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Found 99 results

  1. So my two re audio srx 12” 2ohm are wired to my Rockford fosgate prime 750.1 wired to two ohms. It was working fine then one day it started cutting out. All the wiring seems fine. I have checked all my wiring by using a multi meter. The only thing i have found is that when driving and subs are connected and the multi meter is connected to the speaker wire and set to ohm or voltage it jumps up and down. But when everything is unplugged and sub box and tested on ohm is reads 2.5-2.8( crappy multimeter). I can’t tell if it’s just the crappy speaker wire i bought from auto zone(12 guage), a bad ground, or something wrong with my amp. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you!
  2. My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshdashef1/ Most updated pics can be found at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/joshdashef | I use Tumblr as my picture hosting platform | Previously I had a RF Prime 750.1 going to two RF 12 4DVC on stock electrical and big three. New Build Equipment Active Setup from HU: Pioneer 80 PRS Front Stage T2652-S powered off a P600X4 (4 ohm | speaker per channel) Lows 2x P3 4DVC Sundown SA12s (soon to be Fi SP4v2+ 15") powered off a DC Audio 2k (1 ohm | Dual 1/0 inputs) (to be replaced by AAK 4000.1D) Batteries Starter - XS D5100R (Flat 6 Bolt) Walmart Group 51R | Reserve - XS D3400 (Flat 6 bolt) Alternator Mechman 240 Blue Wiring RCAs - Rockford Fosgate 20ft | Sky High 1/0 Blue (2 runs) | Sky High 10 gauge (subs) | Front Stage Speaker Wire - undecided matching Sky High 14 gauge Fuse Holders / Gauges Blue Seas Analog Volt Meter | Stinger Volt meter (red) | Sky High dual anl fuse holder (two for main power and one for sub amp input) | SMD Fuse Blocks 3x dual 1x single Planned Upgrade List 3 pairs of RCAs Done New Wider False Floor Not needed New Sub Enclosure 2x12 or 1x15 DONE 2x12 Amp Rack for Dc 2k and four channel Done Distribution Block/Fuses (trunk) Done Dual Fuse Mount under hood Done Replaced with SMD dual fuse holders - Thanks audiofanaticz Running two runs of 1/0 Sky High OFC front to back Done Battery Mount for XS D3400 Done Mechman HO Alternator Done New Headliner New Rear Parcel Tray or Reinforce old? Fix Gas Lid Wire Done Stinger Volt Meter for front and rear batteries Done Treat doors for new mid woofers Outer skin treated, need to cover holes with thick metal sheet and rivets Run speaker wire for mids and highs Done Install train horn in rear bumper Done (Now I want to add one to the front bumper) Setup LEDs above amp rack Done Install distribution block and run +/- 4 or 8 gauge for it. 4 gauge +/- Done Sound Deaden areas; Doors (outer skin middle 1/3 done and focus directly behind speaker) Roof Wheel Wells (partial coverage) Trunk lid (lower 1/2 done) (Outer panel 3/4 done) Trunk spare tire (1/4 done) Parcel Tray License Plate (Full coverage with foam around it) Head Unit: Pioneer 80 PRS Amp: Subs / Old Q-power Box: Under Hood: Day 1: Strippin 'er down Trunk Cabin | Rear/Front Seats Removed and some panels including center console (didn't get a pic of rear seats will do tomorrow)
  3. Hey guys I'm finally doing videos and updates of all the things I've been doing to my car over the last few years. I stumbled into the world of car audio a little over a year ago so im still learning. Its nice to have a community of intelligent people that I can bounce some ideas off. Let me know what you think! Teaser Video:
  4. so found this looking through some stuff at a buddy of mines house today. needs some repairs, end caps, and a good cleaning but imo it's worth it. especially since it was free power inputs signal input and speaker out the only damage i see besides it needing a new led
  5. So this last Friday I was robbed of my subwoofers. Nothing special, just two Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 subs running off a Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 amplifier (I still have everything but the subs). I'm looking to get a new pair of subs for my 2009 Acura TL and was open to suggestions. I'm not looking to get to crazy in my budget but I'm looking to stay in the 1000w @1ohm (total) range. I honestly like the way the Apline Type R sound and I have one in my work car ported at around 34hz that slams pretty good but I'm ot set on buying a pair just yet. But anything in the same price range is fine by me. I'm also running this all off a stock system tuned through a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 DSP (that I'm beginning to hate for tuning reasons) and am also looking to get it tuned nicely for whatever I get if anyone can help with that. My door speakers arent the best out there but I have Polk Audio DB series all around for mids and highs also running off a 4ch Rockford Fosgate amplifier. Anyways any help all around is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  6. Due