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  1. BF4 pwns BF1 & BF5 by a long shot!

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    2. meade916


      well that is your problem then haha! I love me some Bf4 but that shit looks and plays like shit compared to Bf1 or Bf5.  On a PS4 i guess it don't matter.  I ain't a Bf4 hater at all i got more hours on it than anyone on this forum i bet :D  


    3. blarg456


      BF4 was the shit back in the day but the same could be said for BF2. People didn't want to let go of that one either. You should try shooters on a pc, consoles do fps games a disservice. You gain so much control and accuracy. Once you go keyboard and mouse, you'll never go back.

    4. AlpineNut


      Only 354 hrs on the PS4 version, but I mainly only play on weekends.

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