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  1. mine ran out right after i purcased then they found one and shpped it. now they are all $25
  2. I bought one. Going to replace the craptacular Sony explode that's in the bmw with this and see how it does.
  3. unless you are doing 50's the faceplate probably wont be an issue. if it does become an issue, just glue it on with some epoxy.
  4. i keep the bmw on a smart charer because i dont rive t very often and like to keep the batery topped off. I dont ever "recondition" my batteries. My g34 AGM's are like 6 years old and doing fine. I probably just jynxed myself lol
  5. i am very confused and i need an adult right now
  6. ordered some new PC parts, first part arrived today. Gonna say, the picture doesnt do this thing justice. It a PIG. Also, this seems ridiculous for a cooling solution but whatever.
  7. grading my i5 4430 to an i7 8700k, more ram, new powersupply.  should be fun


  8. Good luck. You get that 11" depth at the bottom? Seat all the way forward?
  9. went out a few months ago, drove 140+ while under the influence. not proud of it. no one got hurt. but damn, it was fun.

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    2. WalledSonic


      God damn bimmerking.  Heavy shit.

    3. bmwking


      yeah.  life changing.  i may not know duck personally, but i'd hate for him to get hurt or put so many people through the same thing i went through.  just not worth it.

    4. strangeduck


      it was a rural road late at night and empty and i could see for miles. im foolish but not careless


  10. turn the gain down on the amp as low as it will go, turn the volume on headunit up and see if it sill clips at 50% volume
  11. You did an exciter bypass, any chance it's hot all the time and draining your batts?
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