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Found 47 results

  1. My dad wants a system in his Toyota tundra 4 door 5.7 but he doesn't always want crazy bass were putting in 2 re audio 8's he thinks it's a lot lol but if we put a PAC lc1 in line when you turn it all the way down will it practically shut the subs off because that's what we're looking to do shut them off when the knob is all the way down p,ease help
  2. Hi. I'm Max. First hooked on bass for a long time. I don't have a car at the moment, but i gonna get my driver license. Now I get my bass skills building them at home. I want to introduce my system. Sorry for my bad english. I decided to buy the Visaton W 250 8 Ohm. After all calculations I built a 50l box. Inside the box Me and my cat didn't like how it sounds. So I decided to rebuild it. Grinding... Befor After It will be a vented box To be continued...
  3. What are your pet peeves when giving/getting a demo? We've all had the 20 second demos Today I was giving someone a demo and they tried to take over my deck!!!!!!!!!! You never touch a basshead's Head Unit!!!!!!!!! I nearly tossed him out.
  4. Help! lol I built a ported woofer box thinking this would sound A LOT better than my previous sealed box for 4-15" L7's but it doesn't! Hits high bass cool but not lows. Do I need to tune lower by making port longer? The box is 23"H x 49" W x 58"D port is 21.5"H x 15"W x 10.5"D tuned to about 34Hz per Torres Tuning Calculator... What did I do wrong? It is my 1st build so take it easy on me guys I barely get any air out of port. Don't want to give up and cancel the port and just wall the interior and make it sealed.
  5. Looking to find some good 12's with a decent wattage and can get loud on a tight budget any recommendations are welcome.
  6. All, I currently have 3 Crescendo F31 Batteries. I plan to add 3 more F31s, the ones I currently have are about a year old. Is it ok to add 3 new ones to the mix? what are the cons? I could also separate them since I will also have 2 370XP DC Power alts that I could separate into 2-3 battery banks each powering a BC5500D. But I want to keep them all together if possible. Help is appreciated!
  7. So I'm wondering what would be best for a dodge ram ex cab. I think I'm going to put the enclosure on my rear seats... Should I have subs up port front? And have the port going in the middle between the seats? Ofr Subs up port back? Side? Please help. Thanks.
  8. Hey all on this forum. I have a debate whether I want to use 2 old school Rockford Fosgate 1001BD power amps to push 2 MTX Audio 9515-44s or instead go for an American Bass PH-4000 MD to push them @ 1ohm. Power consumption isn't really a concern but I want to know if it's worth getting 2 RF amps or just having one amp to push them both.
  9. 1999 Chevy S10 Running (2) Zv3-10's off of One NS-1 In IASCA Rookie Trunk/Truck I did a 147.6 Sealed off the windshield. (.3 DB down from the World Record) This was done with (1) battery XS D3400, (1) run of 1/0 Power wire, and Stock Alt. Also in IASCA I placed 3rd Overall in Flyweight with a 30sec. Average of 148 Which consisted of (2) batteries, and (2) runs of 1/0 Power I have recently dropped the power down to a saz2500 on the (2) Z's, soon to be a 2nd saz2500 and hopefully the new XS7500
  10. Hey guys so i just picked up my 2nd car. Its a 2003 Black Jetta Wagon. I never really did a build log with my first car because i barely had time to even work on it but with the summer coming up i will have some time to do work. Here are some pics of my old Jetta and the new one more updates on the way!!!
  11. So the build is finally decided, just haven't figured out which way to point them the box is as stated: 6 ft3 with a 4 inch wide slit port tuned to 29hz Port and sub direction? Or would you go with a different style of box for a 15 inch SA Sundown Audio running on a bd1000.1? Please help! Thanks so much.
  12. Is it better to use a suitable size fuse and replace when needed or buy a circuit breaker that switches of during over a voltage spike ??
  13. Well, I'm not sure how many of you follow me on Facebook (Probably very few of you if any), but I've released my first album on Bass Mekanik Records back in January of this year. I've already nearly completed my 2nd one. My music is geared towards bassheads who like rock/metal. All instruments are live and played by myself. There are some programmed tracks as well, but a vast majority of it is real instruments. By trade, I'm a drummer. The first album is titled "Audio Implosion" and is available anywhere you can buy digital music. Here's the iTunes link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/audio-implosion-bass-mekanik/id591261864 This album was more of a broad range of different tones and low-ish bass. SOme stuff playing as low as 21Hz. My 2nd album is titled "Subsonic Guillotine and will consist of much heavier and low toned tracks. One track drops as low as 16Hz! Hope you guys like what you will hear of the first album. Thanks for checking it out, if so. Have a good one!
