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  1. Work has started..... It has a quad alt set up on it already...... Needs upgrades, but...... This thing is monster huge, many cubes...... Goals are set. Fun will be had. Roof work,... fully boxed, and welded.....with a few cans of foam........ Fully welded.. (and have more to do) This kid doesnt fuck around. stay tuned for more.... its a big project, and will take time..... but,........ its rolling, so to speak
  2. Hello my name is rich and i am currently building a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer my daily driver into a 10k daily driver. I have been doing car stereo since i was 15 and this is going to be the second most advanced system that i have ever put together. So need as much help and criticism as possible. Want to learn as much as i can and have a nice build. If you haven't read my other build log i started building a 97 hyundai Tiburon and after having my system up and going for a little over a month the trans blew. was loud as hell needed work but oh well. so had to find another daily driver and wasn't going to give up system so decided to go truck route (5 kids 4 girls, 1 boy) My goals for this car are upper 140s-150 dbs (if possible and musical) (not metered yet) to learn as much as possible (fiberglassing, body work, vinyl work) decent sq (don't want subs to over power everything) start with equipment that i have and slowly but eventually build to bigger and better equipment Build it better then my 03 mitsubishi lancer oz rally (that i miss like a child) alpine iva-d310, pxa-h701, 420i, audiocontol matrix plus, ps2 slim in glovebox, cf Vr804, 2 Vr1000d, excessive amperage 200 amp alt, 2 kinetic power 2400, 1 run tsunami 0, big 3 0 Tsunami, 2 sets of cf x6s one front one rear, 2 mtx 9500 12in d4s, tons of dynamat extreme, varad 1000 color leds in front foot wells, yellow leds in pocket under radio, yellow florescent lights in door pockets walker front bumper canary yellow Loud and Clean daily driver (final goal) (demos, car shows, and competitions) Here is the list of the equipment that i currently have HU: pioneer deh 80prs (network mode on active) RCAs: Streetwires, Connection Singer 340 six phase hairpin amp alternator XS Power D3400 under hood with Custom 1/2 Aluminum Bus Bars (made by me) 1/0 Gauge 3 runs SHCA OFC Big 4 double 1/0 OFC SHCA OFC Distrobution Blocks S.M.D., and directed audio 2 Stinger SVMR Voltmeter (Red) (one for front batt and one for rear Battery bank) Skar sk85.4 85x4 @ 4 ohms on 2 sb acoustics neo dome tweeters MMATS Sq4100 100x4 @ 4ohms on 4 silver flute 8s (4ohm) Subs: 6 12in AB xfl d2s soon to be 6 fully built ascendant audio mayhem 12s d1.4 Sub Amp: 2 DC 5ks with TM dual Inputs and TM quad speaker imputs 4 XS Power D3100s with custom 1/2 aluminum buss bars in rear (made by me) Here is a list of equipment that i want or need may change Cooling for amps in rear More interior speakers??? (maybe birch roof) Jy or limitless lithium 80ah Another singer 340 alt get better HU and eq/processor( and maybe a Tablet?)
  3. *************[Note: Since photobucket decided to nerf everyone's accounts, a lot of the pictures in this thread are gone. I intend to fix all of the posts but it will take quite a while. Photos start on page 29 currently. In the meantime all of the photos are available on Facebook by searching #projectflexington and many are on Instagram under the same hashtag. Thanks for looking and please don't be afraid to comment! ]************* So figure it is time to start a build log for my 6th order wall. Been working on it for a few weeks now. I'll start by posting the equipment I'm using for the build. Electrical: Batteries: 2 nsb170fts and 2 stinger group 31s: 3 banks of super caps: 2 singer 320amp alternators (these came with the truck, I'm currently in the process of redoing the bracket to strengthen it and add a tensioner but I'll elaborate later): 4+ spools of skyhigh 1/0, knukonceptz 4/0 ofc for alternators (will post pictures later) Terminals, marine grade ring terminals lugs, properly crimped with double wall adhesive lined heat shrink: Subs are 2 sundown x15s rev 1(will be rebuilding for level 6 18s at a later date): Sub Amp, kicker warhorse: Head unit and tweeters, Sony dsx-s210x and 4x Earthquake Screamers, 1.5" 150wrms per pair silk Dome tweeters with replaceable voice coils: Mid bass, 4x dayton audio 10" pa woofers, 300rms each: Mids are tbd, probably 2 8" midrange speakers. Lots of Baltic birch: If you enjoy, please comment!
