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Found 86 results

  1. Selling 2 DC Audio M2 Xl 18's Rated @ "2200 Watts rms" Both have just been reconed and have never been mounted or seen power. With D1 coils, blue Carbon Fiber dust caps, upgraded AR cone, 1 extra stiff spider (5 stiff spiders total) and Direct leads. I will put the white DC logo sticker on them if you want. $880 shipped for the pair *Remember these are not stock XL's They have many upgrades.
  2. I have an 18" DC level 5 and will be powering it off a Memphis Audio 16-mcd2500 in a 2012 Chevy Suburban. Anybody have experiance with an 18 in different types of boxes in a suburban and can tell me what design works the best?
  3. so ive been looking into stepping up into 18's from my 4 12's. been looking at some in my price range and found the ct sounds strato 18's. the v1.0 series. been trying to do some research but am having trouble finding much on them other than just an overview from the ct sounds website and some youtube videos with the strato 10's. didnt know if anyone has the 18's or has had the 18's that had any footage of them in work or any real life pics, build log, anything. just looking for more info on them. tried searching for them on the forum but didnt really see anything that caught my attention. any info is appreciated!!
  4. Subs sold This is a old picture of my box and my subs just to show you them installed First off I would like to say this amp is a BEAST! The Sundown audio amplifier can produce lots of bass for your car. The reason I am selling this amp is because I sold my car that it was in and no longer have any use for it. This SAZ amplifier has only 4 months out of box and only 1 month actually used. I have used a lot of amps but this one blows all the competition out of the water! The defect in this amp is it has a couple of scratches on one of the sides. Look through the pictures and you can see it. Other then that it's a perfect amp! I am asking for 800 OBO (or best offer) These are the specs: Double Sided Through Hole Epoxy PCB Efficiency : 86% @ 4 ohm, at 100Hz 24dB/Oct Variable Crossover Multi-Way Protection Circuitry (Thermal/Over Current/Speaker Short/Speaker DC Protection) Variable Subsonic Filter Variable Bass Boost Variable Low Pass Filter Variable Phase Shift Dual Zero(0) Gauge Power Supply Connectors Tested Voltage & THD : 12.8V & Less than 1% THD Operating Voltage : DC 10V~18V (Absolute Maximum 18.5 volts) Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier 1 Ohm Stability Wired Remote Controller MSRP $2149 USD Text or call 480-309-1603, my name is Austin! I don't really use these forums anymore so don't try to private message me. However I will be checking bi-weekly on this forum. I am really trying to sell these items locally (Tempe, Arizona) but if your interested enough we can negotiate.
  5. 1. Product: 18" AQ HDC3 D2 Sub 2. Specs: Dual 2 Ohm coils, Carbon Fiber Cone, Direct Leads, and still have the motor cover. 3. Condition: Sub: 9/10 It was lightly used on a SQ 2.2k tuned with a DD-1. Amp was only around 3/4 of its put out and the Bass Boost was Always off. No scuffs on the surround. Box: 9/10 Box was double coated in Herculiner on the outside. Triple braced with 1/2" thread rod. Double coated with fiberglass on the inside to ensure no leaking. The box has all the mounting hardware for the power leads. 4. Price: $300 Picked up for the Sub and Box together. I live in Rocky Mount, NC. Just shoot me a PM if you are interested and we can take it from there. Box: Thanks for looking, -James
  6. I have 1 DC xl m2 18 on 1000w JL amp for now. Should be upgrading to a DC 2K. When I get my bigger amp, is a hair trick possible?? If not, what can make it possible?
  7. Long time no post guys, Hopefully someone can help me tune this 6th order. My gross dimensions are (rear chamber) 6.58 cuft and (front chamber) is 4.17 cuft. These dims do not include woofer displacement. I would like to use 6" aeros for porting if possible. Now what do I tune the rear chamber @ and what do I tune my front chamber to? Please help me. thank you in advance
  8. I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe, currently have 2 Skar Audio VVX 15s on 2K Watts in a 30Hz ported box. I have the subs sitting Up and the Port facing the rear (trunk lid). I plan on getting one or two PSI 18's soon but am having trouble figuring out what to do next. I LOVE LOW NOTES. And just dont feel that the Skar's put out the Lows loud enough (VVX 15 has an FS of 38hz, the PSI P3 18 is 27HZ!). I will be hopefully installing Murder Mat sound deadener soon which im sure will make the lows better, but still, im after LOUDER CLEANER Lows that my whole body can feel while still sounding amazing. I need to ask you guys (especially those with very high-end systems), how do i achieve clean loud lows?? Im aware that Box design is crucial. Would Subs Up Port Up be better for lows? Or having the subs and port both facing forward towards me? Also lets say for a single 18" sub, what Cubic FT should the box be for clean loud lows? Yes, Im pretty noobish at systems but im learning so anyone with advice please feel free to help thanks.
