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Found 28 results

  1. I've never wired mid speakers and tweeters before and I just want to know what is the correct Ohm impedance for the Tweeters and Midbass speakers? I'm going to wire 4 speakers to a 4-channel amplifier, so when I order the speakers do I get 4-ohm OR 8-ohm?
  2. Alright so I recently just traded my old sa 15 for a pretty much brand new hdc3 18 d2. However I am currently run 2 obsidian audio 18v2 d4 on a soundqubed 2200. I wondering how much more output I would have by buying another 2200 and another hdc3. The box for the obsidians is roughly 11.5 cubes net. With 3 6 in aero ports. Would this same enclosure work well for the 2 hdc3s. And would it be worth it to upgrade. You thoughts?
  3. Hey Steve I was wondering what you would recommend. My dad wants to upgrade the bass in his car since he has watched some of your videos on youtube. He has a BMW E36 M3 3.2 Evo, with 2x Alpine SPX-13REF in the Footwells, a Shallow Rockford Fosgate PS3 Subwoofer connected to a Rockford Fosgate P300 Amplifier in the boot, Original Rear Speakers still in car. He wants to add 2x 12" Subwoofers on the back shelf but is not sure if he can bridge all 3 subs with the Alpine CDA-9887R Head Unit that he has, also he wants to put 2x Alpine SPX-13REF in the rear doors and connect them all to one Amp. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey guys, Looking at woofers and amplifiers for a new build, does anyone know what a Crossfire XSv2 15/18 or a Crossfire 8k goes for? I've heard good things about them but haven't been able to find much in the way of pricing.
  5. Hello those knowlageable people from the interwebs, i have an opertunity to get a mid ninties QSC USA 1310. It has about 125-150 hours of usage.... What would be the lowest reasonable price, i obviously dont want to overspend. i was thinking of starting at 150 then going no higher then $200. It has been sitting around in the owners basement for quite some time (over 5years) but still works perfectly. Also does anyone else have or has used this amp? Would my named price be right? PDF of it : http://goo.gl/rYrvD
  6. Good morning everyone. I'm posting this because I was up until 2am diagnosing a voltage drop problem, after installing my additional battery bank (2 Advanced AutoParts Platinum AGM's, 2 in rear, 1 up front). After installing the bank, I went from 13.8 volts at idle, to 13.4. I was scratching my head saying WTF??? Now, my voltage drop steadied out drastically, but I still lost a critical .4 volts somewhere. I want it back! What happened??? Well, I checked all my grounds in the rear. One from negative battery post of one battery straight to amp. Another from same negative battery post to chassis. All good! Move to the front of my car to check what I thought was my Big 3, or 4 in my case. Checked the Chassis to Negative battery post, Good. Checked Alt to Bat Positive, Good. Checked Alt casing to battery negative, Good. I thought this would suffice as an Engine to Chassis ground, as it was tied into the same ground wire that came from my chassis. MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! I FINALLY located the braided wire that went from the top of my engine block to the chassis. I added a 12" piece of 1/0 OFC from engine block ground, straight to the strut tower. BAM!!! SOCK!!! BOOM!!! (Remember the old Batman episodes? Some may be to young to remember. Anyway, off point now. Damn ADHD!), my voltage immediately came up from 13.45 to 13.9! I gained .45 volts with the addition of that one wire! HELL TO THE YEAH!!!! Now, I will be adding a second ground in the rear from the second battery in the bank, to the chassis. That battery has no grounds coming off it, so I will give it a dedicated ground as well. Maybe I can gain another 1/10th or .2 and finally get my voltage over 14? I will be back later to confirm my results... Just thought I would post this to reiterate the IMPORTANCE of proper grounding. Everyone, myself included, is always concerned about POWER POWER POWER, while proper grounding always takes a backseat in our heads. At least it does in mine, and I am being brutally honest right now. I have now learned that your grounds are just as, if not more important than the actual positive runs in the car. I can't stress enough how important is to ground properly people. If this helps at least one person out there, then I'm glad I took the time to post this. Good luck out there!
