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  1. wish I was going. apparently whatever it is the guys at HC were stoked about everything about what they did. When you are going to be the guest at one of those classes? you're next on my list.
  2. the passive crossovers are crossed at 3.5kHz. I'd start by crossing there or higher.
  3. want a "high power, small box" to build, that's what most of my customers want. you're going to need to do it like I build them. decrease the port area to increase the port velocity. Tune low, like 28 or 30hz. get the velocity between 25-28m/s. you'll have a drastically smaller port with really good output and bandwidth.
  4. the AMM1 is measuring live, so if there is no load there's no measurement. if you have a resistor pack you could use the AMM1 to help set gains. resistors with a high wattage rating become very expensive very quickly. i'd just fork over the money for a DD1 or DD1+. now if you can get a measurement without a load, that's beyond me of how you could make that happen without a resistor of some sort.
  5. to answer your question, you're going to need to plot the sub and enclosure design in something like BBP6 or Term-Pro.
  6. do a 4" aero port, tune lower like 28-30hz. you'll have a wide playing range and get low.
  7. no real issue, may melt some of the jacket near the solder joint b/c the gauge of the wire.
  8. no matter what information actually get put out there, people will still buy CCA wire. 2 main reasons, 1 is money and 2 is ignorance (whether it be willing or unwilling). too many people use the excuse of "i'm not good at math" as a reason to be stupid when it comes to anything that has a number. same applies here. companies that make CCA wire are more at fault than the consumers. they advertise fluff numbers to push product.
  9. is the radio cutting power or just the amps? if you unplug the RCAs from the back of the radio, same issue? what phone are you using for BT?
  10. mount it to a piece of ABS plastic then make an arm out of the ABS that'll go under a seat bolt.
  11. quit drawing and shaping by hand. I can't draw to save my life. give me something that holds it's shape and I can draw pretty good. get something that has shapes you want and use them as a guide. making templates or beauty panels is all about combining shapes and making them flow together. try the template below as a starting point. https://www.michaels.com/artists-loft-house-plan-template/10316186.html#q=template&start=8
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