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Found 35 results

  1. Hi there, anyone knows anything about this amp? I saw that's it's rates 2.9kw @ 1ohm, that's max or rms ? I cannot find any information about it. Nothing on the amp performance, and on the forum is one topic from 2007. Guts in the attachment Thanks a lot for any information.
  2. Hopefully someone can help me out here, I would appreciate it very much!! To start off I just recently purchased a Epicenter and I would like to know how to setup with with my amp. What I mean is how to correctly set up my gains and setting in the Epicenter. My setup is nothing big at all. I have an Almani HA 600.4 (300 watts RMS) which was given to me and I have it in bridged mode and a 12 inch JBL GX 1200 watt sub with 250 Watts RMS. I want to know how to correctly set it all up so in the end im not clipping, distorting or killing my sub. Since I got it for a week now ive been slowly able to get it to where I want it, but I want to perfect it. Current setting on the Epicenter is the "Wide" setting is 1/4 way up and the "Sweep" setting is 3/4 up. Bass output is stock at 5 Volts on the inside untouched. Also does anyone know the input voltage that my amp is capable of taking in, I talked to audio control and they said to check on that if not i will have to adjust the bass output on the epicenter? Appreciate it if someone would help out im fairly new to using a Epicenter.
  3. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  4. i just picked up some aa havoc 12s that i'm going to throw in my 2001 monte carlo. its going to be my first box build but i need some help with the design. i feel like the re box design site isn't too accurate and do not know how to use others so all help/designs will help. here's what i had measured from my trunk to work with, 34 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 21 inches deep, but was kinda thinking i should double baffle the front and back? any help would be great, thanks!
  5. Alright guys, I am all done hearing about "clamping". The numbers generated from that are so far off and don't account for many factors. I just did a quick little dyno run vs the clamps tonight to show how drastic the error is. If you want to know more detail about why clamping doesn't work, there is another video on the D'Amore Engineering youtube channel that describes the problems in detail. Clamps vs Amp Dyno vid here: Detailed explanation of why clamping is wrong vid here:
  6. Hi I was wanting some opinions on what amp to buy. I have one American bass xfl 12 and I am probably looking 1000 to 1500 watts RMS. looking to spend between $200 and $300 most likely. some amps I have thought about were American bass hd 2500, and American bass vfl line. also looked at ct sounds amps. also had thought about Hifonics Brutus line. all opinions welcome tell me what you think.
  7. i have the materials for the big three and that should be done sometime this week but was looking into second batteries and don't want to go too overkill on power and spend too much. will the big three and the hc600 battery keep my voltage safe and the amp from clipping or should i get the hc800? i have this all in an 01 monte ls with the 3.4 lt v6 with stock alt. the amp is pushing a nightshade v1 15 with psi recone
  8. just wondering whats the difference in RMS and Dynamic power rating??? and which should i be conserned with when buying an amp. ive always thought RMS, so why list dynamic?? example: RMS: 2000 x 1 @ 1ohm Dynamic: 4000 x 1 @ 1ohm
  9. If you would like to learn more about electricity, electrical networks, what RMS is, what clipping is, and much more to come; check out the D'Amore Engineering University FREE EDUCATION video series. We launched it last month, are averaging 1 video per week. Most of the time a homework problem is assigned at the end and answered in the next video. We are starting off slow and basic and will work up through how and amplifier works and more. Join us! -Tony http://damoreengineering.com/freeeducation.html
  10. Anybody have experience with these subs? I purchased one for one of my buddy's builds in his 2000 chevy silverado 1500 regular cab, let me start off by saying fuck my life there is no room behind the seats to put anything.... So I ordered the sub from Sonic http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_45988_NVX-NSW104.html And I gotta say for $70 the build quality on this thing seems awesome. Plans are to hook it up to this (when I get the money from him to order it) http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_67857_MB-Quart-OA500.1.html And put it in this box I have designed, again, this truck has no room behind the seats so this is gonna be the most complicated box I have made so far! Box will be 1.35'^3 Net @36hz (1.59'^3 Gross) with 12.5"^2 per ft^3, he listens to mostly country so I figured this would work good for him, got a router with a roundover bit this time so I figured that will help if for any reason this isn't enough port area for this sub so we don't get port noise. Already got the lines drawn out on what I had left over for a sheet of 3/4" mdf, as long as I don't fuck up any cuts I have just enough to do this box (which is great cause this kid is a cheap bastard and I'm getting like $60 to build this box and install this shit). As usual all tips are accepted and any knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated. I will let everyone know how well this sub does when all is said and done since I don't see many builds with NVX subs.
  11. I have 2 12" Alpine Type R subs, they are dual 4 ohm subs rated at 1000 RMS each and right now have them on a cheap amp and they need more power. What kind of amp should I get that fits them the best? I see on most amps they say they are like 3k but they end up putting out about half that when they are tested, I need an amp that will give me true power. They will be put into a sub box I am building now that will be tuned to 33 hz. Let me know what would fit them the best.
  12. i just got a sundown sae 1200d amp and was wondering what all i should do to my electrical to keep it from clipping or burning out. i just got everything for the big 3 today and i am installing that stuff tomorrow but didn't know if i'd need an extra battery on top of it?
