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  1. They also make a coaxel in tempo6 with a slimar passive crossover There a nice speaker in there price bracket I started off with a pair then upgraded the front to hybrid
  2. Active and spl is a no brainer, it's easyier to achive more spl with an active setup, you have higher power handling, more wiring options, each speaker can be maxed out, Where as it is harder to achive sq with active setup without experience and time, They only resion I susgested passive biamping or biwiring there are moderate sonic benefits, less chance of a tweeter burnout, less power wasted reproducing aforementioned frequencies, while still allowing the op to easily upgrade to a full active system when the time is right without fully redoing the system,
  3. I think it's funny how other know what op wants and why he wants it? There are pros and cons to both side, the op needs to weigh up there pros and cons of there install and see what will work best in there situation Hence asking questions to try and find it
  4. If your not looking for spl, why active? Why not just biamp a set a of comps?
  5. You would thing that But after fitting some nice stuff you will hear what you have been missing out on, Unless you lession to dance or something along those line where there is no instruments
  6. That is the hardes question to answer and yet the easiest to deceid Once you lession to them compaired to a t1 you will see why also a t1 rrp is 399 or something so 4 x price 4x sounds maybe One thing I do notice is will never see t5 next to rainbow, morel hertz and focal for a resion Most shops only carry 1 high end line on display and it is Normaly the one with the easiest, biggest profit margin My locals one only carries to t3, 3 shops up road another morel highbred, and another 5mins away is lj (don't know the line) there are a few others but nothing over the $200 price tag on display for lessioning, And it's nere on impossible to compaire when there down the road, Myself I mike morel for the $$$ then hertz No one stocks rainbow but I have a friend with them and value for money they are right up there, just very hard to comment on why you have only herd 1 set
  7. If you taking about the IS line of focal the T1 from rf creams it (my opinion) I prefer morel entry level line the tempo6 component and coaxel can be had for 5-530 leaving him around $150 for an amp $430 q4-90 with 2 pairs of sq comps(very good for the $$$)
  8. Have a look at hertz 1000.4 amp Will run thoes hertz speakers perfectly
  9. 2 off Rf t1 6" are 199 from sonic Rf pbr300.4 amp $610 delivered
  10. They look like kicker qs650.2 crossovers Don't know if they will work with what you have Buy not use there speakers with it and biamp them I had my qs like that
  11. Don't go higher then 60a on the 4ch each And on the 300 even 40a is good Other then that Your get there
  12. Long enough to reach, but as short as possible for the d1200 as your using 4g wire on them You could use http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/toolmaker-1-0-to-4ga-reducer-w-offset-pair/ And run 0g (-) and (+) and it won't matter so much about the length
  13. Being off evilbay you'll have to wait and see it they are the genuine thing There a midbass driver not a full range speaker, so you'll need to set up a bandpass crosover and possibly an eq to tune them if your h/u isn't capable of it
  14. I'm from Aus so we have all the mainstream stuff and need to import the less know brands, all with double USA rrp tag so I know what u mean The fuse at batter is rated to cable size and length After it goes to back the second fuse is rated to amp Stick around and lean a bit
  15. Just saw you ran 4g that mean u need 3runs 1 to each 1200 and 1 to the mids But idd do 4 and run a distribution block Or adapters so as you can connect all 3 amps power together at amp
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