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  1. I was wondering the same thing. How are the coils attatched?
  2. This I like these kinds of earbuds for their bass response but they fall out of my ear too easily. A compromise needs to be made My favorite ear buds are the apple ones that come with the ipod touch or any ipod nowadays. They never fall out. I can't stand the gummy/this type, you have to pretty much jam them in your ears. the apple ones just lay in your ear and don't fall out. I hate those! they don't stay in mine, got a bit of coliflower ear
  3. I'm always impressed with how Steve conducts himself, willing to prove his point and that his product is great! Good work man!
  4. well I just went through the math and only need a 250 farad bank for a 585 watt system. what I am interested to learn is how to compare this to the gains a battery would give me so I can analyze which would be more cost effective. Com'on snafu tell us!! haha Edit: no way a capacitor bank even that big is cheaper than an extra battery
  5. i never had a 2..just the original and now this one. Well the original then? Or are you gonna keep it as a backup?
  6. I think that's just the spider spacer that has the screws, then the spider glued to each side of that
  7. Although I won't be getting anything from you guys I just wanted to say how awesome I think it is that you guys are doing this sale for the forum! I was especially impressed when you added recones to the sale because of popular demand! Good stuff DC.
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