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  1. If they (Post modern and morgan james or anyone they with for that matter) are ever in your area get tickets and check them out. Morgan has tons of power in her voice. Also check out Puddles Pitty Party. As long as you are not scared of clowns.
  2. time for nap monday. took this oil filter down and thought it had nutrition facts
  3. I don't know if any of you guys watch E3. I heard XBox got some good stuff coming out. But for the PS4 camp i saw this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDtKmbtxyww It's gonna be a exclusive for PS4 but will come out for other console. With just that preview what do you guys think?? With just that preview i wanna play the game a week ago. Seems like a game that'll have a deep story to it.
  4. Apathy - Handshakes with Snakes. one Best rap album i've heard so far.

  5. Lol this is me replacing the AC compressor on my car... I got all the parts I need to put it all back together over the last couple days, so that's my project for next week. Love and hate audis. Just everything to work on them makes me go WTF.
  6. what kind of car is that and that sucks Saturn Vue with the *coughHonda3.5V6cough *
  7. With the other hack job i been seeing while fixing this car, im starting to think this was a learners car I hope who ever use to own this car is now doing better installs than this.
  8. Shit like this is exactly why I have a dash cam. I will actively go after a motherfucker and press charges for attempting to defraud. Shit i think that guy is either dead or paralyzed.
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