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  1. damn facebok videos dont even it 1080 resolution. but it was funny.
  2. that is not the weirdest thing i have seen
  3. i usually dont make a purchase unless it will benefit me long term. i know this is a single axle trailer but its 6'X12' and it has a wood floor and steel sides and a storage box on the front. so i can haul 4x8 sheets of wood with room to spare. i dont own a legit pickup now, just the exlploder. i think this was a good investment.
  4. anyone know of wired mouse that is made to be taken apart easily?

  5. put your image on imgur then use the direct link and it will embed automagically
  6. What was suppose to be a trip to St Joe to get a tub surround ended up with my buying this. its a long story....
  7. Suppose to be a simple trip to get a tub surround, ended up buying an $1800 trailer FML

  8. there is no paint edit: oh, i see what you asked now. no you can use whatever paint you like
  9. there are two layers inside. Im not glassing upside down on a POS forklift that is going to probably be traded in this year. You must be crazy.
  10. Boss handed me box kit of fiberglass resin. Says to me "fix the hole in the forklift this weekend" . I asked him where the fiberfill body filler is. He said " let's do this as cheap as possible" . So here is what he is getting. Seven layers. Lol
  11. wife said green. glad im irish
  12. you can adjust distance from each speaker. i havent used mine in about 2 years. i think the EQ is for all speakers.
  13. the only thing i didnt like about the prs is you cant view what the auto EQ sets all the EQ levels at or edit them.