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Found 65 results

  1. I just ordered two 12" Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 and a Hifonics Brutus Elite 2000.1. I need to build a box to fit in a 2000 Ford Taurus. I am fairly new to the car audio scene so I don't know how many hz to tune the box to or how hard it is. Just looking for a cut list and any suggestions on how I should build this.
  2. I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe, currently have 2 Skar Audio VVX 15s on 2K Watts in a 30Hz ported box. I have the subs sitting Up and the Port facing the rear (trunk lid). I plan on getting one or two PSI 18's soon but am having trouble figuring out what to do next. I LOVE LOW NOTES. And just dont feel that the Skar's put out the Lows loud enough (VVX 15 has an FS of 38hz, the PSI P3 18 is 27HZ!). I will be hopefully installing Murder Mat sound deadener soon which im sure will make the lows better, but still, im after LOUDER CLEANER Lows that my whole body can feel while still sounding amazing. I need to ask you guys (especially those with very high-end systems), how do i achieve clean loud lows?? Im aware that Box design is crucial. Would Subs Up Port Up be better for lows? Or having the subs and port both facing forward towards me? Also lets say for a single 18" sub, what Cubic FT should the box be for clean loud lows? Yes, Im pretty noobish at systems but im learning so anyone with advice please feel free to help thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a fourth order for 4 soundqubed hds200 15's. Need help because I've never built a box like this before and I want some input on what people think on what I've got so far. On the ported side I plan on giving the woofers 4.5 cubic ft each so in all a total of 18. And on the sealed side I plan on giving them 1.5 cubic ft each so a total of 6. I wanted to tune it to around 32 hz so for the port I plan making an 11x11 square port that's 3.25 deep. So give me some feed back on whether this sounds good or bad haha, thanks.
  4. I've had shops build my boxes for the past 15 years but after my last shop experience I will never pay anyone to do anything that I am perfectally capable of doing myself. This box has been "okay" after I fixed it but still not what I wanted. Its tuned to aroyund 32+hz and I wanted 25Hz. By extending the port depth does that drop the tuning? I'm wanting to keep the same height and width if possible, cut out the port and make another. It's just a port in a box, no 90 degree turns or anything. Thanks.
  5. Alright so I recently just traded my old sa 15 for a pretty much brand new hdc3 18 d2. However I am currently run 2 obsidian audio 18v2 d4 on a soundqubed 2200. I wondering how much more output I would have by buying another 2200 and another hdc3. The box for the obsidians is roughly 11.5 cubes net. With 3 6 in aero ports. Would this same enclosure work well for the 2 hdc3s. And would it be worth it to upgrade. You thoughts?
  6. I need some 10 gauge copper lugs for the direct leads on my SoundQubed HDC3. The smallest I can find online are 8 awg copper lugs.. I plan on using a hydraulic crimper so I could probably get away with 8 awg but really would prefer 10 awg. The speaker wire I plan on using is Knukonceptz KL3 10 gauge is this oversized or awg? Does anyone know where I can buy some good 10 awg copper lugs (maybe even 10 awg heat shrink too)? Also is this an acceptable method to wire down to 1-Ohm (see below)? It's my first direct lead sub so I'm used to just wiring it at the push terminals. What kind of bolts should I use? What would give me the best conductivity?
  7. I am a noob at car audio i originaly wated to put subs in my car just to have a little boom but now i have taken it as hobby. I am constantly researching Subwoofers, Amps, Boxes trying to educate myself about the car audio field, so my car dont go up in smoke like my last car(Audi A6). I recently had 2 10's in a ported box(MTX Magnum Bass Package). They were pretty good for 10's but i currently have upgraded to 2 12's (Hifonics HFX12D4) each sub wired down to 2Ohm with a 2 Channel Mosfet Amplifier(Lanzar HTG257) with each sub getting 650wrms at 2Ohms. It Beats but im thinking of porting my box. My first Question would be: 1.) If i port my sealed box with PVC pipe is that a good idea? 2.) Which type port is better Slotted Port or Round PVC Port? 3.) If i do a PVC port a dude on youtube used a tool like this- and i wanna know can you use this tool with a drill like this- ? 4.) I saw some videos on youtube of boxes ported to like 28Hz and i was wandering if its tuned that low can you play regular music and it still hit LOW? 5.) will i have to alter my music in a audio program if i do tune my box to 28Hz? 6.) Is it the lower the Hz the more air its moves , the more Flexxx it does , the harder it hits? 7.) I have seen some huge boxes like 6cubes just for one sub do i have to have a box that big?
