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  1. it wont stop raining here so i havent done anything util today. managed to get some stuff done this morning before it started again. This round im gonna try to seal off the trunk again and fire forward. gonna do a better job of sealing off this time though. Started out making a template and transferred that to wood and so on and so forth. Going to need some trim pieces for this gap obviously. this part was a pain in the ass to be honest. Myu solution will require a bit of bodywork and filler to flush it out but its not bad. A couple of rectangle pieces and a wedge or two with a weird angle on them should fill this in nicely Made the cutout for the box to fit into. The box is going to sit flush up against the back of this coutout. Here is the base the box will sit on Added some side panels to help seal off. i think i will screw the box into these to make sure its secure. maybe not, i dont know. would be nice to easily remove the box but i dont want any leaks either. Box will sit like this Thats all for today. gotta pull all this out again and then put sound deadener over all the holes i can find so its sealed off really good. then i need a lower trim piece for the front will probably body work the front panel to smooth out all the lines and hide the business end of stuff. I may just wire up everything to make sure the box doesnt have any terrible flaws before i get crazy. i have plenty of depth to work if i need to change anything. i only had about 5 hours to work today, so i didnt get much progress but i guess any progress is good lol. Thanks for looking!
  2. how do you turn off the alert sounds here?


    1. audiofanaticz


      To turn off the sounds for the smd chat, click the 3 bars that are one under another and click toggle sound.

    2. strangeduck
  3. me too! ive always wanted to do one. this one came out a little janky but now i know what mistakes i made and have a better plan for the next one! heres some more pics I dont like these corners sticking out, just asking to get broke off. that takes care of that! All finished up. might paint it later The next step is to toss it in the trunk and see how it sounds. i have a feeling my tuning is gonna be a bit higher than i wanted but thats no big deal. i think i want to seal off the cabin of the car and fire this forward into the cabin from the trunk. The lkast time it tried it i half assed it and it didnt work too well. so maybe i'll get it right this time \
  4. little progress today. might work on it some more this evening. figure a speaker ring should give me enough thickness to support the sub. guess i'l find out.
  5. had to kinda test how many kerf to make. i know hunter martin made a guide but who knows where it is anymore'='' second kerf cut made it looks a bit wonky in this view, i went the wrong way, or too far anyway. it wont matter once its all glued up and forced into place and shape. thats all im ding for today. i'll gp do some more work tomorrow. i think i shoulld have cut the speaker hole out first but as long as i clamp this down tiight and flat it will be fine. i'll add a second baffle when i ge to that point. thanks for looking
  6. then took a break and started on the box MDF is like 65 a sheet now, wtf? Top and bottom panels cut. got them pretty close i think going to kerf the port. ive never kerf a port before so i guess we will see how this goes port width is gonna be 2.25.
  7. starting to mess with this car again. the old build log is in my signature but a lot of pics are missing becuase photobucket. anyway. so im building a box for a single mayhem 12. putting it on a skar 2500 at .5. no, i dont really have the electrical for it but im gonna send it anyway. now for the pics Started off my day by building some sawhorses because ive never had any.
  8. that feeling when youve designed about 26 bad boxes then finally find something that might actually work.

  9. anyone got a copy of sketchup 8. If i recall correctly it was free so i dont think there is any harm in asking. i sem to have lost my copy and am having trouble finding it on the web from any site that doesnt look "sketchy"
  10. i'm reconing my mayhems to 12's and i didnt order direct leads. i can be bothered to solder to the terminals and would rather just crimp lugs onto the ends of the tinsels. i was thinking i could run the tinsels through the existing push terminals to hold them in place and then crimp on lugs. anyone else done it this way? what lugs or connections did you use? TIA
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