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  1. Feels good to be back on here.. who’s ready for new Psyph Morrison videos?

  2. How are you liking Hype Killah pt1? Which song is your favorite and which songs would you like to see a video to mostly?
  3. https://youtu.be/50NkhBhF-Ag if you have a spare 4 mins tap in and check out my latest day in the life video. if theres anything you wanna see or songs you'd like to see me demo Like and comment!
  4. theres actually a video up on my channel bro. youtube.com/psyph1
  5. Check out the 100 bands video. Tell me what you think (cant post it here for some reason the link wont work)
  6. finally back on smd.. what's up!? what have I been missin?!
  7. there is no set date yet but a date will come soon as dumb as that sounds lhl
  8. everybody get ready for a new video

    1. Hellbound Train

      Hellbound Train

      what happened to the mr. morrison name on here? reppin the bassheads i see.

    2. Basshead Morrison

      Basshead Morrison

      yea i lost the mr morrison one and then said fuckit lhl

  9. new account lost the everything to the last one BASSHEADS!!

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