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  1. hey i was wondering if anyone in the lansing area had a termlab. Selling my car soon and would like to meter it before i do.
  2. the coupes that year didnt have a fold down arm rest
  3. ok so the worst part about our cars is the small trunk opening the only way to get the biggest box in there without building inside the trunk is pulling out either the passenger or driver seat then sliding it in that way. maybe port it through the holes for the 6x9s if you decide to take the route of venting through the rear deck. i second this I've ran soundqubed/audioque subs for a few years now and the quality for the price unbeatable
  4. NO I DONT IM TO GOD DAMN POOR TO BUY ONE. I VACCUM WITH MY MOUTH ITS A GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER, yeah i do but ive got other shit to do right now
  5. of course. but well see how acoustically transparent it really is. its acoustically transparent! if i listen superhard i can tell a small difference but not enough to tell normally. i kinda expected it, i mean theres fabric in front of the speakers.
  6. for the ports i did all glue i have 2 layers of 3/4" wood and the pvc goes an inch deep into it and the rest is flush with the pvc's inner diameter. then clamped it on there for 24 hours. the mids enclosures were glued and screwed because they didnt have as much space to glue on and the caps for those was left overs 1.5" thick wood also screwed and glued
  7. well got the grills finished today. came out about 1/2 an inch shorter than i was hoping but fuck it they're staying.
  8. thanks i hope to have them done either tonight or tomorrow
  9. of course. but well see how acoustically transparent it really is.
  10. been to busy but the fabric and magnets came for my grills, so i started cuting and gluing. here is a peak of where im at so far. it needs another coat of paint but i think im going to put a layer of maring grade clear epoxy over what i have so far first to strengthen it and not allow any dents or scuffs in them. then another coat of black over that if it discolors the black. structure of the grills the fabric is not glued on yet but you get the idea oh and i also broke some rcas so i ordered these huge ass ofc rca cables. theyre a bit bigger than knukonceptz 12ga
  11. this thread should help alot read all pages http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/178225-grand-prix-sub-box/?hl=grand%20prix
  12. so i finally had some time to paint them today i only got 2 coats on now but planing to do at least 2 more tomorrow then a clear coat for protection. next week im going to begin on the grills. going with magnets and dark red cloth. edit: i also added 1.5" dowels to brace it.
  13. ive has 8s in my dads work truck/ daily driver and both kids, and drunk adults are in and out the back seat regularly and the subs still look brand new they've been in there for about 2 years you dont really neeed grills but if its that much of a concern i liked the ones i ordered from parts express for my old 12.
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