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  1. Sa15= $590 to my door u15= $649 to my door thats less then $60 difference, my prices arnt like yours In USA 250vs350 100 extra on 250 is a lot 60 ontop 590 isnt even the sa v’s the x series is only $120
  2. I’m starting here this a bit now, my local dealer thinks it will be fine, but after speaking to sundown direct they suggest the sa line and possible even waiting for the sa18 if I have the space not because I don’t have the power, I just won’t get any excision differences between the sa and u on that power where as I will have the power to use the sa18, now i wondering do I wait 4-5 months for the sa18 or push my electric system and try run a clean 1200rms amp, I have no hope powering anything over that as at current I have a kx400.2, 400.4 kx800.1 front stage is 600rms 2 sets 6.5” kicker cs comps on kx400.2 and kicker 1x crt8” on kx400.4 Rear door kicker cs 6.5 coaxel (on 50rms ea on kx400.4)
  3. Got my answer, Thankyou, the u18 on that power isn’t to musical due to not enough power to control, so it’s a u15 for me, thanks
  4. Edit Been out of the audio seen for at least 5-6 years, and there’s been a few changes, I was yep I’ll grab another sa series but then seen the new U series and x arnt much more now we have a local dealer Amp is kx800.1 so does between 8-900rms just trying to work out what’s going to be better/control on that rms? Biggest box I can fit 4cuft net 32hz 68sqin port, so controlling the sub is imperative to be musical u15, u18 and x15 ported (u18 is out of stock for 3-4months as I’m in Australia) everything else in stock also can’t go bigger on amp or this would be easy
  5. You could alway get a lvl3 or 4 or even an xl Then when you have the elec to support a bigger amp, sell yours and get one to suit
  6. When using the <-- page top left of every page I get [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. The only way to exit a page is to either reload the main page via link or Google or use jump back page on phone and reopen what I was just typing/ doing
  7. no way thats way too much power, unless your @4ohm, and then thats fine but idd want close to 750rms on that in a tline (i think that at 4ohm is close to 6-650rms)
  8. if you only running a single sub, why only get a 8" why not go 10,12,15 and why sealed, not ported, bang for buck is ported, and considering you have 400rms @4ohm to play with, a e15, or sd10/12 would be my options
  9. q1-3500, 2 hdc315 d4 shac 2/0 and 2/0 big 3 is $1500 run the 3500@ 4ohm till you get some batts and alt down the line then drop it to 1ohm and you'll have more then enough side note, on a 130a alt if you put 2 batts in rear with a dash mount voltage gauge and watch the volts, you can run 1ohm with low tune like > -3
  10. A 2k system can sadly be ran With 1 good rear batt and a good front With 140-180a alt up from If you start going over 2k then that all changes Another think you need to consider is how hungry are the amps The brz amps are very power hungry, If you supply the power they are a good amp, if your on the week side then you will smoke them Both systems you are looking at want 2-2500clean You'll get more cone area and motor force with the 2sa but more Xmas with the X So idd say littler to no difference between the 2 But they could be a huge difference once in a box Because that will make or break what you have So off that basses if I was you Idd work out some box designs and let the best one choses what you go for
  11. if you want low end you have only 2 choices big ass sealed box or low tuned ported, because you have a set space to work within, idd go with ported what space do you have, measurements? amp is a t1500 idd look at a single 12 ported or 2x 10 ported, but depending on money, a single 12" wight get you a better outcome like a x12 or something, if you want to go sealed idd look at the the fiQ, but you'll want another t1500 to run 2 off them
  12. 2 ft net 8" aero 21" long do some out some in, that way you can extend os shorten as required
  13. why would you want to? get a xl kit or send it to dc and have them redo it, and if you want a zv4 sell yours and buy one, or redone yours, sell it, then buy one now that you have 4 options, what to do?
  14. That's getting to be a common scam over here When you tv or what ever elect item you own pack up You buy another one and clam it as not working through insurance or paypal Cracked tv screen is a big one
  15. Either way you can't go wrong Only differance is double the power Can you elect system support a true 5k? As already stated daily go zv4 on a 5k Side note your really compacting apples to apples The x is a low end monster the t2 is not
  16. Maybe not the same but when I go on full and Mobile site I get fake dating and weird sites at the top
  17. ^ i got 2 v2 8" t-line on 100rms and they slam cant wait till their little things come out
  18. You could also get the 2500 and run at 2ohm, Then you can alway add another 2 d2 latter
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