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  1. may i ask why you would even run it on a 9v battery to begin with?
  2. i run my at 80 but 5 is fine if you have good midbass to fill in the gap
  3. so i dont think SA's dont model well in 4ths. Am i wrong or not using winisd correctly?

  4. i dont see the "go to last post" buton anymore...

    1. Skullz


      Been gone for a while now.

      Really do miss that feature.

    2. strangeduck


      well, thats just dumb.

    3. Gunnem


      I blame absolutely everything on snowdrifter

  5. i ran two 1500's at 1 each and 1 1500 at .5. exact same score. totally made me rethink things.
  6. i dont think you will gain using two 5k's at 1ohm vs one at.5. Let us know if you meter it both ways.
  7. is this most necrod thread on the site? look at the post dates. lmao
  8. Well there's floodin' down in Texas, All of the telephone lines are down

    1. fosgatefan821


      Where are you at? I'm in Dallas and its fine now.

    2. strangeduck


      its a song.

  9. let me warn you, running 3 way active will take time to set everything up properly. your tweets will require a lot less power than the mids. Your passive crossovers will take care of all that for you. So if you are willing to put in the time to tune everything for the rest of your life. acive is prety great.
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