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Found 47 results

  1. Selling 2 DC Audio M2 Xl 18's Rated @ "2200 Watts rms" Both have just been reconed and have never been mounted or seen power. With D1 coils, blue Carbon Fiber dust caps, upgraded AR cone, 1 extra stiff spider (5 stiff spiders total) and Direct leads. I will put the white DC logo sticker on them if you want. $880 shipped for the pair *Remember these are not stock XL's They have many upgrades.
  2. I have 1 DC xl m2 18 on 1000w JL amp for now. Should be upgrading to a DC 2K. When I get my bigger amp, is a hair trick possible?? If not, what can make it possible?
  3. Long time no post guys, Hopefully someone can help me tune this 6th order. My gross dimensions are (rear chamber) 6.58 cuft and (front chamber) is 4.17 cuft. These dims do not include woofer displacement. I would like to use 6" aeros for porting if possible. Now what do I tune the rear chamber @ and what do I tune my front chamber to? Please help me. thank you in advance
  4. I designed a box for a Soundqubed HDC3 18 that will fit in the back of my Mazda pick up. It will be running off a Cadence 2500.1 (1200rms) with stock electrical but will be doing the big 3 very soon. Opinions? Here are the specs: 7.98Ft^3 Net Volume 32.74Hz tuning W- 50in D- 18in H- 23in Port- H- 16.5in W-6.75in Length- 23in 14in^2 of port area per foot Driver displacement is included w/ bracing
  5. Alright so finally got around to "finishing" a build in one of my vehicles haha. I say "finishing" because it's as close to done without having the new alternator or battery racks built but it's sooo close lol. "Fighter Jet" reasoning will be shown through pictures, hopefully you get the meaning haha. Here are the stats: 2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 AWD Pioneer 80PRS Custom switch/gauge panel SHCA RCAs, fuse holders, ring terminals, heat shrink SHCA Green and Black 1/0 DC AUDIO 5K DC AUDIO 10k 4- Soundqubed HDC3 10s 4 - 18" DC Audio Lvl 6 18s, full Carbon fiber option XSPOWER Batteries SINGER ALTERNATORS Anyone want to see some pictures?
  6. Managed somehow some way to pull off a sixth order in my jeep containing TWO Zv4 18s on a CT Sounds 7000.1 Just a little background on me, used to have a few different enclosures playing around with some 12" JL W6's Some of yall may have seen my ported box tuned to ~15 hz, The 4th order tuned to 38, The "Upside Down" ported enclosure, and a few different ported boxes at various tuning's. http://www.youtube.com/kessel921 Gonna start with two photos to make sure everything gets uploaded correctly
  7. Hey SMD! awhile back i posted a thread about coil rub on one of my level 5s. i purchased a reconethrough Cj. but never reconed the sub. i just kept playing on it with the SD8k, then on the k12. i first started noticing this "clanking" sound a couple weeks back when i was demoing a couiple people at a local shop. before i left, i played a song, My shit bang- e-40, i totally forgot that there is a very low note in the song, i broke a dustcap on one sub, and blew off the other. the note was extremely low. after the most recent show i attened, i gave a couple demos, but by the time i was to be metered, the "clanking" noise became louder and output seemed to be less. now its really bad. recone time? heres a vid to help describe the noise. and heres some pic:
  8. I'm new to this forum. I've done a few builds but never a Walled off build. I have a few questions really 1--when building a sub wall, do you simply build the skeleton of it and allow the weight of everything anchor it down or do you anchor it in place by other means? 2--Once the skeleton of the wall is complete, how are the "trim" pieces placed for a tight, flush fit? Same glue used in building enclosures or other means? 3--I already have 5% window tint on rear windows on top of the factory "privacy" glass, but want to "black out" the windows so NO light is coming in. Does anyone know what is good to use. I will NOT use paint of any kind as it will just flake off eventually. I have heard of others using black speaker carpet and/or black foam, but I don't want any of the adhesive to be seen from the outside.
  9. Hello all I tried to find this question already asked which I am sure it has been but don't spend a lot of time on the forum and for some reason find it really complicated to search for stuff. My equipment Dc Audio level 6 18 m4, Sundown Audio Scv7500. Question #1 What is a good setting for my low pass crossover? Question #2 My old amp is a Scv3000 it suffered water damage several mosfets were destroyed in the event. Would sundown be the best place to send it for repair? I stepped up quite a notch from the 3000 to the 7500 but its bad ass! Love the woofer I have had them all seems like and before reconing this one it was the M2 series which lasted longer than anything I have ever had. I reconned it maybe 2 months ago I probably would have never blown it but my 3000 watt amp was clipping like fu. I purchased a cheap pos oscilliscope for $60 off amazon after the recone and found out my amp was clipping by the time I turned it up to 10 on my deck. This is the reason I purchased the 7500 so my now M4 woofer could enjoy clean power. Thanks for your time I appreciate anybody answering this question one more time.
