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Found 27 results

  1. I'm really new to car audio but I'm trying to get this all figured out. I'm currently running a setup with two Rockford Fosgate P2D2 12's running off of a Rockville db12 2000w amp on a stock electrical system. I've had this setup for a while now, but recently I've been feeling like they aren't hitting hard enough. One of the biggest issues is that some songs sound so quiet like there is almost hardly a beat in the back ground but other songs will play and my amp starts to cut out. Am i just expecting too much out of this system? I have no clue what the problem is at this point whether if its just that my amp is crappy, the amp isn't tuned right or maybe that I'm just expecting too much out of this system. Also, I've been thinking about upgrading to 2 Skar EVL-15's and a precision power 5000 watt amp in a custom box. If I were to upgrade should I also upgrade my electrical system too? Like maybe a bigger alternator, battery or capacitor? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. Figure I'll make a thread and posts some pics and stuff of the install since stuff is almost ALL here. Waiting on 2nd XS Battery, and will start cutting wood tomorrow/Sat morning. I know she dusty, lol have a question about that... is there any like, certain oil, liquid or something that I could lightly massage into mag, surround, to clean it up? I almost was going to use the same stuff used on leather dash but wasn't sure if a terrible idea or not.
  3. Hey guys I'm finally doing videos and updates of all the things I've been doing to my car over the last few years. I stumbled into the world of car audio a little over a year ago so im still learning. Its nice to have a community of intelligent people that I can bounce some ideas off. Let me know what you think! Teaser Video:
  4. So this summer was brutal heat wise . My truck has A/C but it just couldn't keep up with the valley temp. On the civic i took all the music out months ago because i wanted to do something different. so i decided to to do a 4th order in the Honda. plus i got bored i wanted to make something . i got the itch, so here goes a few pics . started on the sealed side first and gonna work of of it
  5. So my two re audio srx 12” 2ohm are wired to my Rockford fosgate prime 750.1 wired to two ohms. It was working fine then one day it started cutting out. All the wiring seems fine. I have checked all my wiring by using a multi meter. The only thing i have found is that when driving and subs are connected and the multi meter is connected to the speaker wire and set to ohm or voltage it jumps up and down. But when everything is unplugged and sub box and tested on ohm is reads 2.5-2.8( crappy multimeter). I can’t tell if it’s just the crappy speaker wire i bought from auto zone(12 guage), a bad ground, or something wrong with my amp. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you!
  6. Here we have John Enzweilier"s 1993 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab pickup with the 90's Rockford Fosgate equipment. John's truck has the following gear: Pioneer DEX-P8000R Head Unit (5) Rockford Fosgate Punch 200x2 Amplifiers (1) Rockford Fosgate Punch 400x4 Amplifier (8) Rockford Fosgate Punch DVC Special Edition 12" subs ESB Audio 8000 6.5" component speakers 3.5" JL Audio Coaxials 6.5" JL Audio Coaxials Stinger OFC Wiring / Distribution Note: this is not an SPL setup, just a fun old school install. Don't get too caught up on the numbers... See OSS Meets Playlist: https://is.gd/ossmeets Watch video on YouTube in 4K UHD or embedded below:
  7. My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshdashef1/ Most updated pics can be found at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/joshdashef | I use Tumblr as my picture hosting platform | Previously I had a RF Prime 750.1 going to two RF 12 4DVC on stock electrical and big three. New Build Equipment Active Setup from HU: Pioneer 80 PRS Front Stage T2652-S powered off a P600X4 (4 ohm | speaker per channel) Lows 2x P3 4DVC Sundown SA12s (soon to be Fi SP4v2+ 15") powered off a DC Audio 2k (1 ohm | Dual 1/0 inputs) (to be replaced by AAK 4000.1D) Batteries Starter - XS D5100R (Flat 6 Bolt) Walmart Group 51R | Reserve - XS D3400 (Flat 6 bolt) Alternator Mechman 240 Blue Wiring RCAs - Rockford Fosgate 20ft | Sky High 1/0 Blue (2 runs) | Sky High 10 gauge (subs) | Front Stage Speaker Wire - undecided matching Sky High 14 gauge Fuse Holders / Gauges Blue Seas Analog Volt Meter | Stinger Volt meter (red) | Sky High dual anl fuse holder (two for main power and one for sub amp input) | SMD Fuse Blocks 3x dual 1x single Planned Upgrade List 3 pairs of RCAs Done New Wider False Floor Not needed New Sub Enclosure 2x12 or 1x15 DONE 2x12 Amp Rack for Dc 2k and four channel Done Distribution Block/Fuses (trunk) Done Dual Fuse Mount under hood Done Replaced with SMD dual fuse holders - Thanks audiofanaticz Running two runs of 1/0 Sky High OFC front to back Done Battery Mount for XS D3400 Done Mechman HO Alternator Done New Headliner New Rear Parcel Tray or Reinforce old? Fix Gas Lid Wire Done Stinger Volt Meter for front and rear batteries Done Treat doors for new mid woofers Outer skin treated, need to cover holes with thick metal sheet and rivets Run speaker wire for mids and highs Done Install train horn in rear bumper Done (Now I want to add one to the front bumper) Setup LEDs above amp rack Done Install distribution block and run +/- 4 or 8 gauge for it. 4 gauge +/- Done Sound Deaden areas; Doors (outer skin middle 1/3 done and focus directly behind speaker) Roof Wheel Wells (partial coverage) Trunk lid (lower 1/2 done) (Outer panel 3/4 done) Trunk spare tire (1/4 done) Parcel Tray License Plate (Full coverage with foam around it) Head Unit: Pioneer 80 PRS Amp: Subs / Old Q-power Box: Under Hood: Day 1: Strippin 'er down Trunk Cabin | Rear/Front Seats Removed and some panels including center console (didn't get a pic of rear seats will do tomorrow)
