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  1. i got my recones from Ascendant themselves, so you can contact FI, but when i asked they were not making anymore v1 recones. and what they had on the shelf was all they had left. i bought 12" recones for my 10's plus baskets. i would contact them directly through email and be patient. give them a month to rely before you follow up. good luck on getting a recone.
  2. Upload to imgur, save as private. Copy the url and paste it here. Just make sure it ends in jpg or whatever format it's in.
  3. dammit, you got me all worked up man, wanna do a new build so bad now. but i gotta start at ground zero. gotta find a vehicle, gotta make sure i can get an alt for it, then i have to get new mids now, front stage has to just be out of this world this time. im not fuckin around anymore. im getting too old to do this shit. at least i can live through your builds to keep me satisfied for now. lol
  4. i am. planning a new build myself. just gotta find a vehicle. rebuilding my mahems and hoping im doing it right lol. Hope you are doing well too!
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