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  1. buy some butt connectors and a set of 3ft RCA's
  2. trampolines used to be call jumpolines until your mom got on one
  3. ive ran 3k and two 85.4's with two group 34 batts and a 240 amp alt. usually stayed above 13v.
  4. you should get two of the same amp or build two separate boxes hat wont teeter around. Even gain matching those two amps wont guarantee good results with all four subs sharing the same airspace. 8cuft sounds normal. box will probably be closer to 9.5 or 10 once the port is included
  5. strangeduck

    updated w/pic. Install finished

    12" for a 3" port. total length. http://www.psp-inc.com/tools2.html the port volume for a 3" port at 12" is is like .06 cuft. i wouldnt even worry about port displacement.
  6. strangeduck

    updated w/pic. Install finished

    2" diameter port is way too small. but 4" length will get you 35hz 4" would be better. full length 4" port you would need 17" for a 38hz tune
  7. dude, you and a couple others in the community always inspire me o get out in the shop and make sawdust. love your builds.
  8. Gotta say that white looks sick. Dont envy you having to keep it clean though.
  9. strangeduck

    Volume of a 2' octogon box

    I use sketchup ver 8 for stuff like this. Easy to get the area of any shape. Then just figure height for volume.
  10. do you see this with your eyes or just with the camera?
  11. go buy some 1" wooden dowels and use them to brace the box, or build a window brace. i would at least make the baffle 3/4" if you can.
  12. i wont pretend to understand why it happens. way to many variables involved