  9. I designed a box for a Soundqubed HDC3 18 that will fit in the back of my Mazda pick up. It will be running off a Cadence 2500.1 (1200rms) with stock electrical but will be doing the big 3 very soon. Opinions? Here are the specs: 7.98Ft^3 Net Volume 32.74Hz tuning W- 50in D- 18in H- 23in Port- H- 16.5in W-6.75in Length- 23in 14in^2 of port area per foot Driver displacement is included w/ bracing
  10. Alright so finally got around to "finishing" a build in one of my vehicles haha. I say "finishing" because it's as close to done without having the new alternator or battery racks built but it's sooo close lol. "Fighter Jet" reasoning will be shown through pictures, hopefully you get the meaning haha. Here are the stats: 2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 AWD Pioneer 80PRS Custom switch/gauge panel SHCA RCAs, fuse holders, ring terminals, heat shrink SHCA Green and Black 1/0 DC AUDIO 5K DC AUDIO 10k 4- Soundqubed HDC3 10s 4 - 18" DC Audio Lvl 6 18s, full Carbon fiber option XSPOWER Batteries SINGER ALTERNATORS Anyone want to see some pictures?
  11. I have 1 Atomic APX 18 D2, Atomics enclosure calculator says to use 6 cft net enclosure with 40 sq inch port 10 inches long, I built this enclosure and is stupid loud!!!! Now my question is this what size round port can i use, and how long to be around the same as the square port? thank you all in advance.
  12. Managed somehow some way to pull off a sixth order in my jeep containing TWO Zv4 18s on a CT Sounds 7000.1 Just a little background on me, used to have a few different enclosures playing around with some 12" JL W6's Some of yall may have seen my ported box tuned to ~15 hz, The 4th order tuned to 38, The "Upside Down" ported enclosure, and a few different ported boxes at various tuning's. http://www.youtube.com/kessel921 Gonna start with two photos to make sure everything gets uploaded correctly
  13. selling a DC Audio Level 5 m2 motor. motor is in decent condition, I'd rate it a 7/10 because of scratches and one small spot about nickel sized on side of bottom plate where chrome is chipping. asking $450 shipped to lower 48 i know pics are from 15th, i will add pic with current date if necessary.
  14. Ok, I have super limited space in my RX7, I have probably about 2 1/2 to 3 cu ft of useable space in the hatch of my 1994 Mazda RX7. Right now I have 2 - Kicker L7 Truck Boxes in it (model 08TS10L72), and they barely fit. They aren't not loud, but I'm looking for as loud as I can fit in there. I used to have 4 - 12's in my Ford Probe, and that was LOUD, I just don't have the same space available in here to fit much. If you had 2 - 3 cu ft of space to use... what would you choose?
  15. Hello everyone, This is my first post here, or on any forum on the interwebz. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide. So my old focus hatchback decided to kick the bucket and I purchased a 2012 chrysler 200. Not my first choice of bass car but its nice and they were the only dealership in the Ann Arbor MI are that could get me a reasonable loan. I have 1 Sundown Z v.3 18 that i would love to try to cram in the trunk, i built the box for it that was in my focus but it will not fit in the chrysler so im looking for advice on how to make the proper choices for port size and what not. I do not plan to compete, i like it loud but clear also. Im not a strick audiophile but i can tell whats good and not. I love the lows, feeling the music is the best part but i listen to all sorts of music not just rap so id like to be able to have a bit of range. The trunk has a max height of 14.5 inches (that includes space for the woofer to move), 38" wide at the smallest point and id like to keep it to a max length of 30ish". I obviously dont care about having any trunk space left, thats why we have back seats right? For the time being ill be using my orion hcca 10 in the spec ported box that i paid wayyy to much to have the local shop build a few years ago. Power is a Hifonics Brutus brx 1600, kinetik hc 2000, knukoncepts ofc 1 awg, stock alt, new front batt soon and big 3 soon, there is only the stock crap in the car right now. And i know the amp isnt amazing but it gets the job done. So after the longwindedness you just endured what would yall say is a good port option? 6 to 7 cube box, i know the rule of thumb is 12 to 16 in sqd per foot cubd, id like to be around 32 33 hz. I was think an internal height of about 11", sub mounted up to a single baffle with a second overtop to make it flush and add strength and some 2x4 braces around the cutout. Single baffle everywhere else. My last box i messed up on calculations (first time) and ended up tuned way high but it sounded pretty good, got loud and still played down into the 20s. It is 1.5 inch mdf all around, resind the inside, 45d the corners, bedlined the outside, it weighs more than my gf with a purse full of rocks. Id like to go birch and stain it this time Thank you all again, im open to any and all suggestions. I can post pics too if anyone wants. As an fyi i have no comp to use any box building software since my macbook pro was stolen a year and a half ago so im all website calcs and paper.