  14. Hey Everyone.I recently bought a 2002 f150 extended cab.I am looking to put subs in it and I would like to put them under the back seat.SO i am looking at 8'' subwoofers.I am stuck though between skar audio, sundown, and rockford fosgate.Which subs are the best for the price.looking at doing 4 8''s.I am not wanting to spend more than $120 per sub.I have to fosgate 10's in my other vehicle and i love them.I am looking into the other two brands.What are your guys take on Skar and Sundown.
  15. I was looking to get a sundown zv.4 18 in my 2009 ford focus. I figured out that after the displacement of the woofer and the port that I would have around 7 Cu. Ft. of usable air space. the port would be 5'' wide and tuned to 32 hz. the dimensions of the box are 40 wide, 20 tall, and 22 deep. For my amplifier, i was thinking of using an audiopipe 3000.1. I know that sundown subwoofers can take a decent amount more power than what they are rated, but I am a little concerned that this might be too much power. I think the enclosure will work well with this subwoofer but I wanted to try to get a second opinion on the forum. Let me know what you think or if there is any suggestions that would make this build even better. Thanks.
  16. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c4BGKCdhUh4 . Hey all this is a recent bass vid from the new house just moved up here. Its the same equipment I've bumped for years but it still sounds great. Even though it sounds like shit in the vid it's clean and loud in person. Unfortunately just recently one of the 8" midbass stopped working so ill post another link when i get it fixed.
  17. Need to build a box for 1 XFL1522 for daily listening. American Bass only gives specs for SPL boxes and they don't reply to any of my emails. It will be powered by a Crescendo Audio S1500.1. I also plan on putting in a .5" lexan window (roughly 12"x18"). I'll paint the inside with a Shellac based primer and oil based paint. My last box I built was pretty basic and consisted of 4 90 degree corners and a port bracing with sub and port facing the same way, wires ran out of port and no carpet. I've thought about maybe trying to brace the box more, any thoughts? Here's what I've been thinking so far. 4.0 cu. ft. after displacements 26-32hz port tuning ~55 sq. in. port area (slot port) 4 90 degree corners and 1 port brace Sub Up Port Back WINISD (26 vs 28 vs 30 vs 32hz @4.0 cu. ft.) Green is 26hz Red is 28hz Blue is 30hz Yellow is 32hz WINISD (4.0 cu. ft. vs 4.5 cu. ft. @28hz) Green is 4.0 cu. ft. Red is 4.5 cu. ft. Side Note: What should I use to seal my box considering ill be painting over it? I used all silicone last time but I've been thinking that I could just use a caulk instead and be fine. Also for the Lexan window would something like this be a good gasket? Ill also use silicone and some threaded inserts. Thanks for any help guys!
  18. I have a 2009 Ford focus and I currently run 2 kicker L3 15's on a RF 750.1. They hit but it is a temporary setup until i get my new system. I am looking to get a Sundown Audio Zv.4 18 in the trunk. I figured out that my i can get about 7 cu ft after displacement of the sub and the 5'' slot port tuned to 32 hz.
  19. Just a quick bass vid I made for Psyph on his birthday. http://youtu.be/6-NNbsTsnds
  20. I have a 1 ohm stable amp and a pair of kicker l7 15's dual 4 ohm, I had them running off a kicker zx.2500.1 at 2 ohms but recently sold that amp to my cousin who just bought a hcca and got a good deal on it. So I have another amp right now which is a 5500 watt amp, 3200 rms at 1 ohm and I just wanted to see if you guys could help me wire it down to 1 ohm. I've found bunch of diagrams but everybody keeps saying no its not right, yes it is right, no it isn't. So i'm asking you, what's the correct way to 1 ohm? Thank you!! Also when it comes to the amp, I have a LPF, Bass EQ, Subsonic, and Gain control, what would be the best way to tune? Power acoustik 5500.1 bamf.
  21. This is my first 6th Order box I have attempted to create. For those of you that have the experience, do you guys mind telling me if this box looks promising? It's going to hold 2 Power Acoustik Mofo 15's. It is tuned to 32hz / 51hz
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