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  1. so first width was 1' x 3" (2 different dimensions) now it's 2' and 32" wide? protips.... something X something is comparing length X width or maybe height X width... etc 12 inches (12") is a foot (1') so a width of 2'32" doesn't make a lot of sense... unless you haven't fully simplified units...
  2. damn that looks so nice and clean now i might have to save a bit longer and go DC
  3. that amp looks sexy, would like to see it in red as well
  4. in most cases i would never think of emailing the inventor of a product for help with a companies quality control, but with this particular product it's a small high end market so he might take that sort of thing seriously sonicelectronix is an old company tho that I've had good service from, so you might be the rare case that gets shitty service if i were in this situation, I'd try to get my money back and place an order from another dealer promoted by the site, wccaraudio, droppinhz, sky high, or others I'm not remembering edit: oh and the chances of two Ferraris in a row being lemons? a lot more likely than you think haha
  5. what dealer are you using? sounds like one to avoid if they can't test a product before shipping... especially when they have to send ANOTHER unit due to issues with the first...
  6. i'm digging the crown, how else would you know he's the king? also....both finalists using DC audio subs? might have to rethink this rebuild......
  7. the way the generals get stronger and interact as you play seems awesome, fighting and stuff looks like assassins creed tho and i always got my shit slapped in that haha
  8. 18" SMD V.2 on DC 10.0K..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SBQK4QfLLk edit: anyone else hate their voice on video? haha
  9. got a hold of diamond in the mudd, for some reason it doesn't sound as good when I turn it ten notches past clipping.... never seems that way with trap *shrug* /sarcasm on note tho, loved the dd-1 shout out in the sampler haha
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