  4. So I happened upon this clean blue beauty and for a price of almost half of all the others of similar year and mileage, I snatched it up. My build plans with it are to move my current system from the explorer into this since i will no longer own the explorer in a short time. The equipment being: HU- Pioneer DEH-80PRS Subs- Two SoundQubed HDS312D2's Amps- SoundQubed Q1-3500.1; AudioQue 90.4 Mids & Highs- CDT CL61A Wires- All Sky High 1/0, RCA's, 12ga speaker wire Power- Haven't decided on an alt yet, gotta contact singer, see what he's got. I don't think I'll go with anything over 300A on the alt. I'll have a D3400 under the hood, and I've got a D4700 i had bought for a cruze that I'll keep by the amps. Hopefully I can get started on transferring it all this weekend. I've got duty saturday so i'll have all day sunday to knock it out. The only things that need bought are the D3400 and the alt. I'll post pictures as i go through the install. edit: fixed the pictures
  5. Installed a couple weeks ago my cpillar slide in wall For 6 ab xfl 1222s on 2 dc 5ks. 3 top on 1 dc5k @1.3 ohms and 3 bottom on another dc5k @ 1.3 ohms. Have blown the bottom middle woofer now twice. First time thing I went to hard on it being that it took months to finish and killed the coil. 2nd one was rushing to get it playing for slammology. Broke it in for 3 hours @ 40 and 30 hz on a dc5k @ 4ohns 900 something watts Went to install it the next day screwed up poked surround like a idiot. Fixed it with shoe goo Played fine all weekend till my 4th demo at slammology then that infernal slinky sub sound. What am I doing wrong? 1. this is my first wall 2. First time running 6 subs 3. First time running this kind of power and running 2 dc5k to 1 enclosure 4. Set amps with dd-1 to older 5k cause seemed to be lower of the 2 amps. Set with -5 db track 5. Gain matched both amps to the older 5k with cc-1 6.slide in wall is top L port 7. Almost seems like bottom 3 subs move more then top ones ( but not 100 percent on this ) 5 broken in subs and one new one as soon as I buy another one from ab. Please help I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and can't afford to keep replacing subs. Now have 5 good and 3 bad subs.
  6. I was hoping to hear a little about what kind of alternators you guys use / have used and what your experience with them is. Like what size is it, for what vehicle, how many, what is it powering, what is it putting out? ...did it fail, is it nearly indestructible, did you have to customize your vehicle to make it fit (and how so?) Basically any information you provide would be really helpful. You can only find so much information from digging on the internet before you have to start asking questions. Anyway, I want to buy a new alternator for my Pontiac g6, but I'm really unsure of what to get. The biggest alt I can find for my vehicle is a 240 amp. Basically I'd like to be able to have a more than sufficient power supply if possible. I don't think there is any room to run a second alt under the hood.. Which would be nice. But I was thinking if there was a way for me to make a custom bracket to mount a bigger universal alternator.. that would probably be best? If anybody has personal experience with a g6 and alternators, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate any personal experiences, suggestions and feedback
  7. Alright guys, here's the spill. I bought this alternator for my 2000 GMC Sierra z71 with the 5.3l. I have since wrecked that truck and am putting my system in a different ride. So this alternator is useless to me now. I do however need one for the car I am going to be building. Anyways, this thing is brand new. Never been mounted,test fitted nothing. Sitting in the closet since I bought it. It does have the billet upgrade. Asking price is $700.
  8. My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wk that I've built myself . * + 7,000 RMS * Over 2,000 Working Hours ! * 6 - SPL PRO Series Multiple World Record Winner SUBS * 3 - PRS-D 2000SPL Series Mono Amps * 1 - X3.2k4 World's Most Powerful 4 Channel Amp * 4 - 8' SPL series Mids * 2 - 6.5' SPL series Mids * 2 - SPL series Tweets * 5 - 95a AGM Batteries * 6 - Runs 1/0 Silver Tinned OFC Copper Wire * BC RACING Coilovers * Tons of Metra Ballistic Insulation * Stinger DVM * Singer 275A Alternator * CTEK MXS 25 500a Charger * KNU Conceptz CRYSTAL Cable Rca's * 6 - KNU Conceptz 300a Fusing * Knu 300a Fuses * Rockford Fosgate Fusing , wiring ... *Tool Maker USA Custom Made Battery Terminals * Pac Audio Interface * Russian Baltic birch wood * 6 Precision Ports ..... * Custom Built Battery And Amp Racks... Much Much More..... Enjoy !
