months to get something that could very well end up not impressing me, might as well try with some cheap ones http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_44511_Hifonics-ZRX15SQD4.html
  7. what about http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_27322_RE-Audio-SX18D2.html
  8. ive never built any speaker / sub in my life, im not trying to make a 300$ mistake
  9. i know for almost a fact, im not going to be able to afford a decent 18" for quite some time, unless i get some crazy hook up
  10. I understand that, um for power i have no clue, only limits are no alternator, extra battery, and around 400 for an amp sometime down the road
  11. best bang for my buck, ive had 8's, 10's, and 12's, time to upgrade, ill have about 275 cash after i sell my SA-8, amp, other sub, and some other stuff Thanks also, i want to be able to hit lows hard, thats my reason for upgrading.
  12. i can go these specs: 10x23x11.5 8.5x1x28 14.41 inches per cube foot .59 cubes after displacment 35.72 Hz Would that be a better option? cause i really would not like to go above 36 hz.
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