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  1. How is that even possible?!? I've never done that ever that guy must be legally retarded or some shit.
  2. That's exactly what my dog does when i try to clip his nails. It always turns into a try and catch me game with him lol.
  3. 85 14ft mirro craft with a 40hp merc for $900. All it needed was plugs, some fresh gas and to clean up the wiring.
  4. @audiofanaticz Here ya go. Upon further inspection I'd say it looks like it may of bottomed out a few times lol.
  5. I'll post some when I get home tonight. It is fucked, the coil is partially unwound and burnt as fuck. Got these from my brother and he had the gain maxed out, bass boost on just flip city. One would think after blowing the first one he would learned but he just had to go for 2 for 2.
  6. I used to work with a guy that wore his pants like that, not quite as high but he was 6'4" so it still looked goofy as fuck. His name was Zach but we called him nutzach.
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