  16. If your into Sundown audio then this video should definitely hold your attention.. Actually, if your into car audio just the slightest bit, this video will do wonders for you. Filmed and edited by myself. This is Dennis Romasco's Isuzu with a badass 4th order inside. Watch VIDEO Comment Like SHARE and subscribe=]
  17. Time to start a build log! The last time I had a system other than factory was about 7 years ago, and I built a new one every year or so for the 10 years prior to that. So I am not new to car audio, but I have never tried a build this large before. My main goal was to put together a system that no one around my area has done before and to have a lot of fun with my kids building it. With that said, I bought a '99 Ford Expedition with the intent to wall it off. I will be doing a C pillar design because I want to keep the back seats so that I can take my kits with me to shows and things like that. The build will include: 4 sets - SKAR Audio SPX-65C 2 - D7500 & 1 - D6500 from XS Power KW-AV71BT head unit from JVC 0 gauge, 4 gauge, 8 gauge, speaker wire, remote wire, terminal connectors, fuses with holders all from Sky High Audio Sound Deadener from NVX RCA cables from NVX 3Sixty.3 from Rockford Fosgate 2 - alternator from local dealer, claims 200 amps at idle. Alternator install kit from Nations Starts and Alternator to mount 2 alternators in the Expedition Oh yes and... 4 - DC Audio Level 6 18" subs 4 - DC Audio 5.0K amps 1 - DC Audio 175.4 amp Which all got shipped last week from DC Audio by the sounds of it, so I will have some pictures of those soon Shipping weight? 532 pounds! I have taken a lot of measurements and after removing all the panels and components that I don't need it looks like I can 38 cubic foot box gross. So after having a 3" front baffle and 2" everywhere else, with a ton of bracing I should come in around 28 1/4 cubic feet on the inside after removing volume for port and subs and bracing. Right now it looks like it should be tuned to around 36.5 Hz with a 10" port, but that can be changed yet. What do you guys think I should tune it to, I am doing this for music and demos really, not thinking of metering and running in competitions right now. Have a look at the box wall here, it is designed to be symmetrical, so the space on the sides is actually for my heater/ AC unit on the drivers side. From a suggestion I think I will plumb the AC to the back and use it to keep the amps nice and cool. Let me know what you guys think. Let the build begin. And this is some of what will be going into the Expedition Power cable, Speaker wire, Ring terminals, fuses and remote turn on all from Sky High Car Audio 2 - D7500 and 1 - D6500 from XS Power along with a new head unit form JVC as well as RCA's from NVX Audio 4 sets of components from Skar Audio A little bit of sound Deadener from NVX and a 3Sixty.3 from Rockford Fosgate Time to start taking apart the insides A little bit of spray foam in the roof channels to help eliminate the vibrating The headliner is full of holes so I will not be reusing it, so I made sure to mark how far down it comes so that when I put on the side panels that they will cover and fit nicely. I will most likely be fiber glassing the ceiling to the vinyl panels that cover the pillars, but if someone has another option or suggestion I am open to it. Started Laying down some sound Deadener last night while waiting for the spray foam to set up
  18. Hey SMD! awhile back i posted a thread about coil rub on one of my level 5s. i purchased a reconethrough Cj. but never reconed the sub. i just kept playing on it with the SD8k, then on the k12. i first started noticing this "clanking" sound a couple weeks back when i was demoing a couiple people at a local shop. before i left, i played a song, My shit bang- e-40, i totally forgot that there is a very low note in the song, i broke a dustcap on one sub, and blew off the other. the note was extremely low. after the most recent show i attened, i gave a couple demos, but by the time i was to be metered, the "clanking" noise became louder and output seemed to be less. now its really bad. recone time? heres a vid to help describe the noise. and heres some pic:
  19. hello, im pretty new to the car audio so i would REALLY like some help. i plan on building my first box for an 18 inch sub (i havent bought it yet just trying to figure everything out first) but i dont know how to figure out csf or how to tune a port, i drew a picture on paint to get a rough idea with what i want. would anyone be able to tell me what the csf is and what size my port should be (i would like it tuned to 33 htz) thanks for the help cant wait to get an 18" =) http://s1131.photobucket.com/user/nickricciotti/media/box.png.html
  20. I'm new to this forum. I've done a few builds but never a Walled off build. I have a few questions really 1--when building a sub wall, do you simply build the skeleton of it and allow the weight of everything anchor it down or do you anchor it in place by other means? 2--Once the skeleton of the wall is complete, how are the "trim" pieces placed for a tight, flush fit? Same glue used in building enclosures or other means? 3--I already have 5% window tint on rear windows on top of the factory "privacy" glass, but want to "black out" the windows so NO light is coming in. Does anyone know what is good to use. I will NOT use paint of any kind as it will just flake off eventually. I have heard of others using black speaker carpet and/or black foam, but I don't want any of the adhesive to be seen from the outside.
