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Found 22 results

  1. Sup all. Building a 4th order blow through 2 RSGold 12s. I did one already and I guess I messed up. Seems like the box is hitting hard but inside the truck not really hitting. Anyone know why? Or anyone do box design. Thanks
  2. I plan to purchase some Sundown Audio equipment within the next 2 or 3 days, and I would like some suggestions on where to purchase it. No "brick and mortar" dealers near me, woofers etc. is not an option, 800 woofers is not an option, SSA is looking like my only option, so how is their shipping, customer service? I don't want to order from somewhere that has a ton of old stock, but don't want to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a build either. I have read mixed reviews on SSA's shipping times, but only from one side of course. Any other options other that the ones mentioned? Also would LOVE a coupon code, or forum member discount maybe?! Input appreciated!
  3. I am thinking about putting 1 12" Sundown ZV4 12" REV 2 in the trunk of my bmw 530i. Most likely going to face the box towards the seats since my seats fold all the way down. I will most likely get a 220 amp H/O alt from exsessive amperage, its about the biggest I could find from a notable company (singer, mechman, dc power, or anyone else that might be named has already been contacted and they wont make one for my car). I will probably have 2 extra batts (xs power d3100s probably) and a stock replacement, big 3 and a couple runs of 0 guage ran. My questions are, What size amp can I get away with here? I was hoping to go with a sundown SCV-3000d just to keep it in the sundown family. Would this be too much for a single ZV4 12? Reccomendations welcome... Would a straight back facing box or maybe a rear deck blowthrough get me better numbers? Would the elictrical I have be enough to keep this amp happy? Please help me out, all opinions are welcome. Any opinions on possible numbers? Any help is greatly appreciated. (No im not a "sundown fanboy" I actually just had a 15" FI BTL N2 on a BC3500d in my last vehicle, I just dont have the room for it in this one and wanted to try something new)
  4. With Christmas less then a month away, now is your chance to tell Santa what you want for the holidays! Are you going to ask for the Clarion Digital Sound Processor or are you sticking to a new pair of headphones to wear on the go like the noise cancelling Phiaton Cord MS 530? Let us know what's on your holiday wish list!
  5. Have a Rockford R1000.1D amp that does 1k rms at 2ohms and wanted to upgrade woofers to get the best SPL and SQ for it and possibly for the price. I know Level 2s are rated at 600rms and 3s at 900rms but ive heard that DC subs are underrated and was curious what would be best? Ive been told to get a Level 2 by a few people already....
  6. I basically just want to know if this design will work for my sub, my only concern is the port area, i know 14in of port per cube foot is ok, but it only has 8.5 in of port area, so comment if its good, or bad. Thanks. Sundown SA-8 D4 v.1 Wired at 2 ohms getting about 550 rms 10x23x12 box dimentions 8.5x1x30 port dimentions 34.29 Hz .64 cubes after sub and port displacement 8.50 inch port area 13.28 inches of port area per foot
  7. i have a 92 full size blazer. 4 pa mofo 15's on a hifonic bre2500d. i want something that can pull great numbers and if possible do hair tricks. the dimensions i have to work with is 48wX27hX32front to back. not sure what box design would be best for a suv like this? new in the spl game and looking for someone to help out.
  8. http://m1091.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/thaiboxing101/photobucket-38535-1339303687264.png.html?o=0&newest=1 One of my best buddies. New project coming together slowly. These go under the massive center channel and 10' tall line array mains. He's known for going overboard, but the moment someone says he'll never use what he has to its potential.....they find out he aint skeered! Cool if ya dig it.
  9. Hello everyone, I am planning on building my own single 12 SEALED box for my sub. The sub recommendations for the box volume is 1.37 cubic feet. I'm new to this stuff so can anyone just give me measurements of wood i need so i can go cut it and put it together? I'm going to use 3/4 MDF wood. Just give me the height X width of each side i need. please and thank you very much.
  10. my system was loud as shit but after a having it for a couple of weeks it just isnt the same but is still loud.. so i gotta ask is it just me or is something wrong? could i be just getting used to it. it happens everytime i upgrade.
  11. Ive been looking but havent seen anyone really do (3) v3 z18 subs. i just got 3 of them and have 3 hifonics brutus 2100d and am curious has anyone had experience with these subwoofers? Sundown says 4 ft^3 and that sounds too small. Also, this is my first real system, gathering everything i think i need. Input appreciated.
