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  1. i think it's just because it's completely sealed up like that, it's kinda like being inside a very large 4th order box i think is the correct term? or 6th order or somethin... a ported box inside a sealed box and ur in the sealed area feelin the bass of 6 15" subs..think of it that way
  2. They are completely different subwoofers, so while at a quick glance some things may look the same, many are very different as well - both are designed to meet different goals! what is the goal of the ivx woofer?
  3. Hey meade, if I happen to be in cali in a few weeks can I stop over for a listen on the isf? I really wanna hear this isf sq vehicle
  4. I'll look for that lucas oil additive thanks n thx everyone, its good info
  5. I have a '03 malibu that I bought 6 or 7 months ago, it's been running great at 150k miles I did an oil change and coolant flush etc for it, however recently the transmission has slipped a couple times but only when I'm revving really high as in around 4-5k rpm's (normal operating rpm's stay from 1-3k even when accelerating), how big of a problem is this and how much should I be worried? I've had quotes of $2-3k to have the tranny replaced but I could probably replace it myself -I talked with a person about it and he said there's a device that a tranny shop can put in there to help reduce the problem and slow down the wear and tear
  6. If you're going to build it inside the trunk and air space is a huge issue for you, you could build a box which conforms to the trunk itself w/ a port facing forward.. just an idea
  7. I build a large dual 2.1 cu.ft. 12" sub box and I couldn't quite fit it through the trunk opening, so I took the top of the back seats off and slid it in through the front, maybe u could do the same? -nvm I didn't look closely enough at ur measurements my bad~
  8. sounds great i love crescendo, post some progress report pics bro!
  9. 33hz is good daily tuning, I like tuning lower for certain music but it only seems to turn out well for certain songs you know.. 33hz should be good, then get some cheap midbass drivers for the cabin and ur set on the low end
  10. everything this brilliant man as said~ +1. Also after you buy it the first time, you keep it for a life time for whatever you might find a use for. And Manards is a wonderful place to shop for tools as well, they carry the real shit not shitty walmart brand tools.
  11. I did some hobo style cutouts on mine with a jigsaw: took a string, measured it out to the cutout of my subs, tied it around a pencil and bam. there's a circle on my board. just follow the line close as you can, if you're really picky you can just sand it a bit, no biggy
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