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  1. probably a cost and complexity issue. using dimmable led's and having the circuit for it might not have been practical. I wish it was an option thugh
  2. got some clown on youtube commenting on my video telling my how to set gains. fml

    1. 8ten8


      Where do I see this, for the laugh

    2. aculous


      my bad man, look we can agree to disagree but obviously its a volume knob. 

  3. cant wait to hear your opinion on the b2 compnonents. been wanting to get away from these rockfords but cant decide on anything
  4. working on some stands for my oculus sensors. pretty simple design. i dont have space on my desk for them. Going to add some more details to them soon. going to paint or something, im not sure. I put these together in like an hour without any plan but now hat they are assembled i have some ideas for them o make them less plain. i'll update this later as i make changes.
  5. strangeduck

    cpu choices, who wants to help?

    like i said, i might as well go ryzen instead of intel because i need a new motherboard anyway. ryzen seem to be a much better value. performance is way up there unless i want to spend 1000+ on a cpu.
  6. damn, always doing something arent ya? least i have something to motivate me. looking forward to this build. make sure to post plenty of pics, even nudes.
  7. strangeduck

    cpu choices, who wants to help?

    i'm not sure just going to an i7 in the same gen is going to be worth it, seems like i would need to go to a 7th gen o get what i want, and at that point i would need a motherboard, and at that point might as well go to AMD and get the Ryzen. Damn, was hoping to upgrade cheap. Just going to pay down a CC and get a new PS mobo, cpu, ram...... lol gonna have to reinstall windows at that point, updates oh god
  8. strangeduck

    cpu choices, who wants to help?

    for that kind of money i might be better off just getting a ryzen 7 2700x and spend a little extra on a motherboard
  9. strangeduck

    cpu choices, who wants to help?
  10. so i have a maximus VI motherboard. supports LGA 1150 cpu's. currently running an i5-4430. this motherboard supports i7's. so where do i upgrade from here? looking at intel revisions on cpu's is like looking at nividias revisions on GPU's. i have 8GB of ram and a 1080ti and have plenty of power supply. thanks for the help
  11. strangeduck

    Alternator amp size?

    by the way, happy thanksgiving Kyle!
  12. strangeduck

    Alternator amp size?

    i will play clear down to 12.2 and not worry, even on sustained notes. But its my gear, my money. Most amps are rated 9-16v,not that i would recommend dropping to 9v. And unless you have a bank of supercaps youre gonna have voltage drops on kick drum notes. there is gonna be a slight delay from the current demand to when your alt ramps up output. its a mechanical device after all.
  13. strangeduck

    Alternator amp size?

    a 240amp should be fine, look up Mike Singer (singer Alterntors), mechman, DC power. They should be able to help. dont expect 240 rice tag though. Probably 300-400. Quality cost money. I have bought an alt from mechman that never gave me an issue, same for my singer alt. Both work perfect