  8. Hello everyone hope all is well and hope that some of you can help me with my new ported box build for my 2 12" Pioneer TSW304R's. They are currently in a prefab sealed box that was given to me along with the subs and amp from my brother in law. He doesnt know much about car audio and ordered the small sealed box which barely meets the specs for the 2 subs. I am wanting a box design that is around 3 cubes shared internal volume with an aero port tuned to maybe 32 hz still undecided about what to tune the port to. May want to have the port external. Anyways below are the Thiele/Small Parameters. I do have experience with building boxes in the past but they were always simple boxes to fit the vehicle nothing specific like I am wanting to do this time with my own setup. I just have never used software to design a box and rather have someone that knows what they are doing help me with the design. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Thiele/Small Parameters Nom. Dia.(In) 12 Qts 0,70 Qms 13,30 Qes 0,740 Fs [Hz] 28,6 Vas [l] 77,88 Vas [ft3] 2,75 Vd [l] 0,245 Vd [ft3] 8,64E-03 Sd [m2] 5,20E-02 Sd [ft2] 0,560 Revc [Ω] SINGLE 3.0 Levc [mH] (2000Hz) 2,390 Xmax [mm] 4,7 Xmax [in] 0,19 Zmax [Ω] 40,9 BI [Tm] 10,39 Rms[Ns/m] 2,010 Mms [g] 149,50 Cms [m/N] 2,100E-04 Mg.Wt.[g] 940 Flux Density [Gauss] 6210 Hag [mm] 6 Hag [in] 0,236 Hvc [mm] 15,5 Hvc [in] 0,610 VC.Diameter [mm] 40 Eff [%] 0,21 S.P.L. [dB] 95,0 R.M.S.Power [W] 300 M.M.P. [W] 1300 Sp. Displacement [l] 1,66 Sp. Displacement [ft3] 0,059 Recom. Enclosure [l] 35,4 Recom. Enclosure [ft3] 1,25 F0 (in Cabinet) 51,2 Q0 (in Cabinet) 1,252
  9. I'll let the video do all the talk. Edit: Btw threw in a couple of wood screws already as its a temporary fix till my new box comes in next week.
  10. Do these box specs look good?
  11. Help please I am really confused by Sundown's X 15 single box design that they offer on the their website. It says it recommends 4.25 Cubic feet for the X 15 yet the box they show to build to me seems as though it is much smaller than that after displacement. The box that it is currently in won't fit in my trunk. It measures 16.5" tall X 22" Deep X 33" wide. I need to do a cardboard mock up to see what will fit in my trunk. I would like to have it as close to recommended spec as possible. What I don't understand is that Sundown says it needs 4.25 cubic feet, which I have to assume means net not gross, yet the box design they offer for download I calculated to roughly 4.195 Cubic feet gross. This doesn't make any sense, any input would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a picture of the box sundown recommends. This will be my first box build ever so I really want to do it right. I have the carpentry knowledge I just have never built a box before. Ideally I would like it to be tuned to 38hz, the X series is already a low note crusher and I was told that If I tuned it higher it would give it more bandwith. Thanks for any feedback. I can get the max dimensions of a box that will fit later on tonight if anyone would be willing to help me out a little bit with the design.
  12. Hi, Apologies about the 'MASSIVE' picture. Basically I'm looking to make a couple of changes to my box to see if it will make it any louder? I'm running 2 15's and still getting pretty mad door flex, in fact my drivers side window has broken since installing this box behind the door card which has developed a nasty rattle! But hey ho, I'm still looking for more bass! I sketched that picture up quickly, I know it's a little bit of an odd shape... Solid black lines are the 'outlines' of the box shape, grey lines are the internal joins of the box. Yellow is a bit of bracing I've stuck in it and that's how the box currently sits. If I were to add port lines/walls inside the box (Indicated by the red lines) What would I need to account for, and how would it change the box? Would it change it for better or for worse? Reason being I had this box made and a few people have suggested it isn't ported right and I need port walls rather than just a port exit..? Thanks in advance!
