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  1. i dont know. i broke a dust cap once from a badly designed 4th order. ive ripped surrounds from plaing below tuning.
  2. just keep playing. when they break just glue them,
  3. i'll look into blink. so far this looks like a vaible option. has a rereater mode for cameras to extend distance. and 1080p recording, night vision etc. 1TB hard drive and from what i can tell can be monitored through a PC after the initial setup. Beng able to monitor through my PC isnt a deal breake but i didnt buy an i7 8700k and a 180p to have it idle. So being able to check on the cameras with my computer instead of going to a remotee screen would be nice. https://www.amazon.com/OHWOAI-Security-Wireless-Surveillance-Waterproof/dp/B07JPCW3NS/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  4. Just looking for something that can record and is wireless. Just not seeing much on the wireless camera range on some of these.
  5. I'm looking to buy a security camera system. Would like 8 channel. 1080p good night vision. wireless. motion activated. gonna need a range of about 100ft on te wireless cameras unless that isnt possible then i can go wired. i just dont want to dig a ditch out to my garage to bury cable. Been looking at a few, most dont list the wireless range of the cameras. Any suggestions? thanks
  6. ALL odf the soudstage should be in front of the user. i dont care what the driver size is.
  7. i remember a guy named richard clark that did some crazy shit when it came to SQ. you have a wall and want to do SQ. so its not out of th question. here is my advice. if you want SQ tune that wall low. i mean really low. then build a front stage. you need drivers in the kick panel that play down to 50hz with real authority. then mount mids as high as you can. keep the tweeters close to the mids. maybe even overlap your crossover points. spend about 500 hours tuning crossoer points and EQ curves and time alignement. or you can just spend all your money on sound deadener and DSP's its a fuuny thing sound quality. you can have an insane amount of power on your front stage an only use 10% of it but that 10% will take your breath away. my suggestion is go find a good drummer. sit down about 10 ft away from them and listen to how the drums sound. do the same with a good singer. try to recreeate that epeience in your car. i have rarlely sat in a vehicle that could reporoduce the weight of a symbol or high hat in a way that a real drum set could or produce vocals the way an un amplified voice can fill a room.
  8. lost one of my fogate mids today. rattle rattle. probably due to my high pass being 80hz with a 12db crossover. No biggie i guess as i have 2 extra. Still makes me sad as it never gave a hint it was on its way out. I have been driving the crap out of them for a while now. Might motivate me to try somehing else i have had in my mind. edit: upon further review, my high pas was 60hz lol
  9. i guess i forgot to save the sketchup. i'll redo it on my next day off when i have time. The torres info is correct though. Not sure why i screwed up the port in my sketchup, maybe cause i was a few drinks in at that point. lol
  10. Dammit. Lol you are right. I'll fix it when I get home.
  11. at the very least i would fire the port toward the hatch. if you rebuild consider having at least the port width clearance between the port opening and the back hatch.
  12. I dont know if you conisdered the trunk opening or not so you may have to build this in the trunk. im using your max dimensions. You dont have to do the 45°s but i would recommend at least doing the triangle in the back of the port. 45's should help and i personally would do them. you can mount the subs on the front or top of the box, you choice. not sure what makes your car get loud but keep in mind this box is at your max height and the subs will add to that if you mount them on top. There is just enough room for the subs to mount with the width provided. you have 11 3/4" width internally and the SA'12 has an 11 1/8" mouting width. your cutout will have to be precise. I encourage you to get a second opinion as well. Plenty of guys here who design boxes. Let me know if you have any questions (edit: spelling)
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