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  1. Haven't seen it in action yet but it does look pretty user friendly !!
  2. what Chris Hammer said... or use a double baffle where you mount the subs. if the subs mounting depth is 6.50 inches and the line itself is 6 inches, then add another baffle to where you mount the sub. Your subs mounting depth just changed to 5.75 inches. ......hope this helps !
  3. Start on page 1 of this thread......it explains everything
  4. somebody was up late doing some work ......coming along very nice man. as for color ????.......grey carpet, then tell everybody it's a prefab box from walmart.....lmao
  5. nice voice....not my fav type of music though
  6. Well, the reason for the 12's is just for SQ. 12's sound a little better I think and these 12's get low also. And, they will be in a T-line box so they will get even lower. I decided on 3 of them just because I have the room for the box for 3 of them. They will be in my 1999 Tahoe 4 door. Any more thoughts are appreciated....thanks
  7. Kinda what I was thinking too.......thanks very much for the help. Will get the single 4's.
  8. also...they are going in a T-line box if that makes a difference
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