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  1. i would not run the RP line from skar. they are the chineese models. get the SK they are korean. you can get 1/0 wire from KNU for like $3.50 / ft. that being said. unless you are willing to put your own money and ass on the line and do your own install and risk burning things up. you are just going to have to deal with shop prices and shop bullshit. i would rather burn up an amp than let douchebag mcgee hook up my gear.
  2. get on up outta here with my eyeholes!

  3. ive been waiting for this
  4. Triticum's Improved Port Area Calculator

    Torres has a field labeled "port area"
  5. Triticum's Improved Port Area Calculator

    Port volume is cubed. Not area.
  6. So, MSN disabled comments on their articles. thats the only reason i read them,

    1. Karkov


      yea, fuck the interwebz lately, Photobucket and now this.  1st world problems but still QQ

  7. Triticum's Improved Port Area Calculator

    port area is port area. how could that not be clearer?
  8. i honestly could not keep that ass happy. irish curse
  9. arc flash is serious shit man. you like being dead, cause thats how you dead
  10. we give out glow sticks on Halloween. i'm looking for the best deal we can find as we will need about 500 6" glow sticks this year. we do not want bracelet style. any tips? thanks

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict
    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      They are dirt cheap on Alibaba.

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      why glow sticks? That's gotta be more expensive than a couple bags of candy

  11. hell, just buy batteries. Have you tried singer alts or us alts? anyway. i ran a 1500 on a 60amp alt and two g34's. it did fine. music isnt just playing a test tone at max load. so yeah. rock on, dont clip and have enjoy.
  12. this seems to be blowing up. names are dropping. people are playing the blame game.