  7. So I have a Soundstream tx1.1300d hooked up to 2 Fosgate HX2 12's. I have been really happy with the amp and it is really a powerful and clean amp when it works. My problem is that the amp goes to protect on specific songs, ones that play higher bass notes like 55Hz and above usually or have a wide range of frequencies played in the song. It will push super hard on the lows with out any issue. It also plays hard with higher notes but only for a few seconds until it protects. It only does that when I have it turned up 75% or better but it is annoying when I do demos and such. I have adjusted the amp many times with different volumes on the head unit and it still does the same thing every time no matter what I do. Also for some odd reason, this never happened until I upgraded to a High Output alternator and "Big 3" that keeps the voltage at 14.3 when the bass is cranked. I really don't know why a better alternator would cause the amp to protect but its just something I noticed. Any ideas? I have the subs in a 4th order wired down to a final impedance of 1.2 ohms resting so my impedance is fine I think, unless box rise has anything to do with it but it was never a problem before the alternator upgrade. So if anyone knows what could be the problem that would be great!
  8. I was looking to get a sundown zv.4 18 in my 2009 ford focus. I figured out that after the displacement of the woofer and the port that I would have around 7 Cu. Ft. of usable air space. the port would be 5'' wide and tuned to 32 hz. the dimensions of the box are 40 wide, 20 tall, and 22 deep. For my amplifier, i was thinking of using an audiopipe 3000.1. I know that sundown subwoofers can take a decent amount more power than what they are rated, but I am a little concerned that this might be too much power. I think the enclosure will work well with this subwoofer but I wanted to try to get a second opinion on the forum. Let me know what you think or if there is any suggestions that would make this build even better. Thanks.
  9. I have a 2009 Ford focus and I currently run 2 kicker L3 15's on a RF 750.1. They hit but it is a temporary setup until i get my new system. I am looking to get a Sundown Audio Zv.4 18 in the trunk. I figured out that my i can get about 7 cu ft after displacement of the sub and the 5'' slot port tuned to 32 hz.
  10. No, you do not have anything for sale here.... You can not follow simple detailed rules and farther violations will result in a ban. Thanks for your understanding, And just to give you another chance to read the rules here you go. For Sale: Car audio related equipment only SMD Prefered Online Classified Section! NEW UPDATE 2-13-12!!!!! IF THE THREAD RUNS UNUSED FOR OVER 6 MONTHS IT WILL BE LOCKED. ANY INQUIRIES CAN BE HANDLED BY P.M. TO THE O.P. NEW UPDATE!!! 2-24-09 YOU MUST HAVE 150 POST TO POST AN ITEM FOR SALE (that also means you CANNOT sell items through your sig or in the chat room below 150 posts) I only have a one, the rest is common sense. If your not looking to buy a product that someone has for-sale, Do Not Post in that thread, no matter how much you think someone wants to much money or what not. if you know they are scamming then that's a different story, otherwise Shut up, I'm tired of seeing peeps trying to tell people what is or isn't a good price on something they DON'T OWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate to do this but people aren't understanding common sense. 1. Do NOT post dump. - Post dump is an unnecessary post - All items listed for sale must be listed with a asking price for each item - If you hate the price don't complain about, its up to the OP(original poster) to set his price, other wise PM him/her - If you are not interested in purchasing or are interested but do not have the money to purchase the item at the time you see the thread on that item that is for sale, do NOT post - Posts may be deleted without warning - Report to mod button is there for the sake of reporting the thread, USE IT - Repeat offenders will have a short ban from the forum 2. Do not question the moderators - No need to explain this rule, basically don't argue with them 3. Pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper shown with every item being listed is a MUST - if you have time to post you have time to take pics. if not we aren't interested in your thread here. - We have a moderation staff, we don't need 40 members posting that they need pics/150 post minimum or it will be deleted, it just clutters up threads and we have to delete all the random chatter to keep the threads clean. This includes responding to want to buy ads offering your items for sale and posting in response to trades or creating a post wanting to trade your items. You can post a want to buy ad to buy items Anyone caught playing Rent-A-Mod will be sent on a 24 hour vacation. The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard. 4. References will help your sale 5. Do not bump your thread more than once a day - There is a difference between bumping and updating - A bump is a term used to move your thread to the top of the list - Do not BUMP others threads 8. Do not ask us to delete your for sale thread, they will be here for archive, we however can lock the thread. 7. Respect each other 8. NO FEELERS 9. IF you do no have 150 posts you CANNOT sell period. Nothing in sig either. 10. No links to off site sales other than Hot Deals. If you want to sell it here, make sure the post fits all rules for the appropriate section it is listed in. 11. NO RAFFLES WHAT SO EVER 12. DONT ADVERTISE YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE IN A WANT TO BUY THREAD IF YOU DONT MEET THE CRITERIA 13. If Paypal is used as a payment method, payment is not to be sent as gift. Paying as gift provides no protection to the buyer. 14. If you are a manufacturers rep, you are not permitted to move manufacturers new product without being a part of the authorized reseller list. Please see Tony C(SNAFU) for further information. The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard.
