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  1. Sa15= $590 to my door u15= $649 to my door thats less then $60 difference, my prices arnt like yours In USA 250vs350 100 extra on 250 is a lot 60 ontop 590 isnt even the sa v’s the x series is only $120
  2. What 12’s/amp have you got now? what amp you planning on using for new build?
  3. Why not get 2 high end 12 as long as you can power them eg 3-4K rms In that space your only 1x15
  4. I’m starting here this a bit now, my local dealer thinks it will be fine, but after speaking to sundown direct they suggest the sa line and possible even waiting for the sa18 if I have the space not because I don’t have the power, I just won’t get any excision differences between the sa and u on that power where as I will have the power to use the sa18, now i wondering do I wait 4-5 months for the sa18 or push my electric system and try run a clean 1200rms amp, I have no hope powering anything over that as at current I have a kx400.2, 400.4 kx800.1 front stage is 600rms 2 sets 6.5” kicker cs comps on kx400.2 and kicker 1x crt8” on kx400.4 Rear door kicker cs 6.5 coaxel (on 50rms ea on kx400.4)
  5. Have you looked at bass reflex instead of band pass? Or even a 8th order series hybrid bp with I driver in a 8th order and the other in 6th, please excuses my cutting a pasting as I’m at work
  6. Been away for a while and looking for some updated modeling programs, more specifically to model 8th order bass reflux After running the numbers for a 4th hybrid idd love to see if I run a single sundown u15 in 8th bass reflux,
  7. Got my answer, Thankyou, the u18 on that power isn’t to musical due to not enough power to control, so it’s a u15 for me, thanks
  8. Been playing around with the specs and a hybrid 4th/sealed would suit the u series i was playing around with 15’s but so may be a bit different but around 2net sealed and 2net ported single 6”x18” aero
  9. Edit Been out of the audio seen for at least 5-6 years, and there’s been a few changes, I was yep I’ll grab another sa series but then seen the new U series and x arnt much more now we have a local dealer Amp is kx800.1 so does between 8-900rms just trying to work out what’s going to be better/control on that rms? Biggest box I can fit 4cuft net 32hz 68sqin port, so controlling the sub is imperative to be musical u15, u18 and x15 ported (u18 is out of stock for 3-4months as I’m in Australia) everything else in stock also can’t go bigger on amp or this would be easy
  10. You could alway get a lvl3 or 4 or even an xl Then when you have the elec to support a bigger amp, sell yours and get one to suit
  11. 2x zx4 on a ns1 3x dc xl on dc7.5k or 2 on a 5k with alts for under 3k There are so many options
  12. Just make sure you run 0g to that amp and not 4g As that amp can draw close to 130amps on its own
  13. I have a 2012 Pontic g8 with Bose I'm running 2x sa8v2 on a zx400.1 and the so overpower the factory that I set them with dd1 at -5db I originally had them on a zx750.1 and found it just waserent worth the alt upgrade as I was keeping the rest stock By all means fit what u want but I can garantee if you go that route the rest will happeni much quicker then planed
  14. When using the <-- page top left of every page I get [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. The only way to exit a page is to either reload the main page via link or Google or use jump back page on phone and reopen what I was just typing/ doing
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