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  1. Bring on the weekend

  2. Contemplating A vortex sparc and wmlx for the ol ar. Having a ton of issues with coyotes eating calves.
  3. Dropping down on your "friend", for you to see day light, isnt right. Never has been, never will be.Where im from, you get a boot on your throat for that shit. I still don't know what happened, but I agree. Face the consequences of your actions
  4. Ken owned one lol. And using the ermaturd as an example of a good performing sub is probably a mistake. Not a lot of people like that one either lol.
  5. Never again will I help wall a small car.

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    2. Kyblack76
    3. ProMaxx316


      back in my days i was walling cardboard boxes with 5.25 with masking tape.

    4. Leo1103
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  8. Not having ac or windows that go down in Florida is a bit of a bitch

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    2. SnowDrifter


      Take your doors off for now

    3. Tecomah


      That's actually..... A really good idea snow

  9. He's better than one of the guys at shows down here. Payed for his 5500 with a schooling grant. Shit gets me heated
  10. Also the 1911 only cost me two zvxs. Sooo definitely can't complain seeing as I sold a pair for $300 just last week.
  11. Check out the new sig line and surfires for 2015. Hell if it's for your sbr look at the Brevis suppressors too. They're teeny
  12. Auto ordinance 1911 a1. Modeled after the ww1 "Classic" 1911. Single stack so only 7 rounds. I'm used to my glocks so had to do something terrible to get that capacity im used to...... I don't know right now how long the compensator will stay on. It's kind of growing on me. Interested to see if it'll do dick to help mitigate recoil.
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