  13. I'm looking to buy an amp in the true 1200-1500 watt range at 1 ohm. It can vary from this range a little bit, just post anything you've got. For my budget it can go up to $300. I'm interested in cheaper stuff as well, though, such as the Soundqubed 1200 and other amps.
  14. Hello everyone, I didn't see any similar topics on forum so I thought I will open one.. So the point of this topic is to post your watt clamped results from your system. You can post pictures or just write.. It would be cool if you wrote your equipment: amplifier, subwoofer, box size and tuning, electrical and then post your clamped results. You can post a picture or video of your system too! If you don't know how to measure your watts look at this tutorial: http://ddaudio.com/faq/clamp-testing/ So let me begin. Amplifier: Hifoinics BXI6000D Subwoofer: Fi audio Q 15 wired to 1 ohm Box: 4cuft 32hz tuning Electrical: 2x 54ah battery & 75a alternator Clamp result: 1064 Watts (50 Hz)
  15. so i have a jl 500/1 amp. i checked all my connections and everything was ok. my green power light comes on, no problem there. my problem is that there is no output to my sub at all. any reasons why it is doing this or solutions to fix it?
  16. First post did not find much on this amp as far as real RMS ratings as in true RMS not what the manual says. The amp is a ma audio hardkore hk-802sx high voltage amp. Says its supposed to be 4400rms if anybody has any info on this amp before I install it it would help
  17. I need a amp with around 2000 watts rms to power 2 12" DC Audio level 3s let me know what you got and how much, Thanks!
  18. Planing and sq system for my daily driver ,anyone have any input on the fi audio Q sub ?? or another great sq sub with around the same rms ???? need help ASAP... Please
  19. If you would like to learn more about electricity, electrical networks, what RMS is, what clipping is, and much more to come; check out the D'Amore Engineering University FREE EDUCATION video series. We launched it last month, are averaging 1 video per week. Most of the time a homework problem is assigned at the end and answered in the next video. We are starting off slow and basic and will work up through how and amplifier works and more. Join us! -Tony http://damoreengineering.com/freeeducation.html
  20. ok so ive been trying to get my amp tuned with a dd-1 but I cant find a single soul that has one in my area so im going to go tune with a multimeter but I know that it does above rated so I need some clamp test results or ad-1 results or something that tells me what this will do anyone with info please help I need to be able to tune my amp
  21. tonight i am ordering a battery, some zero gauge and fuse holders and fuses and need help with what to get! the battery is between the hc800 or hc600. also was wondering what the krank it up battery is?i have the big three and only want something i need. i dont want to blow money on power i won't use. (i have the sundown sae1200d on a nightshade 15). the wring i was looking at was a 17 ft roll of cadence or i could find some knukoncepts not sure what the difference is. lastly i need fuse holders and fuses, was just gonna pick up some ebay ones that are cheap. anything wrong with those??
  22. I dont mean to run down the same street looking for whats already been found but i must ask. Si my build is for an 18. The plan was to get a re sx18 d2 wired down to 1. as of now i just got in a hifonics 1800 Which im not sure how good it does rated. The reason i was going to do RE audion for the fact it as so many reviews and vids. Seems like its well iked.then i get on top of my research and alot of peple are saying the sub has changed over the years and is not putting out like it use to. So my price range is about 300 ogive or take a few. Ie recently learned about AA18 , and Hcd3. But from my understanding the Sx is rated at 1k rms. so if i feed it 1800 woulnd the sub hit harder vs. a sub rated more? When money is a concern wouldnt a lower rated sub be easier to move and product a better sound for my needs? thanks for all the help. And im not looking to get anything else besides an 18.
  23. Ok so im still at the stage of not getting my sub. im going with one 18 and i already have an amp which is a hifonics zeus 1800. i heard they are ok amps but the power may be a lil dirty. i cant install anything in the bronco yet since i still alot of repairs before its running as good as i would like it but in the mean time im buying everything so im shopping for my sub then i keep reading about clipping. i understand that its when power sullied to the sub flex to much beyound what it was design to do (odd shape sound waves) . My question is how to avoid this. Will every amp clip if not tuned right? does this have to do with the gains and what not? I also read that if the power to the amp is not even that it would cause clipping. I read that caps are crap but would using one lower clipper due to the power being stored. thanks for any help. i just dont want to connect subs to an amp and say i have a good system
  24. so looking to get a big boy amp and ive been hearing about the brand "Banda" for awhile and gave them a look... trying to figure out if they are real... a 7k rated 12.6v at 1ohm amp for only 790usd!!!! cant be true... and a freaking 10krms rated for 1300... ive seen a video of evo looking at one powering 4-15s in a wall doing a 155+ and lots of other high end power builds with them so i ASSUME they are doing rated or atleast close to it. STEVE MEADE.... please get your hands on a banda amp and dyno it please... this would be crazy and good for alot of people to hear they are good amps. THIS IS THE SUB IM LOOKING TO POWER EMF Ermagerd 18 V2 neo
  25. I recently just sold the first system I ever had. It was only pushing 400 rms from my subs and a 500 rms amp. I never had any problems such as light dimming or anything like that. The last vehicle they were in, my current vehicle, is a 1997 Chevy 1500. I'm just curious if the alternator in this vehicle would be able to handle a single 1000 watt rms sub and a similar watt amp to power it? Any help would be great.
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