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  1. Yaayyyy . Still wish I could of got the 25 off alpha damp. Was gonna order a shit ton for my rattle can.
  2. i agree to the above terms and i agree to follow through within a timely manner. 2004 Chevy trailblazer ext aka boat on wheels I hope lem43606 wins with his cutless!
  3. How do you like them crown amps? If you ever look into buying some new amps check out EV's line up!
  4. Get some doors n sides on your rack homi. Got those clean towers but ya got spagetti going on in the middle!
  5. I would go back to where you got the calculator and reread the post on how it works and what to do. After that read it 5 more times and you will understand it. Then come back if you still have questions. And read the whole thread not just the first post. my 2 cents.....
  6. hmmm intresting. how long is the vent about? Assuming you got it tuned to a boost of like 45 hz? or you going shorter and stuffing the walls?
  7. How did you come up with the calculations for the angles? or is it just a shot in the dark? And i ordered a 18 btl and im makin it for a tline. gonna try a few diffrent things, but i remember my 2 tens in a tline. I cant wait to hear 1 18 in one
  8. Hurry and wake your ass up! i wanna see an update on this!!
  9. depends but most likely will help specially if your head unit has a lower volt preout
  10. So im startng a new job tuesday and im flying out to Phoenix for at lease 2 weeks(got a 1 way ticket). Anyhow Whats good in the area? alot bass heads maybe get a lil minni meet together and see what my birthplace has to offer? Who here lives in Phoenix?
  11. what about inverting the subs With design 1? Or maybe arange them a little different like in a triangle and having 1 big vent?
  12. get some max dims and we will go from there. Remeber the bigger you can make it the better it will sound. (within reason)
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