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  1. went out a few months ago, drove 140+ while under the influence. not proud of it. no one got hurt. but damn, it was fun.

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      I'll take things that never happened for $500, Alex.

    2. bmwking


      man, the last time i knew of someone doing that, they killed my fiance by rear ending her on the freeway.  way cool man.  way cool.

  2. turn the gain down on the amp as low as it will go, turn the volume on headunit up and see if it sill clips at 50% volume
  3. You did an exciter bypass, any chance it's hot all the time and draining your batts?
  4. some pioneers will have severe issues from pico fuses blowing from hot swapping rca's. so that may be what your issue was
  5. my son may have just got a job where i work. A fortune 50 company. he's only 18. Kid has a promising future.

    1. Karkov


      Hell yea!  Glad to hear it.  Good start for him.

  6. have you ever hot swapped your RCA's on that headunit. i mean, have you ever unplugged RCAs from an amp while the headunit was on?
  7. Did you have your car running when jump started the other car?
  8. strangeduck

    Port area is confusing.

    how much space are you going to have between the port opening and the inside side of the truck?
  9. reminds me of bill the butcher from gangs of new york. that part when he cooks his steak or 2 minutes. im a medium rare guy myself.
  10. been eyballing one of these. hate the wheels though these wheels would look way better on it
  11. A unibody is only good up to a certain amount of amperage. At some point you wont have a choice but run grounds. A car with a frame? Just use the frame
  12. i have the harbour fright cheap clamps, pretty crap. one doesnt clamp anymore and im not happy with them overall. avoid those
  13. edit: i would go with the american bass subs. kickers cvr's like huge boxes and kicker l7's are good subs but are spendy. so that would be a second choice for me. so i would say withe the american bass or kickers. the cvr 12's are going to want 2.5cuft each ported after displacement to really shine. at that point might as well go 15's. you will be down a little on cone area but at least you will have room for batteries and amps in your trunk. thats just my .02. you should see what other say before you decide tough.
  14. you have asked an impossibly complex question. i will say trying to make a car like a crown vic loud is going to be a struggle because of how the gas tank placement and the rear seat pretty much block off the trunk aside from a small opening at the top of the seats.. have you trie to look up other crown vic builds to see what other people are doing?