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  1. I'm lost ? It's not that difficult Let me know what brands of car audio lanyards you already have and I will send you some different ones free of charge. I have hundreds of them.
  2. Pm me which ones you already have and your mailing address.
  3. I think it will be if everyone can handle the heat here in Havasu. Right,... still, looks like great fuggin fun,.... and, we are only a state away .... plans are in the work to get down there..... Mike, ??? are ya gonna have a vehicle of your own there ?????? ...christ, we would make the trip, just for that............... LOL...yes, I will have my personal Jeep and my sons truck on display as long as I get some time to start on them in the next few days. They wont be that exciting though.
  4. I think it will be if everyone can handle the heat here in Havasu.
  5. https://www.facebook...61077573943997/
  6. I wonder if it would make as big of a difference as a db or 2? Considering net vol. and tuning were the same. yes...to both.
  7. You should see the one he's building now with a 30" front wheel.
  8. Its all air ride and sits on the frame when its dropped. No kick stand. The frame of the biks is the air tank. Dont forget to click the link under the pics and "Like" it.
  9. The scoop in the front is the air intake and thats the exhaust over the rear fender.
  10. Thats an HID bulb in the copper tube over the front fender.
  11. My buddy here just finished building this bike. (Hey...I supplied all the wiring lol) If you happen to be logged on to Facebook, please click this link and click the "Like" button toward the bottom of the page. http://www.amdchampionship.com/bikes/2555
  12. The distance the rear wave of the sub travels through the port determines the frequency thats being reinforced and will not change (or average) with multiple ports at different lengths. If you have 3 different lengths then you will be reinforcing 3 different frequencies. It would still work and be beneficial over a sealed box but I think there would be some cancellation issues with the different frequencies around the exits of the ports in close proximity. I say all 3 the same length would be better. Or better yet, 1 large port. Thats just my guess.
  13. Thats about right. A little more port area though. Stagger the 18's so you can get them as close to the passenger side as possible.
  14. 7 years ago?...RE. Now? Definately DC!
  15. lol.... User Big K 1 hour ago its sad how this is just getting some attention. theres a guy his youtube name is meade916 with a 30,000
  16. http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/videogaga/71454/video-car-stereo-takes-it-to-11/#mwpphu-container Lots of comments saying "thats not possible" "Must have a fan in there". Someone says sure it is, just go to Youtube and search for "eye pops out". lol
  17. WINNER!! lol...I dont know what yet but pm me your address and i'll send you something.
  18. Get the damn SPL Tiles back in stock and we'll talk about it.
  19. Yes. Nathan and I worked at another shop in Carlsbad before there was Eastern Audio in Portales. He then moved that one to Clovis and opened a 2nd location in Roswell. I managed the Roswell location until he sold it to his brother. I then moved to Artesia and opened Safe & Sound. thanks for the "Likes".
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