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  1. How is that even possible?!? I've never done that ever that guy must be legally retarded or some shit.
  2. That's exactly what my dog does when i try to clip his nails. It always turns into a try and catch me game with him lol.
  3. I used to work with a guy that wore his pants like that, not quite as high but he was 6'4" so it still looked goofy as fuck. His name was Zach but we called him nutzach.
  4. Not sure where in Wisconsin your but CN is hiring out of Stevens Point and Superior. Not sure how good the insurance is but I imagine its pretty good since their pension plan is awesome. Starting wage is $32 an hr at 90% rate for the first year or so that may have gone up since I last talked to one their yard masters. Like all railroad jobs you could be gone for a few days at a time or home every night its part of the job. Link if your interested. http://jobs.cn.ca/en/index.sn?s=t&mode=list&page=&sortby=&orderby=&pays=All&province=WI&categorie=All&q=&idautodemande=&submit_job_search=
  5. Congrats Cubs! Not huge baseball fan but it was nice to see the curse was finally broke.
  6. Had the subframe drop on my Buick due to it rusting out on the body mounts. Had it exactly one year when it happened and now it needs more than what I paid for it to get it back on the road. To top it off my expedition has a bad head gasket, it's not dumping coolent though the cylinder yet just leaking outside of the head for now.
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