  13. I am getting 2 american bass hd 15's for my 2009 ford focus. I am going to have to build the box inside my car and I am not entirely sure what size to make the box. I was thinking that I would go with a 6.8 cu. ft. box after taking off the volume of the mdf and tuning the port to right around 32hz. Does anyone have any ideas that could improve my box or help me hit a higher spl?
  14. Hey guys hope everything going well. A buddy of mine wants me to seal off his civic soon and build a box so here I am. If any of you read the thread I posted a little bit back the kid got the SA-15 and box for cheap and they both had this tar crap all over it. It look like the coated the underside of the cone and some of the coil/spider as if it had came apart. Well the sub finally failed and he is sending it off to fixmyspeaker. Anywho.... The sub will be re-coned with a better spider, coil, and new cone and they said it will now be rated at 1000wrms instead of the underrated 600 wrms sundown has posted haha. Here is the specs: Sub: SA-15 re-coned 1000wrms handle Amp: Kenwood KAC9106D 1000wrms @ 2ohms http://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/amplifiers/kac-9106d/ Box: Any changes that need to be made let me know. TIA
  15. This is my first ever custom designed and cut box. it's nothing spectacular, but I definitely think it's a good start and I am sure there's PLENTY of room for improvement. The box is holding a single Crossfire XS 12" driver. The box is going to be carpeted and put in. A YouTube video will soon follow. Volume: 2.57 Cubic Feet Tuning Freq: Approx. 30Hz (after displacement) Dimensions: 26"W x 14"H x 16"D Port: 12.5"H x 2"W x 33"L
  16. Alright so I have an aq3500 playing at 1 ohm (4300 w rms) on 1 fi sp4 18 dual 2 sub. I'm looking for the a quality sounding box with some deep bass the will get DOWN when I wanna demo. This is for a daily set up, no competitions. Just wanna sound clean and loud (deep). I have 8 total cu ft to play with. Box options: big ported box, 4th order bandpass, or 6th order bandpass. What box would sound good, hit hard, and hit the lows like no other?
  17. So ive decided with some help that I'm going to put a Sundown X-15 in my 2009 Lancer, However I'm having trouble pinning down the tuning and volume of the enclosure. I have heard that these subs like a low tuned box to really shine but I have never made a box to fit a driver this monstrous. I was wondering if I could get some help in the design process. My Trunks dimensions are 36 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and the floor of the trunk is 36 inches from back to front, however the roof of the trunk is 27 inches back to front. The amp used will be either a CT Sounds at1400.1 or a Soundqubed SQ1200D, If i could get an opinion on that as well i would appreciate it. Music i listen to is usually stuff from decaf, a little dubstep from time to time, and sometime a bit of metal but I'm mostly concerned about killing the low end. Thanks in advance!
  18. I have 2 Kenwood 12" 3013ps 1200 Watt Subwoofers. I was wondering. Which would sound the best? Vented or sealed?
  19. Hey guys, So I've decided to go ahead and build my own custom box for the first time but I had a few questions before I did so. I understand how to calculate port size, depth, tuning, box volume, the works, but the only thing I'm really unsure of is where the best location for the sub relative to the port would be. I am planning on running a Soundqubed/AQ HDC3 15 tuned to 32hz in a box around 4 cubic feet. To get it to hit hard should both the sub and port be facing toward the rear, top, front, does it really even matter that much? If possible I'd like to have the sub mounted upwards in the center of the box with a slot port on the left rear side (when looking into the car from the rear aka. drivers side) but am open to any suggestions that may lead to a better sounding setup. My car is also a mid sized hatch-back if that helps. Thanks for your help.