  21. So im doing a trunk build on my caddy and i was wondering about ports. i was thinking 4.1 sealed and 7 cubes ported. The graph it made in winisd seemed pretty good so i might go for it. Of course i have the best and worst car to do a build, cant fold the seat down so i need to cut holes in my rear deck for the port, so the question is should i do a regular rectangle port / slot port or areo port / pvc tubes? and how much port area? i'll provide some pictures for better understanding what im going to do. the last one is the rear view, since im doing a slanted baffle to make the sp4's fit. tell me if im missing anything that would help.
  22. Hello all I tried to find this question already asked which I am sure it has been but don't spend a lot of time on the forum and for some reason find it really complicated to search for stuff. My equipment Dc Audio level 6 18 m4, Sundown Audio Scv7500. Question #1 What is a good setting for my low pass crossover? Question #2 My old amp is a Scv3000 it suffered water damage several mosfets were destroyed in the event. Would sundown be the best place to send it for repair? I stepped up quite a notch from the 3000 to the 7500 but its bad ass! Love the woofer I have had them all seems like and before reconing this one it was the M2 series which lasted longer than anything I have ever had. I reconned it maybe 2 months ago I probably would have never blown it but my 3000 watt amp was clipping like fu. I purchased a cheap pos oscilliscope for $60 off amazon after the recone and found out my amp was clipping by the time I turned it up to 10 on my deck. This is the reason I purchased the 7500 so my now M4 woofer could enjoy clean power. Thanks for your time I appreciate anybody answering this question one more time.
  23. I have started a project. I bought an Ampere AA3800.1 amp, so I have 3800 rms available at 1 ohm and Ive heard the amp has some potential below 1 ohm. I would like to hear advice and opinion on some DC Audio Subs. I have been shopping, looked at Sundown Zv.4's and Soundqubed.. Im going to go DC on my build. I thought that 2 XL 12's would be a pretty nice for my application. I also had interest in the Lvl 5 15 and Lvl 6 18. I would want my box tuned between 32 and 35 hz going in the back of an 01 Seville. So some of my question are what kinda difference in sound quality would I get with 12's vs. 15 vs. 18? This is my daily driver, Im not very interested in competition DB but hard hitting deep bass. I listen mostly to rap, r&b, some dubstep when Im driving or the Frozen soundtrack when the kids are in the car... lol. Im going to go with a Mechman 320 amp alternator, and I would like to run dual with my 140 amp factory alternator for the car - 4 channel amp with XS batteries. So please offer gereral input, opinions, advice...
  24. I was looking to get a sundown zv.4 18 in my 2009 ford focus. I figured out that after the displacement of the woofer and the port that I would have around 7 Cu. Ft. of usable air space. the port would be 5'' wide and tuned to 32 hz. the dimensions of the box are 40 wide, 20 tall, and 22 deep. For my amplifier, i was thinking of using an audiopipe 3000.1. I know that sundown subwoofers can take a decent amount more power than what they are rated, but I am a little concerned that this might be too much power. I think the enclosure will work well with this subwoofer but I wanted to try to get a second opinion on the forum. Let me know what you think or if there is any suggestions that would make this build even better. Thanks.
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