  10. I was looking to get a sundown zv.4 18 in my 2009 ford focus. I figured out that after the displacement of the woofer and the port that I would have around 7 Cu. Ft. of usable air space. the port would be 5'' wide and tuned to 32 hz. the dimensions of the box are 40 wide, 20 tall, and 22 deep. For my amplifier, i was thinking of using an audiopipe 3000.1. I know that sundown subwoofers can take a decent amount more power than what they are rated, but I am a little concerned that this might be too much power. I think the enclosure will work well with this subwoofer but I wanted to try to get a second opinion on the forum. Let me know what you think or if there is any suggestions that would make this build even better. Thanks.
  11. I need help with a box for a 15" kicker comp, i want it to do the best it can possible do on the lows, around 24-33 Hz, and alright is ok up to about 55 Hz, so im thinking a bigger box it better, so around 4 cubes, but i cant get the port area and length right, its pissing me off. thanks
  12. Whats up everybody! This is my first thread on here and I figured I should make it a good one. lol So I'm makin it my build thread of my new project. Some of you may have seen my Ranger on youtube. http://www.youtube.c...ettrickscustoms Bunch of cool stuff on there ranger and otherwise much of comin. So anyway I dont take many pics when we work just vid. heres the system I had and a distance test.
  13. Here's my box design so far for a SoundQubed HDC3 18" http://imgur.com/a/UyRxa Box Specs: 20.75H x 35W x 21.5D. Displacements used are .23 (Sub) and .05 (Dowel rod). 5.95 Cubic Feet @ 30.26 (Cubic feet might be slightly higher due to window). This also takes into account 3 baffles and port outside of the box. Port Specs: 19" total length 7.920" Inside diameter .240" thickness, PVC 12" outside flare diameter 49.24 square inches port area. Still deciding on an amplifier, should be anywhere from 1750-2250W. 1/0 OFC Big Three. 150 amp stock alt. XS Power battery to come later. I still might go slightly larger on the box, every 1" wider gives it .20 cubic feet to net. I know people use 45s in slot ports to smooth out air flow but should they be used in aero port boxes? If so should I just use a 45 for the corner next to the port or all 4 corners? Thanks guys!
  14. Ok , Im going to put this out there so please don't make fun of me. I completely gutted the trunk of my Challenger sound deadened all spaces, relocated factory battery and fuse box. Now here it comes THE PLAN, I measured all areas very carefully and what im thinking is this, resin and fiberglass the entire spare tire area I was thinking probably 4 layers would do it. that area is aprox 3 cu ft. install a 3/4 inch board across the entire floor, leaving a sealed 3 cuft space. Now install the 18" sub inverted. Now build above that area the ported chamber @ 6cubes net after all displacements 2 8" aeroports venting into cabin via rear deck. I know its crazy, but that's what we do. I welcome all comments and sugestions.
  15. Redoing my Corolla for the new year. I normally do a ported box around 5 cubes that can go in and out of the trunk when needed but this time I decided to build in the car and to the car. as you can see in the pictures Im doing a trunk build and Im going to seal off the trunk from the cabin. it will take time to finish since I have a busy work schedule right now but I have to be complete by the 18th of Feb so I can attend Freezefest in TN. Any comments or suggestions are welcome understanding I won't be making big changes. its either going to work or its not. 1 18 inch fi SP4 18 1 B2 audio SLD5k 2/0 wiring xs 3400 under the hood northstar 220 in the trunk mechman H/O alt big 3 done with 2/0 kenwood HU until I get my new alpine. Im getting the UTE 62bt when I have the chance to hit up Best Buy.. stay tuned!!
  16. I have a 2009 Ford focus and I currently run 2 kicker L3 15's on a RF 750.1. They hit but it is a temporary setup until i get my new system. I am looking to get a Sundown Audio Zv.4 18 in the trunk. I figured out that my i can get about 7 cu ft after displacement of the sub and the 5'' slot port tuned to 32 hz.
  17. Product I'm looking for: 2x MATCHING 18" Fi Q. Upgraded cooling is a plus, but I will be happy as long as they do NOT have the high Q option. (If you are unsure which options your subs have, please peek through the cooling holes on the motor and read what is written on the coil inside.) Budget: $300-$400 for the pair depending on condition and options? (I always have tons of extra audio equipment so please ask and I will gladly send you a current list of what I have for trade. I will be more generous with trades than paying cash.) Condition: Used, 10/10 mechanical. Time Frame (if applicable): Up to you. I will wait. Of all the 18" subs I have had, I cannot forget my love for the Q. I know in my heart that I will be unsatisfied if I do not use them. Please do help me find a matching pair so my build can be complete! Willing to drive to meet anywhere within a few hours of Tampa FL, or pay for shipping to 33558. Please do not be shy, let me know your price. In all sincerity, Evan 813-480-1321
  18. I have done some searching and there seems to be some debate. I haven't seen a thread about this topic for this particular sub so I figure I would just ask. Sub up port back? Sub up port up? Sub back port back? etc. etc. This is my daily driver and I listen to everything from rap and dubstep to metal at times. I plan to demo it and maybe compete at local shows this summer. Amp will be 3500 of some kind, not sure which route I am going yet. Singer Alt is getting ordered this week as well so electrical should be solid. I figured the easiest way to get her home was to belt her in. This is by far, the largest sub I have ever owned. I have been grinning like a teenager on prom night since I got home.
