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  1. I just made the purchase lol so I cant wait for this bad boy to get here!
  2. Oh yea I forgot to mention it would be set with a dd-1... it's that ive seen the video steve posted of this amp and it's crazy just how much power it can make so im hesitant on buying it and blowing the subs..
  3. Would a ct sounds 1400.1d be too much for a pair of sa8v2's to handle? The box is 2.2 cu ft with a 4in aero port tuned to 35hz and of course the gains will be set with a dd-1
  4. wow this is just unacceptable on so many levels i would be pissed if i paid someone to do an install and it looked like that .. more than likely he will come back and have the box redone with you.. i would because it probably isnt even made right after seeing this installing you have to question everything in this car
  5. that's good to hear lol but once you do it a few times it comes easy after that
  6. im just saying because his questions are answered in the manual it just sounds like he is just going off the videos and not the booklet
  7. if you don't have it download it on this link http://damoreengineering.com/dd1.html
  8. Not a bad idea. that would be a nice chunk of change for him to give that kind of thing away. Plus he won't just give his personal set out cuz later on these devices will be worth a fortune since they revolutionized the car audio tools . I wouldn't give them out if it was me cuz they will mean alot to me and to just give them out no lol
  9. I wouldn't if might sound muffled still only way to know is try it out lol
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