  12. Somebody enlighten me on this, I have two SA-8's that need to be reconed. Can I order recone kit's for them and also buy two SA 12 baskets and convert them from SA-8's to SA-12's? Thanks
  13. I have one Rockford Fosgate 12" T0, model # T0D412, that I bought several months ago. I decided to just buy a pre fab ported box and there was always port noise at most lower frequencies. It has finally bugged me to the point where I'm building my own box. Any ideas or dimensions other than the one recommended in the manual? Since I only have one sub, I'd prefer a ported or 4th order bandpass type enclosure for the most bang for my buck.
  14. Ok so i fix allll my wiring and stuff and i a listen to music. then everything stops in the back. i got and look and nothings making noise but everytheres on but not playing. so i take it to my audio store and nothings wrong. so i rewire and i notice when i plug in my RCA cable in the little green power light comes on but the words jenson light up as if it were on. all my fuses are fine and wires are plugged in right.. and one knoe whats wrong?... im stumpped
  15. Hey SMD! awhile back i posted a thread about coil rub on one of my level 5s. i purchased a reconethrough Cj. but never reconed the sub. i just kept playing on it with the SD8k, then on the k12. i first started noticing this "clanking" sound a couple weeks back when i was demoing a couiple people at a local shop. before i left, i played a song, My shit bang- e-40, i totally forgot that there is a very low note in the song, i broke a dustcap on one sub, and blew off the other. the note was extremely low. after the most recent show i attened, i gave a couple demos, but by the time i was to be metered, the "clanking" noise became louder and output seemed to be less. now its really bad. recone time? heres a vid to help describe the noise. and heres some pic:
  16. Two p3d4-12's wired to 1ohm..600RMS.. on a hifonics brutus 1200Amp.. how long will those babies last? any tips to make last longer, and will extra power be needed?
  17. Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment. Today's AudioSavings deal is.... Cadence ZB121 (12” 2000 Watt Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure With ZRS12-1000-4 Ohm Subwoofer and High Quality Piano Black Finish) http://www.audiosavi...x?item_cd=ZB121 Enclosure Features: High Gloss Black Piano Finish Enclosure This is the nicest enclosure we have ever seen! Great build quality! Slot Port Tuned to 45Hz Custom Logo Embroidery Subwoofer Features: Features: Model: Zrs12-1000-4 Size: 12” Basket Type: Cast Aluminum This Is Known To Be The Strongest Material For Long Lasting Hard Hitting Subs. This Competition Sub Will Go For Days And Weeks Straight Without Getting Tired! 3” 4-Layer Voice Coils If You Look Around On The Market At Others Subs, You'll Noticed That They Have Either Single Layer Or Two Layer Voice Coils. This Is A Competition Subwoofer Which Is Why It Has 3 Inch 4 Layered Voice Coils. You Will Not Find This Feature On Any Other Sub At This Price. Single Voice Coil 4 Ohm Many Competitions Subs Are Single Voice Coil 4 Ohm. The Reason For This Is That Single Voice Coil's Are Very Reliable. The Reason For Them Being 4 Ohm Is Because This Gives You Many Wiring Options When You Are Wiring Multiple Subwoofers Together. You Can Run 2 Subs Down To 2 Ohms, Or 3 Subs Down To 1 Ohm, 1000 Watts True Rms Rated Cadence Only Rates Their Products With Legitimate Tested Rms Ratings. If You Push This Subwoofer To The Limit You Will Know This It Can Actually Handle Even More Power Than They Say. From Our Testing This Subwoofer Can Easily Handle 1200 W Rms. 2000 Watts Peak Output With 2000 W Peak Output This Self Can Handle A Lot Of Power And A Lot Of Heat. It Has A Very High Excursion Which Gives Us Some Breathing Room And The Ability To Have A High Peak Output. Magnet Weight: 14 Lbs. Most 12 Inch Subwoofers On The Market Weighed Less Than 10 Pounds. Just The Magnate Of This Double For Weighs 14 Pounds. That Is One Really Big Magnet. This Sub Will The Sure Way Other Subs At Competitions. We Guarantee! Some Subs Have A Dual Magnet Structure, This Sub Has A Triple Magnet!!!!! Subwoofer Weight 35 Lbs. This Subwoofer Is A 35 Pound Beast! With A Good Amplifier Powering This Subwoofer You Will Be Able To Hear The Bass From Six Blocks Away. The Bass Will Be So Loud It Will Literally Sent Off Car Alarms. That Is With Just One Sub. Imagine If You Get Two Or