  11. Just wanted some peoples opinions should I trade my soundqubed hdc3 18 for 2 blown sundown x 12s?
  12. Hey I have a problem with my amplifier getting very hot after just a short time of playing, and it shuts off. (takes a while before it cooles down) I have 2 cerwin vega vmax 15". 2*3,2ohm coils on each sub, so both subs are wired in parallel so it reads of 1,6ohm. The amplifier I have is a dynabel monoblock, 1200watts rms @ 1ohm. So it should be ok to drive those two subs? I just cant find the problem that makes the amp go so hot. Ive allready burned my last amp and I dont want it to happen again. Ground is looking nice, I grounded under my extra wheel in my trunk to bare metal with 4awg wire, since my amps power wire is a 4awg. From my battery in front i run a 0 gauge wire into a split block to the back of the trunk to make sure i get enough power for the amp. So the 4awg power wire is only 1 foot long from the splitblock. So i guess the the power and grounding is more than ok for this amp. I live in norway so hot weather isnt really a problem hehe. Anyone have any tips or experience to cases that make amp go hot?
  13. I'm about to buy four soundqubed hds2 15's, I'm gonna tune them to probably 32hz. I just wanted to get some people's opinions on them to see if there good sub's or if I should spend my money on something else.
  14. Recently I put in a brand new system. I had my two 15 inch earthquake Tremor X154 just running off of a 2000 watt pyramid america amp. I bought two 10 inch boss subs and started to put in a double amplifier set-up with a 8.0 farad power cap, with distribution blocks and all that. I ran into a number of problems. The first thing that I ran into is lack of power. I checked my power cable and ended up just completely re-wiring with a new 8 gauge wire. That fixed one problem, but still no lights or sound. I pulled my stereo out and double checked my remote and everything was solid there. I checked my ground wire which I mounted behind a panel screwed in with an existing screw. I finally had lights and sound, the bass was great. But it was short lived. I decided to get 4 gauge power and ground wire just to be on the safe side, but I haven't put them in yet. I had power, lights, and everything the only thing is- now my subs cut in and out randomly. I had my bass know turned all the way down, i turn my stereo up and my subs come on very silently. I slowly turn my bass knob up and they get louder and then right underneath about halfway on the bass knob the subs sound like they cut out and they make horrible scratching sounds, kind of. Is it possible to have bad RCA's? I'm stumped here.
  15. Hey guys im looking for a Rockford Fosgate amp that will push 500W x2 @ 4 Ohms do you guys know any? or any other amp that will push that?
  16. I've just won an auction on eBay Australia. A Digital Designs Z 2HV which sold for exactly $699. I'm familiar with the amazing quality of DD products but am not completely aware of what I've really purchased here. Currently on order I have a Fi SP4 18 which is only rated 2500 Watts RMS, but people give them 5k all day, and with my poor electrical I would not expect to get any more than that. The gains will be set clean with a DD1. How will the amp work with my setup? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I just installed 2 12" american bass xfls to a hifonics zrx2416 and was wondering if the bass knob needs to be adjusted while setting the the gain on the amp?
