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Found 18 results

  1. Altered music isnt allowed anymore
  2. I plan on using my iPod for the media playback on my little rinky dink system. Is it better for my to have as "flat" a sound come off my iPod to the head-unit then have a default EQ on the head unit set to "flat". Then after I have the RCAs going to my amps use the settings on the amps to bring the music to life again? i assume that there are a few variables like the head-unit and the amp quality and other things, but im just wondering as a general quality of sound type question. Thanks
  3. Hey, I'm new to this forum and i have quite the order for a question. To start off, I own a 2002 Nissan Xterra. I have replaced the head unit and speakers with pioneer products. I currently have 2 15" subs that i bought fro someone for a cheap price in the trunk. I am looking for a big upgrade. I want way more power and way more sound. Possible even hairtricks? I don't know a lot about subs, amplifiers, etc. so I would need to know everything I need to buy and do. My budget is 1,500 dollars, Whats the best I can do? Thanks!
  4. Introduction: I have purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe and would like to lay out a plan as to how I am going to upgrade it. I plan to make two main changes, those being: blacked out interior/exterior and a high quality audio system. This topic is going to focus around upgrading the audio aspect of the Tahoe. I wanted to gather advice from more experienced users in car audio before getting started so that I could create an effective and efficient plan as to how I am going to upgrade the audio in my new vehicle. Vehicle Information: The vehicle I am going to be working on is a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe LT with four wheel drive. As far as audio related components are concerned, this particular trim comes with the upgraded Bose nine speaker surround sound system. The stereo that comes with this Tahoe is quite average and is not of exceedingly high quality. The Tahoe also has plenty of space to install a subwoofer(s), so space is not going to be a problem. Initial Plan: My initial plan for the audio system in this vehicle is to keep the Bose nine speaker surround system (I know these may not be of the highest quality, but replacing all of those speakers would be quite expensive and I don't think I could justify the money spent), upgrade the stock stereo (looking for a stereo that is a bit more advanced), and install and subwoofer or two. While I do have a base plan established, I still have many questions as to how I should approach these upgrades. For those who are interested my budget is anywhere from $1000 - $2000 for just the new audio system. Specifics: Music is very important to me and because of the amount of time I put into listening to music and organizing it, I have become quite the audiophile. I listen to a lot of older music, mostly rock, metal, blues, folk, and other genres similar to those. One of my main question's is what audio equipment I should get if I am listening to music like I have listed above. This primarily relates to the subwoofer, as it seems to be the piece of hardware that will greatly effect the sound of my music. I heard that 10" subwoofers are best for rock music, so my plan was to buy two 10" subwoofers and put them in a sealed enclosure so that I would produce more of a accurate and clean bass sound. Please remember that I am aiming for sound quality, volume is also important, but I am much more focused on putting together a system that is based around sound quality. Is two 10" subwoofers too much bass for sound quality setups? Should I only go with one 10" subwoofer? I also need more information as to what brand subwoofer, subwoofer enclosure, and amplifer I should get. I heard JL Audio is quite good, but I am not that familiar with car audio so I need some more feedback. As far as upgrading the stereo, I just want one that functions well and will work with my iPod that has lossless audio files (FLAC and ALAC) loaded onto it. I believe that encompasses most of what I want to do to the Tahoe as far as the audio system in concerned. All help is appreciated and sorry if I make stupid mistakes, I am quite inexperienced when it comes to car audio. Thanks For Reading
  5. Does anyone know of a program where I can make sine wave tones at -7.5db or -5db? I am trying to add some basslines to a song but every tone I find is at 0db. TIA
  6. Want some ear-piercing heavy slammin' tunes with some low earth-shaking BASS? Then look no further than this album right here! 11 rockin' tracks, with a little bit of everything in between, guaranteed to flex your ear drums, windshield, and foundation! With low bass down in the 20Hz range, and dropping as low as 16Hz, this album is guaronteed to push your system to it's limits! Pick it up and jam out now! https://bassmekanik.bandcamp.com/album/bass-mekanik-presents-g-rad-subsonic-guillotine Hope you guys like what you hear!
  7. Anyone jamming to reggae on the daily? Anything new/old the world needs to hear?
  8. I am ONLY sharing his custom made tracks that he made all himself, and have no copyrights, which makes this legal to share. So far I have 2 small zips to share, I will add more IF I find more!! Zip 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?g13rsq8bc97s053 Zip 2: http://www.mediafire...fw4kz1yt00bh91h Enjoy -Brian
  9. So, how's everyone doing? I just got done with a hard ass day of work and am looking for some good low music to give me a nice back massage in my truck What music do you guys listen to for relaxing?
  10. Hey guys, i just bought this headunit Kenwood Excelon KDC-X497 off of crutchfield and it looks like its pretty good and what the reviews say are good also. but i feel what people say on here is a little better. What are your guys thoughts on this head unit? does it put out good power? clear sound?
  11. Hi all , what exactly is Decaf music ???/
  12. No, no one can help you.. Its not hard to find.......
  13. Hi I'm pretty new to car audio and I was wondering what the best setup for around $600 would be?Not including amp. I generally would like it for spl but i also listen to rock/metal so sq would be a plus my budget can stretch a little. Thanks!
  14. ok so to start off im just trying to find the name of a song and the artist its by. not looking for a download or anything. i recently got a new pc and gave my old one to my mom not thinking about how it has all my music on it. im looking for a decaf song with the title "be happy" its a Bob Marley remix. i can not find who it is by for the life of me. ive been googling for a few days now trying to find it and its just frustrating becayse i can not remember who it is by more than the frustration of not having the song. so if anyone knows who it is by please help me out here it would be greatly appreciated
  15. I am wondering if you purchase your music off itunes and download songs off old cds and put them on your ipod do they usually have clipping at all and is there any programs on mac other than audacity for showing clipping or anything. i just want to make sure to get clean music.
  16. Alright I just have a quick homo audio question. Is there any cheap quick way I can hook up a pair of Kenwood 10s that I have in my car, to my home speakers? I dont have anything special at home what so ever so I thought I would add a few subs. I have a 1000 watt amp hooked up to it now. Thanks.
  17. Hey guys I have had this amp for a while, It was in my friends car for years with no issues, then I purchased his whole setup when he got rid of the car. I used the amp in my car for several months and then one day It just lost output. Turns on like it wants to play, doesnt protect. No pop or any signs of plugging anything into the speaker outputs. Since the amp isnt externally fused I cant check that possibility. I took all the panels off to see if I can get the board out easily and thats not possible due to all the epoxy (stock picture until I can get a decent one) The board looks immaculate still. No signs of any major failures or blown components, I dont want to hack away to get the board out for no reason. Upon closer looking I see a jumper socket in between the power inputs and speaker inputs (left in picture above) I have no clue what that could possibly be for, nothing plugs into that from the chassis or side panels. I dont know much about newer technology in these incredibly tiny and powerful amps. Is it possible that that jumper is just a "reset" socket or something they use for testing? Any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated!
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