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  1. Generally RCA connection is a low level And a direct wire harness is high level
  2. Your running high level outputs into low level inputs Dose the unit have a high level in? Try a high to low level converter.
  3. Yaayyyy . Still wish I could of got the 25 off alpha damp. Was gonna order a shit ton for my rattle can.
  4. i agree to the above terms and i agree to follow through within a timely manner. 2004 Chevy trailblazer ext aka boat on wheels I hope lem43606 wins with his cutless!
  5. How do you like them crown amps? If you ever look into buying some new amps check out EV's line up!
  6. Get some doors n sides on your rack homi. Got those clean towers but ya got spagetti going on in the middle!
  7. You want to break 170, and you say you have the know how. But yet you ask if you can run 2 sources or headunits....
  8. How many watts ya throwing to the dc?
  9. o well. It's only 50 bucks to build the box or so. It's worth it just to see the outcome. If it's shnatty then I got some firewood and another fun project on my hands
  10. I can see that as by me not able to put over 2k if I'm lucky to the sub. But If I'm in a class with limited power I think it could be good. I've always wanted to try it so why not. If it don't sound good then I make a regular vented box. What's car audio without a lil experimenting around?
  11. why don't you think it will like the box and why don't you think it will sound good?
  12. Here is the box 42x36.375x20. For some reason i got 42 1/16 for some reason but it is 42. Port length is 105.5" and the vent is 10.125x18.5 for a total area of 187.5. Box will be tuned for 32.1 hz. All walls will be doubled 3/4 mdf for ridgidy. I want absolutly no movement or vibrations of my walls I will draw the front later but i got to go run into work. I also will probly change up the 45s a little so its even more smooth.
  13. i get home from wisconsin thurs and friday. and shall start building it for when my baby gets here next tuesday. And ya im out of st. cloud. Just talked to chris the other day cracker and i guess im a new member to mn loudest. but yea def can check it out when i get this box built. Im just about done laying out the box. i will post it up when im done.
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