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  1. i cant say shit cause im on warning number 4 at this point for abusive behavior. on second thought fuck it. are the mods asleep or what? can we ban this idiot or are we gonna just let this roll for the lol's?
  2. if you dont remember the history of this on these forums then i dont know you.
  3. Decent power, low distortion, plus I just like em'
  4. That's too new. Gotta be the old school ones. Thanks though
  5. sorry didnt get a notification you posted, but maybe.
  6. why subs up port up. most SUV's ive seen do subs up port back. asking for a friend
  7. side note, dont worry too much about the amperage. the amp will put out a certain voltage at whatever volume, as your impedance changes the amperage coming from the amplifier will change. you are likely never going to see less than 1 ohm.
  8. If you have 4 4ohm coils then 12 or 10ga will be fine to each coil. if you are going to sum then i would use 8ga to each sub. bigger wont hurt anything, just whatever your pocketbook can handle.
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