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Found 7 results

  1. Hey fellow bassheads, I’m new here, literally just joined. I understand the fundamentals of box design, but I’m a little old school. I don’t use fancy apps, or websites to design for me. I’ve heard lots about the proper port sizes and wondered, is there a real math equation that would give me the proper port size every time? I’m 16, have four DC level 1s, and am making a box like Steve did with Bucket o’ Bass. It’s going in an 01’ Silverado. I just want to make it pound me harder than my drunken uncle on a Saturday night. Any pro tips?
  2. Alright, so I have designed my box. 1.72 sealed/3.0 ported. 8 inch aeroport tuned to 42hz. Sub is a single zv3 15, amp as of now is a sundown 1500 (I plan on upgrading to over 3k soon). I have drawn out some box sketches and played around in WinISD and Torres box calculator. Do the box numbers (cft, tuning, port size) sound right? I know theres a lot to play around with when it comes to box designs. I know some people will think "Just build it and see if it sounds good", but Im only 18, so I dont have all the money in the world, so if I spend this money on building the box and it doesnt turn out well, im just out that amount of money. I just want to hear some opinions on the box, good or bad. I've designed plenty of sealed/ported boxes, but just now getting into the 4th order scene. Appreciate the help
  3. Ok so I am building a box for one of my friends. he has a single Soundstream SPLX15. this is my first time using Torres and I am a bit confused between port area and port area per foot. which one should I be looking at to find total port area. the box is about 4 cubes and tuned to 36HZ. I want to get about 50 square inches of port area but I am not sure the difference between port area and port area per foot.
  4. Okay people so i designed this box last night and i got 5.5 cu ft after displacement. I got 8.78 cu ft before displacement. Is that too much?? Its tuned to 34 hz, subs take up.25 cu ft each and i am going to run 2 12s which are 2000 rms. Port displacement=2.78 cu ft Sub displacement= .50 cu ft Port is double layer starts off as 15" height and is 38.93" in length. The Width of the port is 7.5". Interior width=42.75" Interior length=23.5" Interior height=15" 3/4" thickness And its triple baffle.
  5. I’m somewhat unsure of optimal port area in relation to a specific woofer, the net volume, power applied, and tuning frequency. My sub is a skar DDX 12 dual 2 wired to one ohm on a skar rp 1500. It’s currently in a box I built for it , 2.35 ft3 net @ 36hz with 37 sq in of port area. It’s a bit peaky in my opinion, drops off really sharp around 33 and below and plays well up to 48 or so and drops off again, I’m sure cabin gain plays a role as well. I’m about to design a new box, tuned lower, with the goal of playing a flatter bandwidth musically from at least 28 to around 50 if possible. I need some of you gurus to help me accomplish this please. I was playing with numbers in win isd up until my laptop took a shit this morning and won’t charge. So, Do I need a little less port area when tuning lower and with a little more net volume? As in increasing the net volume to 2.5-2.6 and decreasing the port area a little? Have heard over and over about the 12-16” and blah blah but I’m looking for optimal volume with a flatter musical response for my specific system. I recently read an article where higher tuning benefits from more port area whereas lower tuning is helped with a little less port area. Any help will be appreciated. Pic is of my current sub/enclosure @Triticum Agricolam Can you elaborate a little more on how watts per cubic foot relates to port area, specifically slot ports vs aero ports? Would a slot port need more area due to having more surface area from the walls of the port itself? I’m really trying to learn all this and learn it correctly the first time as I get deeper into the real deal specifics of design..
  6. Hey everyone, So I've designed my box for my 2 15" Kicker L7's (06S15L72) and I've got a question for you experts on sub woofer mechanics and box design. To start off here's my basic specs for my system as well as my design specs: Box design: -11.79 net cubic feet -150 sq. in. of port area -32.5 hz tuning -the big hole in the back will be a plexi-glass window Electrical set up: -kicker zx2500.1 -270 amp DC power H.O. Alt -stock Toyota True 2 batt -Big three 0 gauge -Rockford 0 gauge all around I'll be running the subs off a kicker zx2500.1 in the back of my 98 4runner. I decided to go with subs up port back after reading up on the benefits of doing so in mid size suv's. My question: I know the port area is within the recommended port area range for this size of box, but I hear that using a smaller port than usual is advised when overpowering subs to keep a balance of pressure. Is the port area an acceptable size to create enough back pressure for the 2500 watts RMS amp I will be putting to my 2 1000 watt RMS a piece L7's? Here's an image of my design below: Any comments/suggestions on my box design are also welcomed. *oh and ignore the tiny measurements like the 1/64ths and stuff, just cldnt get those spot on in the sketch up.
  7. When you make an enclosure do you go by the enclosures total volume with the port included or with it not included?
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