  8. Hi, I am new here and am currently installing a new system into my car. I just wanted to ask if it is ok to screw a amp directly into the metal chassis of the car (I know that there is not a gas tank behind it). This is the same part that the amp is grounded to. I just wanted to ask because I got a amp that once would not come out of protection unless it was not screwed into the car. The amp I am working with is a P400x4 running at 2 ohms. Thanks! -Josh
  9. Okay so i have a 2002 chevrolet suburban with blown door speakers. I have been looking around for door speakers that fit 6-3/4" and have been getting very mixed reviews on a ton of different speakers. Any on advice on some great quality speakers that are in 250 to 350 bucks range, looking for quality not just loud. I have a 6 channel amp that i could possibly use too. Setup: Jl 500/1 amp 2 Jl 12" W3V3's Pioneer DEH-3200UB Headunit 4 gauge wiring
  10. This little amp was kicking ass on the test bench and in the "test trunk"..not bad at all. I can see this working really well on a motorcycle or like my Ranger or something. check out this little RF PBR300x1
  11. Got the new Mechman 320 amp alternator installed this morning in 15 minutes!!!! The alternator is right on top so not one issue. Old one was 160 amp alternator 320 is keeping everything in Jeep happy now! Going to run a another power run to back for a total of 2 runs to rear.
  12. so i got my 360.3 yesterday and was looking at the software on rockford website and it says that it is not compatible with a mac running parallels or boot camp with windows. Has anyone on here had any experience with this and was able to make it work? My problem is i have a macbook retina and no cd drive....hoping to not have to borrow a stupid windows computer everytime i need to tune this thing.
  13. Taking it back to the old school with the 1999 Rockford Fosgate Power 1100a2. This is one of Rockford's most powerful two-channel amps ever. It's rated to deliver 275W/ch at 4 ohms, 550W/ch at 2 ohms or 1100W at 4 ohms bridged. It also promises 1460 watts dynamically at 4 ohms using the IHF-202 standard test (1kHz, 14.4 volts). We take a look at the amp's exterior, interior and try it out on the Amp Dyno...Check it out!! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60p or embedded below:
  14. Hey everybody. Within the next year I'm looking to put a system in my 2000 Chevy Tahoe. I originally planned on doing two Rockford Fosgate T2 12s and a T2500. Well i have been looking around quite a lot and I've become interested in Sundown Audio. Does anyone have any reviews on their x12 dual 2 subwoofer and the SAZ-5000D Amplifier? Also my budget is about 700-900 for subwoofers, and somewhere under the 2,000 range for the amp. So all suggestions are appreciated and taken seriously. But i would like to go with anything above 2500 watts. Any other Companies i should be taking seriously, companies with good pricing? (rockford seems to charge a lot just for their name) P.s Again, if you have any other ideas, please feel free to post them Thankyou, Jon
  15. im in the middle of an install and i had my 3sixty.3 hooked up with all power and input signal, but no outputs as yet. was all working fine. Today i go to start hooking up the rest and i have nothing. no power at all. Any one had this happen, or have any suggestions???
  16. Hey guys, up for sale I have my tight (well use your imagination)! You can also call or text me @ (717) 679- 6682. to see pics of what Im working with REAAAALLLY would prefer local hookups.
  17. Hey guys! I've been watching this site and reading y'all's posts for a couple years and I've finally come up with enough money, time, and knowledge to dive headfirst into my first real car audio install. Now, this "real" install may not seem like a whole lot, but given my shoestring college budget and limited funding it's pretty big for me haha. But anyway, enough chit chat, let's get right down to it: I have been planning this build for about 6 months, when I received the plans for the enclosure (early December), but I didn't have the equipment, funding, or time to do it. I FINALLY got down to business and built and installed it over the last couple days. It took about three days and ~50hrs total with a couple of my friends helping to get it all finished. The good stuff: The enclosure is a 6th order series tuned bandpass, designed for one 2007 model Rockford Fosgate P3D215 500 watt sub. The amp powering it is a Rockford Fosgate P700-1BD. The enclosure is designed for audible performance over a 25-45hz passband, with a bias towards the lower end of that (27-36hz). I gave him the majority of the back end of my jeep, up to seat level, for gross available enclosure volume and he used basically all of it. The internal volume is around 13 cubic feet! Before I had Pete design the enclosure, I sent the sub to him to extract accurate T/S parameters: Needless to say, many of the parameters vary substantially from the OEM specs. Theoretical frequency response and impedance profile at the driver's side headrest. More to come tomorrow!
