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  1. Ghostbusters spoke of this. The end times are here
  2. Those subs like big boxes. 1.5 might work. From what I have heard about them 2.5 each would be better. But if you don't have room you gotta do what you can
  3. if its taking off in 2nd or 3rd gear thats easy to check. just take off and count the shifts.
  4. in my experience round port dont like sharp bends especially right at the exit. You may have better luck than i did,.
  5. So i think this is what i am going with. going to tune to 35hz. run 2 10's and hope for the best.
  6. the mete crushed my soul, but at least i can see what things do what now. So its a learning experience for sure
  7. Today i made a new port, 4"X4" square and 28" long. So instead of being tuned to 39hz with 13sqin of port i am now at 16sq" tuned to 35hz and now this is the high score. Still peaks around 38-39hz lol
  8. I removed the 90° and just put the end flare on and moved the box to the rear of the trunk. \ This is sub up and port to the side. So, this made a big difference edit: running one 1500 at .5 nets the same score as this
  9. I have decided to buy a term lab and waste my life testing things. My Initial result with two 1500's at 1ohm each. This setup is peaking at 38-39hz rolls off each direction. Doing about a 30 at 45hz, 28 at like 55hz
  10. peanut butter honey sammiches are sooo good
  11. so last weekend was a bust and i got no testing done. but i have the next two days off so maybe this time? Also, any suggestions to try? doing 1 10" sub.

  12. Not sure what that amp produces but I have a mayhem on 2 skar 1500s and it's loving it.
  13. i think you skipped me. if not then never mind
  14. cold drink, bbq and some music 


    1. Gunnem
    2. Ron36


      How the garage door go I've done a couple, was it chain or gear drive , gear drive are way easier.

    3. strangeduck


      door is installed but i need a belt for my garage door opener. lol