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  1. when does the pre-order end, and any videos showing the speakers, even though videos wont do any justice.
  2. x2 also, I am clear on the 200w rms per pair, but it is confusing that 200w rms is labeled on each speaker. just saying
  3. I had a windows 98, don't remember much about it. I just remember it was the AOL days lol.
  4. I like reading reviews, especially if they are good, I let them know what I read or that someone referred me to their business, good stuff
  5. Is there any competitions down here in the 619, I have never been to one and would like to go ...just asking , can you let me know ..thanks
  6. 9volt battery should do it for a quick test...you will hear the contact "click"
  7. I have an AS Computer and Electronics engineering technology going for my BA Electronics and Communications engineering technology at ITT
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