to messing up my back and original 7year audio car died. I got me a 94 gmc sle ext cab stepside. Was stock with 5.7 and wrong transmission. Came with a cheap pioneer mechless radio and no name 4x6 in the dash....they didnt last long before i ripped them out. Not long after getting it i started upgrading the crappy tattered wiring. Did a small big 3 with 4ga welding. Horrible pic Then started upgrading the lights on it. Still havent built the custom headlights yet. Plans is retrofit mini h1s with probably a 40watt led cube on highbeam side for show I then replaced the factory non working curtesy lights with leds Then i couldnt stand my factory charging voltage when ac was on so a quick trip to junk yard and napa fixed it and i replaced the gauge cluster lights out with leds too Factory 02 tahoe 135a alt cost me 30$ over my stock 75a alt Lost pics of the ds18 components i got for the truck and the 20$ 6.5 bedlined boxes i bolted to my doors. Mainly 20$ for box and bolts or spend way more to glass. I went cheap at the time. then i ditched the pioneer radio and got a kenwood kdc-x502 for the truck Then not long my old bass ride died and my new truck died after owning it for 4 months. Transmission got stuck in 3rd gear. So i ripped it out and found out it was the wrong transmission and got a fresh rebuilt correct trans and a new torque converter. Luckily was able to use the lift at my old workplace and did it all for 800$ just had to pay gas and food for my ex boss to drive 2 hrs one way to get a new trans Then came time to fix my white chalkish hood. Got tired of white streaks on my lights whenever it rained then came time to sound deaden the roof and back of the cab then my boss gave me its first tramp stamp And i was given free subs from a friend. Couldnt stand how quiet they were. And im not going to turn down free subs when ive been bumpless for almost a year I then picked up a center console from an 02 suburban for the truck. Mainly for my arazona tea fits in these cup holders. And i moved my usb chager to inside the console so i dont have a bright blue light in my eyes at night I then removed the old rusty bed rails and liner from the truck, will bed line it later Just a little rust Then swapped out the ds18 mids for my old rockford punch pros, the start of tearing down my old car and getting the truck louder, note the boxes now suckers hurt when your knee hits them
  7. i have 4 kenwood kfc 6x8s that are 80 wrms. what amp would be best to power them. I was thinking about getting the rockford t400-4 which is 60wrmsx4 but theyre very underrated and most get around 80wrmsx4+the power from the which is about 22wrms. would this be too much to power them with and how should i set the freq and other stuff on the amp? thanks EDIT: i also found a memphis audio srx 4.300 this looks a lot better
  8. im planning on building a ported box for 2 rf p3 12s tuned at 32hz. Rockford recommends 1.79 cubic feet per sub, unlike most manufacturers who give a range of volume for an enclosure. i know they can be put in a larger enclosure i just dont know how much larger. does anyone have an idea of how many cubic feet of air space would work best for a box tuned at 32hz?
  9. Hey guys Ill be honest I dont know a whole lot about sub enclosures i know nothing actually other than I know the one sub thats running right now is being suffocated the sealed box is way to small. Ive had the second sub for almost a year and have never had the funds to buy an amp to power them both(its been killing me having two and only having one hooked up). but the time has come #taxreturn boo yah lol. I would love to make a ported box for my two 15" but know thats a tall order for a neon trunk the only way it would work and this may be a stupid question, is if you can have the subs on one end( the end that would be facing the trunk) and have the ports facing the cab on the opposite end? i have no idea how to build it tuned for the subs or how to space the ports im clueless. if thats not possible I have no problem settling for a sealed enclosure. if sealed is the case i would need help build the enclosure to the air space the subs need if thats the right term? having it built in store isnt an option they wouldnt build it in the trunk which is necessary because its so large. they want to have it built somewhere else and shipped here which is not an option(outrageous* audio portland OR) plus the cost is outrageous*
  10. I have 4 15 Rockford P1s im running in a ported box with a Phoenix Gold MPS 2500. im wanting to build a slot port to take the ported boxes place. I have 2 separate boxes built together the total of both boxes are 33Wx34Hx19D. one box measures 33x16 1/2x19. one big box build or the two smaller ones will be fine
  11. This amp has a loose set of rca inputs the round exterior(neg) of the rca wiggles in the bracket, it makes a static sound. even with grounding both rca's it doesnt help really.