  20. I need some help designing a box for 2 12" Alpine Type R's. I would like a ported box tuned at around 30hz. These are the max dimensions for the box. Width - 38 Depth - 20 Hight - 17
  21. I need to make a box for 3 6.5'' pioneer woofers. I have a cardboard box for them right now (LOL) and they slam pretty good. The only downfall is that the woofers are destroying the box. Any suggestions on dimensions for the box? Heres the current one:
  22. Quick question, I just bought 2 Sundown SA-12's and I'm designing a box. they say the SA-12's like 2 cubes each, but can go as large as 2.25 cubes....now personally i feel like i can give them a bit more, but i'd like to ask some people who have had SA's before if they do best in the recommended volume. Each setup will be tuned at 34 hz or if you SA owners have any input on the tuning let me know! Last question i have is should i use just one 6 inch Aero? or use 2? or even 3 4 inchers? Thanks, Chris
  23. I'm no good at designing boxes with Sketchup so it would be great if someone could help me out with this. I don't like my pre-fab box very much, it's horrible at hitting lows. My max dimensions are: H:20" W:37" L:28" My port: H:18.5" W:5" L:18" That should put me at 10 Cubes and 32 Hz I have 2 15" L7's going into this, and it's going in a Chevy Blazer
  24. I have a 1992 Crown Victoria that i need to build an enclosure for. The speaker is 1 fully loaded Fi Q 18 D2, this means cooling, pole chamfer, low QTS, spider, no I heat ring, and internal leads. I want to do this right the first time and there are no reputable box builders in my area and i cant for the life of me figure out winisd or any other port calculators. I've tried contacting online box builders for blueprints or just some help and they must be too cool for me as they refuse to contact me back Can someone please help me!!! My outer dimensions are as follows 22"T x 22"D x 38"W. I can squeeze a couple inches in any direction if absolutely necessary and I can definitely run port outside of box. Definitely double baffle, port forward and tuned to 28-34. I say 28-34 as it will be a daily driver application and im not sure which one is better as ive been steered both ways to the point it started a argument on another forum. Im not concerned about sq that much. I want as close to 150db's at the window as possible! It has to be at the very least 6 cubic feet with alot of port area from what im told. I want it as loud as possible!!! I have 2 4'x8' sheets of 3/4" mdf and fiberglass resin for inside. Also have 2 4' lengths of 2x2 wood for bracing but can acquire any other suggestable bracing materials. I do plan on doing 45's in the corners and rounding edges. My equipment is as follows. Sony 601bt HU, Knu 0 ga wiring, Knu RCA's, XS Power D3100, 200+ amp Mitsubishi police interceptor alt controlled by a bakatronics PWM device charging at 14.9, R.F. T2500-1BDCP Wired @ 4 Ohm for 1800 RMS, Soon a R.F. T1000-4ad, and a Fi Q 18 D2 ohm w/ a sexy carbon fiber dust cap! I cut out my back dash for open space to trunk and plan to run sub and port forward at the opening between cabin and trunk as i plan to seal the enclosure to the cabin. Ive mocked a cardboard enclosure with these dimensions and it will work but I have no idea how it will sound or if the depth is deep enough etc. If anyone has the knowledge and can help me with a diagram i would be willing to send cash via paypal. All thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are welcome! Also if anyone out there has any leads on a R.F. T1000-4 or 3sixty.3 let me know. The sub woofers specs are on here http://store.ficaraudio.com/q18... This is the enclosure recommendation at the bottom that was sent to me by Nick of Fi car audio. I could use it if absolutely necessary but wont work great and would require cutting and welding. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/44520-q-series-cut-sheets/ To all that reply Thank you. This is my first REAL build and input is greatly appreciated! I will post pics when done!
  25. I recently purchased a Sundown Audio X 15 D2 paired with a scv-1500d.Ihave never built a box before so I had a local shop build one for me. To my understanding this speaker preforms best in a box tuned to 32hz. I told the shop that I need this built to this frequency but I believe they did not. They built a slot port box, 33.5x20.75x16.5 with a 15.5x23x4 port, with 1 inch wood. After calculating this on numerous box calculators I come up with around 40 Hz. I'm interested in knowing if these calculations are correct and if so what, if possible what the correct dimensions should be with this box. The 33.5 and 16.5 are maxed out on my trunk space but it could've been built up to 8 inches longer. Thank you for any of your help.
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