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  1. volume lowers that db every octave. so 100hz hpf 12db. at 100hz it's 0db, at 50hz it's -12db, at 25hz it's -24db.
  2. let's find out what type of noise you have. when the noise is present does it change freq or pitch when you use other things (like lock/unlock, window up or down) in the car or push the gas pedal?
  3. i got Lasik done over 10 years ago. 15/20 was the correction. I couldn't see anything clearly after an arms distance before the surgery. I'm only 5'8" so that's not that far from my head. I still see 15/20. I get my eyes checked every year and it's been the same since. my wife got her's to 20/20 and her eyesight was slightly better than mine. she got her's done the year after me. I got mine done in 2007, her's in 2008. Dr. Brint did our procedures. yes he was more expensive than anyone else but he's the guy that created the procedure. I've never heard of an eye transplant, so I wasn't going to take any chances on having this done wrong or having it done again.
  4. https://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/excelon/kdc-x304/
  5. the install is based on the vehicle not what module you choose. you don't choose if the r/s does things over data. your vehicle may not do things over data so it'll need to be hardwired. both Compustar and Viper are dealer protected by only allowing dealers to flash modules. both do not offer any sort of warranty, all warranty stuff has to be processed through dealers. are you intent on installing it yourself?
  6. you can bypass the JBL system by wiring it all or if you want to retain it then you'll need the correct harness. the graying out of stuff on the Pioneer deck is from the parking brake not being connected. for steering wheel controls you'll just need a control module. personally I'd just bypass it all. just need to locate the JBL amp, usually a 1761 harness will work but need to re-pin it.
  7. get a radio like JVC or Sony that has an app that operates it
  8. Audiocontrol 2XS has a built in subsonic filter of 33hz and you can change it by changing out the resistor pack or making your own resistor pack.
  9. remove the back seats and wall it. then give that sub the correct air space.
  10. you can always turn it down. can't add what isn't there.
  11. wish I was going. apparently whatever it is the guys at HC were stoked about everything about what they did. When you are going to be the guest at one of those classes? you're next on my list.
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