  12. I was wondering if its possible to wire your subs and amp to .5 ohms but with a Rockford Fosgate t1000-1bdcp? Can i get a wiring diagram or something. I have 2 Rockford 12" P3D4s if that helps too. Thanks guys!
  13. I just recently ordered a sundown x12, and need some help on a box design. Want it to be tuned low, since all I mainly listen to is decaf. I don't have much space to play with, only a 36"wide, 13"height, 13"depth. Any ideas??
  14. i have an 01 tahoe with 4 rockford p3 12s. they sound good but i really want something that can hit the lows REALLY well. i have to rockford p1000x1bd amps. the birth sheet says they put out almost 1400 rms each. So basically im looking for the best sub around that power rating that truly excels on the lower end. enclosure size doesn't matter. sub size and price don't matter. i was thinking about 15s because i listen to a lot of rock and metal in edition to rap and stuff and i have heard that 18s have a hard time keeping up with the fast bass drum of metal music. maybe that's a load of crap i don't know. so feel free to school me on that as well. any suggestions are welcome.
  15. 64 impala 50 years later Classic and retro audio install Alpine CDE-HD149BT Rockford Fosgate T4 6.5 inch components Rockford Fosgate T115 sub Rockford Fosgate T1000-1bdcp Rockford Fosgate T400-2 Custom auto sounds Radio
  16. So this is my car, its a 2005 cavalier it has the 2.2liter automatic rolin on some 14s. big plans little money guess we will see wear it goes
  17. Are you done spamming up the forum with your give-a-way deal yet? First of all that is a rules violation, 2ndly you are being issued a warning for repeatedly spamming up this forum trying to get people to watch your youtube channel. SMD is not for free based advertising. Please keep that in mind. Thanks
  18. This little amp was kicking ass on the test bench and in the "test trunk"..not bad at all. I can see this working really well on a motorcycle or like my Ranger or something. check out this little RF PBR300x1
  19. So I just recently got into car audio, and first went with a single rf 12 in a prefab box... later upgrading to a dual prefab box. I haven't experienced crazy bass but to me they hit pretty good even though I'm running them both at about rf's rated 750 watts (birth sheet rated 860 watts.) My current setup is with the QBomb(power) dual 12 box and two p3d4-12s wired to 2ohm each then wired in parallel internally by the R750-1D into 1ohm load. The vehicle I'm using is a 08 Honda civic ex, with all stock electrical right now. I have two questions. 1. Is it worth it upgrading the box into a custom ported one? or even a custom sealed one? 2. If so, how would I go about making my own design or bouncing them off this forum? I tried to use WinISD but I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct, and I don't understand how to calculate the BL or Z (picture below). All the manufacturer lists is the Magnet Weight (oz): 96 oz. (2.73 kg.) but doesn't give amperage? "The formula is mass in grams divided by the current in amperes" Does this mean the amps drawn by the subs rms rating? I'm not too sure where to go from here but any help or advice would be appreciated -Josh
  20. hey guys, so i recently built a box for my two 10" rockford fosgate p3 subs. im pretty sure i tuned it too high because they sound super quiet for most songs but they pick up and get loud at higher frequencies. Here is the torres sheet of my current box. im wondering if i should just build a sealed box this time to ensure hitting all the notes or if i should try again for a ported box? here is a screenshot of a possible design for a better box..idk if it would actually be better or not though. any advice is welcome! thanks guys.