Three Of Them! Direct Connect 10 Gauge Wire Connection 10 Gauge Power Wire Attaches Directly To The Voice Coil. There Are No Terminals On The Woofers, Just Like A Fully Digital Design. This Is An Important Feature, Because All You Need To Do Is Connect The Wires Directly To Their Terminals In The Box Or To The Amp For Unimpeded Circuit Flow. Washer Plate Thickness: 14mm This Summer For Was Engineered To Perfection. It Has No Flaws. The Thickness Of The Washer Plates Match Up With Everything Else On This Sub. Everything Is Bigger Than Normal, And Louder Than A Normal Sub! One-Piece Extended Pole Technology This Is Another Feature Normally Only Found In Competition Subwoofers. Surround Stitched To Cone Body Your Average Subwoofer Will Use Glue, However That Causes Problems When The Sub Gets Hot And Melts The Glue. This Sub Is Designed To Be Able To Handle The Heat. Fiber Reinforced Paper Composite Cone This Material Will Give You Amazing Sound Quality. Most Competitions Subwoofers On The Market Are Made To Only Go Loud. This One Will Actually Sound Good And It Will Go Louder Than Almost Any Other Sub! Magnet Motor Heatsink With Heat Pump Effect With A Normal Subwoofer Of This Powerful, The Subwoofer Can Get Hot After Playing For Extended Periods Of Time. This Subwoofer Uses A New Technology In Order To Eliminate The Heat And Keep This Some Cool. 3” Black Aluminum Anodized Voice Coil Former This Is Another Very Important Component To Any Competition Subwoofer. Quad Layer, Linear Progressive Conex Spiders Cadence Was Paying A Lot Of Attention To The Details On This Sub. This Has At Top-Of-The-Line Spider Which Was Designed To Have A Lot Of Strength So That It Can Handle All The Power The Sub Offers. Large Double Laminated Foam Surround These Are Some Of The Thickest Foam Surrounds You Will Ever See On Any Sub. Period! This Subwoofer Is A Distortion Killer. It Eliminates Distortion So That The Sub Sounds Really Clean All The Time. Inverted Poly 3-Dimensional Dust Cap Granite Finish Gray Texture Coating Integrated High-Current Round Tinsel Leads High Power Four-Layer Voice Coil Winding Ultra Saturated, High “Bl” Magnetic Motor Gap Frequency Response: 25hz-500hz Sensitivity: 89db Mounting Depth: 7.90” Sealed Enclosure: 1.7 Cu Feet Vented Enclosure: 2.5 Cu Feet X-Max: 26-30mm Peak-To-Peak RMS Power Handling: 1000 Watts PEAK Power Handling: 2000 Watts Voice Coil Type: 3" SVC 4 Ohm SPL @ 1w/1m: 89dB Total Weight: 60.1 lbs Dimensions (L x W x H) 20" x 14" x 15" PRICE: $189.00 http://www.audiosavings.com/audiosavings-day-deal/index.aspx?item_cd=ZB121
  18. My original plan is that Im looking to get rid of my two 10' alpines and my one 10' JL because it makes no sense....i want to put a new system in but can not conclude on what would be the best option for my car. As of now the bass level and quality that is being produced from the three 10's is alright but could be better. Also when the volume is turned up it seems clarity from the door speakers just drops and does not sound clean. My goal: 1) clean up my bass levels and make some space because the 3 subs make there no room in my trunk and i also am not a fan two different brands of subs at once. doesn't sound right. 2) clarify and clean up overall sound quality that i believe is mainly coming from door speakers, want to have cleaner lows and brighter mids-highs. My car: 2008 Infiniti G35x 4 Door Sedan with factory head unit. So here are my options that some guys and i have thought of so far.... 1) get rid of or keep the 10' JL, keep the two Alpines and look into the rockford 3sixty.3 2) get rid of or keep the 10' JL, Keep the two Alpines and look to buy aftermarket 6.5 door speakers. (was looking at these just as a possibility... http://www.wooferset...components.aspx ) 3) Get rid of all three subs and get rid of the 2 amps and either: a- Get two DC lvl3 12's with DC 2.0K b- Get two DC lvl3 12's with DC 3.5K -What are your guys thoughts to this? i am honestly open to any options and ideas that you think would work best in my car. these were just some options some guys and i were thinking about for only an hour so let me know what you think. thanks -if theres anything else that you think i should add/drop let me know
  19. Im confused as to what dimensions my box needs to be for the SA-8 i got in the mail, i know .6 cubes and around 35 Hz, but i don't know how to construct it, i am a noob, i do need to be walked through on certain things. thanks.
