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  1. Finally got around to installing this, and a got to say, what a difference. From starting the car to the climate controls to driveability, not to mention consistent voltage to my amplifiers. Up front I have a Xs Power D3400 and I thought when I first got it that it didn't help much, starting seemed kinda weak and voltage drops were pretty noticeable. Needless to say I wasnt impressed. After putting in the lithium Im all smiles. Vehicle is a '05 Nissan Altima. Running stock alt. D3400 up front and Lithium in back. 0 awg. through out. Sundown SAZ 2500 on a single RE Audio XXX 12 forward firing sealed off,
  2. What constitutes the cells being out of balance? Like, how much can the voltage difference be? + or - %? I have 4 cells, 2 are resting at 3.7 ahd the other 2 are resting at 3.53. they have been in series, in a group of 4 on a trickle charge for a couple of days, and the voltage is still the same for each cell when i measure them individually. Should each cell read exactly the same?
  3. so, if each of these batts are rated @ 160ah what would be the total ah if they are wired in series?
  4. lol. thats what i have(grandpas old roll around charger). glad i asked.
  5. Thanks for the replies. these were given to me by a friend who acquired them from his neighbor who builds electric vehicles. he said that they were about $200 a peice. can a use a standard 12v trickle charger on these or do I need a special lithium charger?
  6. so, i made a couple of buss bars and these 4 cells in series are giving me 13.31v
  7. To all of the battery/ electrical gurus. How does this look for car audio applications?http://voltronixusa.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/Voltronix-160Ah-Battery-Cell2.pdf. I've got 4 3.2v cells, if I wired them in series to achieve 12.8, would this be acceptable?
  8. ended up doing 3 cubes with a 6" areo tuned to 32hz. forward firing sealed off. car is an 05 Nissan Altima
  9. not worth it imo. those foam surrounds were notorious for deteriorating.
  10. definitely vega subs. late 90's.
  11. what brand of head unit? i have replaced them on multiple kenwood and pioneers and the touch screen panel is only around $60
  12. Sounds like you might have a speaker grounding out, either on the door panel skin or the voice coil is going out on your mids. once you turn it up the voice coil on your mids might be jumping out of the motor/magnet.
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