  18. I'm looking to get an amp to push 2 MTX Audio 9515-44s at 1ohm. They are both 1000 watts rms and wondering if the American Bass PH4000-MD would be a good match for the pair. If anyone knows if they are worth the money I would appreciate feedback. Gracias
  19. The tests went as follows: 2 ohm certified: 1155 @14.05v 2 ohm dynamic: 1303 @14.31v 1 ohm certified: 1532 @14.52v 1 ohm uncertified: 1936 @13.79v 1 ohm dynamic: 2279 @14.14v .8 ohm dynamic: 284 [email protected] .67 dynamic: 3148 @14.24v Musical dynamic tests (using a song, not a test tone) 1 ohm: 2398 @14.64v .67 ohm: 3581 @14.7v .5 ohm: 4081 @14.13 The video to this test is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztCxogz8gs4&feature=youtu.be
  20. Hello guys/gals, I'm installing the rest of my electrical in the rear today, which consists of two AGM's and the wiring coming from the 3rd AGM up front. All will be run in parallel. Trying to make it look as nice as possible, while keeping it portable. I have to take my subs and electrical out the car when the boss is in town. I know, it sux... Anyway, my question is this. I have a RF Dist Block, (1) 1/0 in, (2) 1/0 out... I wanted to ground to my original grounding point on the chassis behind my back seat, and also, run a ground wire directly to my negative battery post. So, I will have two ground wires, one coming from NEG battery post, one coming from chassis, into the Distro Box. Then one wire to the Ground on my amplifier, a SoundQubed Q2200.1. My other amp is grounded fine up front, so not worried about that one. Do I need to fuse the Batt - to Distro block? Or do I keep all ground wires, even coming from battery, non-fused? I know where to put the fuses on the POSITIVE side, all good there. So, I don't think I fuse the grounds, but I want to make sure for peace of mind. I don't need an explosion in the rear of my car! Any help will be appreciated!
  21. Hey guys I was looking for a Rockford Fosgate amp to power my 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 I want the subs to sound nice but I don't have so much money to spend on an amp, and also I don't know what the best way to wire it is. I was wondering what type of amp I should get Prime, Punch or Power, I don't know if there is any difference but I want one good enough to power these 2 Subs I got. Please help. The specs on my subs are: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-2SarBDNNXaq/p_108PER121/Infinity-Kappa-Perfect-12-1.html#details-tab
  22. Hey guys, sorry about the crap quality on this post, its my first. Anyways, me and a friend are trying to hook up one of those old stereos to a Logitech subwoofer and its inbuilt amp and it hasn't been easy, all we did first was hook up the signal cable I think its called from the stereo head unit to the subwoofer directly(No amp), and well it sound weak as shit. The reason we are doing this is because the tiny original subwoofer from the stereo blew and we dont want to sitt her without any bass at all. So basically what we want to do is to hook the signal cable to the subwoofers amp and make it play the bass through the Logitech subwoofer. The problem is that the amp doesn't have a normal signal in like amps usually do, it was connected to a small PCB with an aux on it with a Ribbon cable and the amp doesn't have an enclosure itself or any special kind of easy connects on it. The ribbon cable had thick wires and only 10 connectors so its possible to solder the signal wires in. Problem is that we dont know how or if its possible. More info: the amp is wall powered. Thanks for any help! If you need pictures of the amp and the inside and all just ask!
  23. Hey! I'm trying to wire my SoundQubed Q1-1200.2 down to 0.5 Ohm. I have aftermarket watercooling going on it, so I'm not too worried about temps. The problem is that I only have one HDS-312 Dual Voice Coil @ 2 Ohm each (currently wired down to 1 Ohm final load). Does this mean if I double the amount of wire joining the two coils, I can approach 0.5 final Ohm load? Please don't just tell me not to do it. If any of us listened to that logic we wouldn't have the crazy setups that we do on here.
  24. OK, I know this will sound strange but I just built a box for my radio in my car so I would not have to take apart the dash. The only problem is when I hook an amp to my speakers and my car is running, they make a really high pitch buzzing sound. When I give my car gas the buzzing gets louder. I can still hear my music but there is still the buzz. Could the RCA jacks in the radio be bad? I've changed my cables with 3 different ones and they all do the same thing. This makes no sense to me. I had the radio hooked up the exact way in my brothers car and there was no problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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