  20. Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment.Today's AudioSavings deal is.... RE AUDIO SEX12D4 (600 WATT RMS RATED (1200w PEAK) DUAL VOICE COIL 4 OHM CAR SUBWOOFER) http://www.audiosavings.com/audiosavings-day-deal/index.aspx?item_cd=SEX12D4 The all new SEX series by RE Audio replaces the older SE series. RE Audio subwoofers have been the best in the industry for a while now, but they just got even better! The RE Audio technicians and engineers have been busy for the last year and a half thinking of how they can improve their subwoofers. The new SEX series have a new magnet cover that aids in cooling the voice coils. These subs were also upgraded with flat wound voice coils. The magnets used in these are also slightly bigger than in the older SE series. The end result is a subwoofer that can handle more heat, meaning you can keep the volume up without the sub ever skipping a beat or getting tired! These subs go for days and weeks straight without getting tired or overheating! RE Audio is known to make some of the best hard-hitting subs and amps. These are competition grade subs, which go super-loud. These are made with the best surrounds so they can withstand a lot of bass for long periods of time. With 600 true RMS watts, this sub is one of the most powerful 12" subs on the market. These are rated strictly. They do not have inflated peak ratings like some other lower brands do. This sub can easily handle a little more than 600 watts! That is how good they are made. This is made to be a high excursion sub. This means it can hit a big range of frequency, and it can also pound a lot louder without over-heating. Features: Dual 4 ohm Voice Coils 1200 watts peak output 12" competition grade subwoofer 600 watts pure RMS Engineered with new magnet covers that aid in cooling the voice coils while protecting the magnet Flat wound voice coils Qes: .49 Qms: 4.5 Qts: .44 Free Air Resonance -Fs: 25.1 Hz Vas: 72.9 liters Overall Diameter - 12.5" Bolt Hole Circle - 11.75" Motor Width - 6.25" Motor Depth - 3.25" Basket Depth - 3.25" Displacement - .15 cu. ft. Weight - 22 lbs. One-Way, Linear Excursion -Xmax: 18 mm Efficiency - 86.1 dB SPL @ 1w/m DC Resistance -Re: 2.8 ohm Mounting Depth - 6.5" Mounting Hole Diameter - 11" Dual Composite 2-piece Cone Rubatek Foam Surround Cast Aluminum Basket Tork-Tite Terminal 3" 4-layer Aluminum Voice Coil FEA Optimized Motor Structure Triple Stack Maganets Progressive Spiders Wrap around Rubber Gasket PRICE: $129.95 http://www.audiosavi...item_cd=SEX12D4
  21. Hey any body that can help with my problem wod be greatly appreciated. I I one vvx v3 12 d2 and it's about a ur old. Was going to send it in but I been on the diy thing so I tore into it myself. Upon finding two of my tinsel leads were toasted I put some new wire in there and resoldered. Now that being done I reconnected it to amp in Yukon and got nothing. Pushed in on the come and got a small spark. After that I discoverd that if I pushed in on the cone I was now getting a response or signal that was playing thru the sub. But if I let up it goes away. Send help what my problem is around can I fix it.
  22. I have a DC audio M3 8" Dual ohm sub 600 watts RMS 1200 max and I do believe i burnt the coil. Im running a Hifonics Brutus 1400 1 channel mono block class D. It's wired correctly and ran fine for the few months, left for a job out of town for 5 weeks my truck sat parked. Now the sub smells burnt. If you'd like a picture of how the amp is tuned i would gladly email it to you.
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