  18. hopefully someone with a 360.2 can help me with my problem. i had my system in with no problems but i finally added my 360.2 and now it sounds great but i have the engine whine when i rev the motor and especially when i have the bass knob turned up. here is what i am running -pioneer 4300 indash -all brand new rca's -t2500 on the subs -4 t1 10's in a blow through -t8004ad for the mids and highs -8" marine speakers in the doors -4x6's in the rear pillars -10 farad rockford cap -dual odyssey 1750 batteries i think thats the main things, like i said it worked with no problems before the 360 and now its driving me nuts. hopefully its something simple. thanks for any help!
  19. So I was browsing youtube as usual, and I found this guy who had a 12" HX2 on 400W in a 4.1 cuft box tuned to 26Hz. At first I thought this was pretty crazy, until I started thinking about home audio... Say with the Dayton RSS315HF-4, some people put that (12 inch sub) in a 6 cube box, with great results. So, that helped me understand how this was working. I'm thinking of doing an experiment and putting my 2011 Punch P2 12" in a 3.5 cuft box at 28Hz just to see what happens haha. I have plenty of power to play with (when it comes to this sub particularly). I have a Prime 500-1. Prob going to keep the crossover at 80Hz. Feel free to share your opinions and ideas.
  20. hi... my name is tommy, i'm from germany and i'm 24years old. now i wanna show my car and my build... Audi 80 b4 avant back windows tinted 95% 50mm front and back lower 17" wheels carbon adhesive foil on the hood the system: zenec head unit front and backdoors focal front amp next subwoofers 2x rockford fosgate t115 d2 in a wall, behind the backseats sub-amp esx 1800.2 batts 3x agm 90ah 146,3 @ 39hz 143,xx @ 30 hz 139,xx @ 22 hz the next step will be tuning up to 35-39hz with a highe peak like 45-46hz greatings from germany, tommy
  21. Hello everyone! New to this particular forum. I am looking to replace my old Rockford Fosgate T1 10D4 with something new. I ran the T1 for a long long time then stopped. I just don't feel it hitting in my chest like I remember. So hence the need to upgrade. I am running a Rockford Fosgate Prime R500x1d. Birth sheet says 633 RMS so real world I'm estimating 560 RMS. I have seen the SA-10 rated at 500 RMS but I've seen conflicting details. I do not want to under power this sub. I know the sd.3 is supposed to be more SQ based and has an rms rating of 500 rms. Obviously I would like whichever speaker I decide to have good SQ but I also want to feel it in my chest. I miss that feeling and watching everything in my truck shake. Any opinions or advice in either direction would be much appreciated. Thank you
  22. Car : Lexus 2003 GS300 Car : Lexus 2003 GS300 System : Pioneer AVH8500BHS o2 1400 mono amp with ported custom box 2 12" 3.0 MMATS Pro Cast subs wired to 1 ohm.700watts rms each sub. Question : My bass amp clips in warm weather after 45 minutes of use. I want to replace this mono amp with something more efficient. I was checking Steve Meade's video on youtube RF Prime 750.1. It rated 758 watts certified @ 1ohm. 883 watts un-certified @ 1 ohm. I was checking Rockford Fosgate Prime R1200-1D, would that help or something just as affordable as this? I would like to add that when driving my voltage is usually at 12.9-13.3 it that helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1xs3jZE0vs o2 1400 mono amp with ported custom box 2 12" 3.0 MMATS Pro Cast subs wired to 1 ohm.700watts rms each sub. Question : My bass amp clips in warm weather after 45 minutes of use. I want to replace this mono amp with something more efficient. I was checking Steve Meade's video on youtube RF Prime 750.1. It rated 758 watts certified @ 1ohm. Over 883 watts un-certified @ 1 ohm. I was checking your Rockford Fosgate Prime R1200-1D, would that help or something just as affordable as this? I would like to add that when driving my voltage is usually at 12.9-13.3 it that helps.
  23. Just wanted to show off my new plexi piece for my bed kit. almost have the whole bed kit wrapped up. The logo is a 17"x17" plexi diamond with the rockford logo printed on the back with all the edges sanded and polished. A guy here in phoenix lasered out the piece and printed it on the back. As of right now it only has leds on the bottom of it becuase i ran out but i will soon have them all the way around and it should light up even better. Also if anyone needs anything like this done pm me and i can set you up with the guys contact info. he does amazing work. i have a lower plexi piece that i will be doing the same sort of thing but it will have a wiring diagram from the system and a couple sponsor logos on it. the system is a bandpass blow through with 4 t1 10's and is run off a 25001bd let me know what you guys think here is a pic with the old plexi piece in there that i throw together before sema last year and here is a pic of the truck its in
  24. So im sure this is a popular discusion but i plan on getting a T2D415. Did some research and still havent been able to come to a decision. I need to know which amp i should go for. I know that RF under rates their amps but want to make sure that i dont put too much power to my sub and end up with out one... Since the subs are pretty popular id imagine someones got an idea. I plan on only running the one 15 so no suggestions otherwise,please. thanks for the input
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