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  1. Reported. Anyways build is clean! Love the headunit Awesome picture quality too, depth of field was cool
  2. There was a guy on here not not to long ago that tried a similar thing via ads on craigslist, do you have any actual courses in electricity or cars?
  3. I was going to suggest a nylon type sheet then trim bit it to shape
  4. I suggest you look into a used Audison amp if you're actually going of sq. There's been a couple in the for sale section lately, not sure if they're still available or not Edit: my vote is for these comps: http://store.crescendoaudio.com/mezzo-series-6-5-reference-2-way/
  5. Most flipouts have rearview connections; the only true single dins I have seen that can even play video aren't good brands.
  6. what did you use to spray those? looks super good I'll be watching this one
  7. cause it looks cool. also there is no sub displacement while inverted
  8. box is looking great man! at first I didn't like having the terminal cup but seeing how you will finish it up I think its a great idea! usually they aren't sealed good but with yours it will work great!
  9. I used to make these, Its really not hard to learn. go mess around with some spray paint and you can learn in literally no time
  10. thought you were done then you posted 2 more posts full of pictures! In to see this shroud over the fans
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