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  1. 8ga is fine, unless you are doing a 25ft run or something. besides, depending on what suib or subs your are using you are splitting that power over multiple wires
  2. in my trunk i found subs up port back is best. i might gain subs and port forward but you have to put in a ton of work to seal off the entire trunk 100% from the cabin to make it work. and if it doesnt work then that can be frustrating. keep in mind, my car is horrific to get loud. ive been trying for two years to figure out what works. So if you wanna put in that time and effort you will see gains. i enjoy the process. and dont let losses discourage me. just take in stride and move forward. dont be afraid to screw up and dont be afraid to toss a box in a fire its its bad.
  3. not gonna throw shade on your alt builder. mechaman offers a potentiometer that can be used to control charging voltage. so go to your alt builder, explain the situation to them and ask for that solution. or, brace yourself, spend $500 on an aftermarket alt from a company that has a proven track record. people like Mike Singer, mechaman, DC alts. Kyle might offer a few more names as well. I know a ferw but i cant recommend them as i dont have experience with their products.
  4. triticums calculator is pretty good but it starts to break when you add a lot of power. you just cant get that much port area and keep the port length reasonable. i have also heard from competitors that they have gained on a meter with a slightly smaller than optimal port. winISD is a great program to figure out port air speed if you know how to use it. i would suggest getting it and playing with it for a couple weeks modeling different boxes. Dont get hung up on port noise or "chuffing" too much. you have a trunk build so its going to be a tough road ahead of you if you want to get loud. i have a trunk build too and as weird AL once said, ive been building and testing so long even ezekiel thinks my mind is gone
  5. Jesus titty fuckin' christ that looks loud
  6. did you upgrade your alternator charge cable?
  7. You keep bumping this thread, have you tried anything anyone has suggested?
  8. i think you are already sacrificing both. cut a hole in the rear deck and build a proper port. Well, dont do that. im not condoning that at all. I honestly dont know what to tell you at this point.
  9. A 6x9 hole with 3/4 wood port is gonna be like 35sq in.
  10. You will only get whatever power the amp makes, more overlap doesn't always mean more power. Keep on mind the music you listen to is recorded at a certain level. So if its -7 db and your gain is -10 db you will be clipping 3db at full volume. With that said I run -10 db on my subs and use a remote gain knob to adjust as needed
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