  21. I'm just getting around to posting this, it has a lack of Pictures during the build. But here it is. (Originally posted at Stevemeadedesigns.com) I was going to do this for the March 2012 SOTM, but had two issues with the qualifications. 1. My box is bare, as I've lost the carpet between moving from my old house, to the new one. 2. My amp (Rockford Fosgate T1500.1bdCP) is *technically* 1500w. But is rated at 1867w RMS at 2ohms. 367w over the qualifications. So maybe I'll get nominated for a build in the future, and this will motivate me to finish my box, and clean up my wires and such. So here we GO! Video: Parts List: Cadence FX6m8 6" 300 Watt "Mid-Bass" door speakers (x2) Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 (x3) Rockford Fosgate T1500.1bd Constant Power Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Some 0-ga. Wires So here we go with the pictures! Here is the Truck in question, 2001 Chevy S-10 single cab, stepside. 4.3L V-6 So as you all can see, I have very limited room for a system, without doing a blow-thru which I don't feel like doing right meow. UPS brought me a nice pile of Pioneer fun! So all three of those are 300w(RMS) Max power. And the three of them wired to my one Rockford Fosgate T1500.1 they are down to about 1.33 Ohms. My amp is rated at 1867w RMS at 2 Ohms. So I am MORE than doubling the recommended Maximum RMS for these three subs. But they hit pretty damn hard for what they are. Here is the box, recommended size for these subs are .35 - .7 cu. ft. This box, per chamber is coming in at .725 cu. ft. Subs are counter sunk so that when they are at full excursion they won't hit the back of my seats. Which they don't! So its great. Here is my messy Big-3 Upgrade with my stock alt, and shitty Interstate battery. I have to admit, I'm pretty damn good at soldering the ends on, they look nice and clean like Steves! I just need to put end covers on so they don't look so messy.
  22. My system plays great when the cutting out doesn't happen. I have A Kenwood Excelon X501 Headunit (5v SW pre-out) 2 P3 D4 12s with a Rockford Fosgate Prime R-1200D ran at one ohm. However, this problem occured at both one and 4 ohm. My problem only happens once in a blue moon its very quick and it never happens on hard bass. It usually happens right after a long hard hitting note, then it will cut out on that weird frequency only then go right back to banging, No matter what song or source I use if the song plays that frequency it will cut out. IT happens with Choices (Yup) by E-40 that is one of the many songs with the weird note in it. Problem doesn't occur at lower volume only at 22-28 which is what I usually listen to it at since that gives out the most clean bass. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. I am an installer at a local shop and have been for a year now this has only been a problem wince I switched to the rockford system. I tied another rockford amp did the same thing with the parameters set the same. People at my shop are leading towards voltage regulator but the amp is the only thing having the issue. I checked all my wiring multiple times seems as good as it can get. I did make my own box and it was only the second one I made, and the first one all by myself. My last thought for what it could be Is I built my box poorly and its causing me to need to overpower the subs in order for them to sound like they should in a PROPER box. But if that is the case and I am causing it to clip why would it only cut out on that one frequency? When it cuts out it jumps down to 12 volts for a split second with hard bass. When it cuts out it jumps up to 15 volts for a split second then goes back to normal. I multi-metered at the amp both the power lead and remote lead both spike at 15 volts when cutting out. When it cuts out all that happens is the Blue Power Led turns RED. I have pictures of my build in my garage.
  23. hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on designing a ported box. i recently picked up two 10 inch rockford P3s. they are the second model that was 400 watts rms with 800 peak. this is just a fun little project for me so don't hate on the subs too much. but yea, any help with designing a ported box for them would be awesome. i drive a mazda 626 so standard trunk space i suppose. thanks!
  24. Hello everyone! This is my very first build in car audio. I've been dreaming of my own system for a very long time now and since i can finally afford it I've started right away, I'm 17, a senior in highschool, and i own a 1997 Mustang GT. I know i am not the best at documenting what I've been doing but please give me your opinions. Constructive criticism would be great for anything i do in the future, but this build is far from finished!
  25. This is my friend Zach's car, I'm posting on his behalf. It's a 2002 WRX with STI turbo and intercooler swap from a 2006 STI. Clean title, manual five speed, with 87k on the odometer. Equipment goes as follows: Pioneer AVH 3000 double din Rockford Fosgate R600.4 (mids-highs Rockford Fosgate R1200.1 (sub) Rockford Fosgate T2 components in the front doors Rockford Fosgate T1 coaxles in the rear doors Rockford Fosgate P3 15" NVX sound dampening Rockford Fosgate OFC 4 gauge We drove all the way out to a scenic place for you guy's so enjoy. On to the pictures: Engine: The stereo: Under the driver seat: R600-4 In the trunk False floor: Underhood support: Because we are american's
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