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  1. when does the pre-order end, and any videos showing the speakers, even though videos wont do any justice.
  2. x2 also, I am clear on the 200w rms per pair, but it is confusing that 200w rms is labeled on each speaker. just saying
  3. I had a windows 98, don't remember much about it. I just remember it was the AOL days lol.
  4. I like reading reviews, especially if they are good, I let them know what I read or that someone referred me to their business, good stuff
  5. Is there any competitions down here in the 619, I have never been to one and would like to go ...just asking , can you let me know ..thanks
  6. when people on the freeway brake to change lanes or just constantly slowing down when they are fully clear
  7. 9volt battery should do it for a quick test...you will hear the contact "click"
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