  19. Looking to buy a very nice 18 or 15 that can handle 3600 rms daily. Currently have quad SA-8 v.2 d4's that I am looking to also sell or trade. I would offer a little cash if needed, but I think that the 8's still hold about 100 each, sp4 is 500 brand new... Send me a message, send me an offer or whatever. I can provide pics of the 8's if needed. Need to finish taking them out (selling the car, getting a wrx wagon... Want larger < SA-8s are about 6 months old, have been used daily. One has never been used (spare just incase) and is still in the box. Coils are very stiff and bright copper. System was always tuned with the dd1 Thanks, Cody
  20. Looking for Level 4 M1 motors or blown subs. Any size is fine if basket and sub are attached. Looking to pay about 100iish each and I will cover shipping. Please send me a pm if you have any for sale. Thanks. Looking for 2. Must be M1 model. ( single hole in motor )
  21. So Im currently waiting for my new sub to come in the mail but haven't built the box yet. I ordered an FI Team 18 and it will be on 2 CAB1600.1's. On my last build in this 09 corolla I did a sundown x 18 sub up and port to the passenger side and it seemed to be the loudest compared to port front or back. My plan for the team 18 is sub front and port to passenger side. Has anyone tried this and do you think it will be different from sub up & port to the side?? any info will help I plan to start cutting the birch on Monday. Or should I do port and sub front and seal it off. I don't always have the seat down because of car seats lol.
  22. Hi everyone, I finally joined after a long time lurking this forum. I recently decided to step up my bass game from the two 12’s I’ve had for a while. I’ve had a system in every vehicle I've owned and was the one always doing installs for friends in high school and teaching them how to install. I've always wanted to do a serious build, so I decided one day I’d sell my Subaru for an S10 and upgrade my system properly. So I bought a 99 Sonoma ZQ8 ext cab this past november and spent the spring fixing up the main issues that needed to be done before spending money on the system. I had a blown double cardan joint that I replaced with a rear conversion shaft and blown shocks that were replaced with a Belltech 2/2 drop kit (+ZQ8 = 3.5"/3.5” total). I recently swapped in a Mechman 270A alternator that I got used for $150 to power the upgrades I’m doing to my stereo. Earlier this week I went up to the only SPL shop I could find in my area and ordered an 18” Skar ZVX v2 (they said it was better than the Sundown X I was looking at and I trust them since they are successful SPL competitors). I also have 100 sq. ft. of GTmat for dampening, but will only be doing the floor/roof/backwall because I plan to replace the rusty doors next summer when doing bodywork. I will probably get a Skar SK1500d before heading back to school in september if I can sell my current stereo in time. I've gotten rusty with installations after not doing many in the past few years, so I'm open to suggestions. This was what my truck looked like... until a "friend" backed up into the bed with his new F150, this is my damage. This is his damage, he was able to rub most of it off and is now being quite difficult in helping with the repair(long story)... So this is what it looks like now. I intend on doing the bodywork next summer, but I'm still unsure of what direction the build will go in (I will probably clean up the panel before going back to school). I installed the Mechman 270a alternator and Big 4 with 1/0awg copper welding cable. It took a while to get all the right parts, mainly the belt. Also I use SnapChat a lot, so that will explain the text on most of the pictures. I got this alt on Kijiji for $150. It was from a 2006 Tahoe, but for some reason he got one that didn't have the proper PCM hook-up and was causing charging issues. I saw the one wire and similar plug and figured it should work, luckily it did. It was tough to fit the four 1/0 grounds and original ground, even with extended posts. A dual battery upgrade is on the list. Since I couldn't find it anywhere, the proper belt for a large case Mechman alt on a 4.3L is the Goodyear Gatorback 4060960. Unfortunately the one I bought had a different belt (taught me to verify the part numbers!) inside, a 4060100 if I recall, which was 4 inches too long. I got it sorted out after waiting a few days for it to arrive. Either way, I saved about $500 getting it used. If it craps out, I'll try to send it back to Mechman to be refurbished with a 6-phase stator (hopefully will last longer than my last 2 stock alts). I also picked up a raw LED voltmeter for $6, I think it's for Arduino projects. I like it, but I just got to find a proper wire for it to read off, the factory voltmeter wire was killing the battery on start-up.
  23. Hey! My name is Jesse Bleifuss aka Bylle, from finland. and this is my build log.. Also in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Escort-Bass-Build-8x18/444732668966518 and yes this is daily driven! the car itself.. ''too small car, they said'' Can't wait to install these!!!! 8 18s Ground Zero (gzrw46spl) amps are going to be 4 x GZPA1.4000DXII 0.5ohm batteries, front of car i have 62ah water battery. rear of the car i have 3x60ah at first Later overall 8x60ah + 62ah dampening, 2 layers STP Black gold, almost every where Every original cable attached this box we are going to build ~900L 2 ports ~1600cm2 (those black things) All 8 batteries, going to inside the box Go hit that like button on facebook sry my bad english
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