  9. Selling my Singer 240 amp hairpin alternator. only installed for about 2 months, owned for around 6 months. Should fit most 2.0/2.5 Subaru motors, it's coming off my '04 impreza wagon. Asking 400 shipped obo
  10. Alright so finally got around to "finishing" a build in one of my vehicles haha. I say "finishing" because it's as close to done without having the new alternator or battery racks built but it's sooo close lol. "Fighter Jet" reasoning will be shown through pictures, hopefully you get the meaning haha. Here are the stats: 2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 AWD Pioneer 80PRS Custom switch/gauge panel SHCA RCAs, fuse holders, ring terminals, heat shrink SHCA Green and Black 1/0 DC AUDIO 5K DC AUDIO 10k 4- Soundqubed HDC3 10s 4 - 18" DC Audio Lvl 6 18s, full Carbon fiber option XSPOWER Batteries SINGER ALTERNATORS Anyone want to see some pictures?
  11. Post your real or dream audio system below, I just wanna know what the community has. My real audio system--- 2 DC level 4 15's Custom box 3 4" aeroports 7 cubic ft tuned @30 2 Sundown sae1500D Alpine CDE-143BT 2 Alpine type r 6.5 componets 4 Crescendo PWX pro 6.5 2 Alpine Type r tweets 2 Alpine mrx-m110 Murdermat in all doors/back wall Skyhigh 0/1 awg runs Mechman 240A alt Skyhigh 18awg to door speakers JL rca's 2 XS d1600 My dream system--- 4 DC level 6 15's Walled box tuned @30 All Skyhigh/Certified Basshead wire 2 DC 10.0k 4 Crescendo neo 8" 6 Crescendo neo 6.5" 4 Crescendo ft1 DC amp/amps to power speakers 2 mechman 370A alts 4 XS lithium batteries Murdermat double layered everywhere custom dash If only I had the money/means for my dream system lol
  12. ***WALL STARTS ON PAGE 19*** Alright.. So basically, EVERYTHING is coming out. Literally the only equipment that'll be reused are the Singer alt, batts, HU, subs, and tweeters. Thats it.. like even the voltage meter is coming out. I wont have any progress for about a month when I go back home for summer break.. But I figured Id get this thread started.. The weather is warming up, so that can only mean one thing.. Heavier oil. Next, I got these in the mail.. Instead of sleeping at 1am what am I doing?
  13. here is a build i did a few years back on my truck when i was a noob and didnt know about box building, now its time to build a correct band pass box designed by ramdesigns for (4) 15 FI Q or SP4 powered by my saz4500 or some RF 2500bdcp im still downloading pictures
  14. Just a quick video of White Clouds playing on the Sp4 12's Completely forgot to turn my phone sideways to make the video but owell, enjoy anyway!
  15. Name: Toyota Camry (1994) Date Added: 3/5/2014 Owner: JEFFYBOI Short Description: CROSSFIRE CAMRY 2X18S View Vehicle
  16. So this is going to be my build log over the next 6 months on a 97 GMC Yukon. Power wire and RCAs is a mixture of SHCA, 2/0 welding cable, and Rockford Fosgate. ​1st thing that is going to be going in will be the HU Thursday. Then Saturday I should be posting pictures of the sub, box, and back battery install. Then on the 19th *fingers crossed* my mids and tweets will be going in. As of right now gonna be a single CT Sounds EXO 15 on a Soundstream TA1.3000d with Kenwood entry level Excelon HU, SBC RCA box, Crossfire mids, Soundstream tweeters, and Soundstream mid amps. Around January the Singer 320a will be installed. Then around May my sub will be switched to a EMF Yolo 18 or a IA Warden 21 and a c pillar wall will done. * add more photos as I get them*
  17. Finally I have a steady job where i can save up to start my build This will be my first build, it will also be SLOW..... But here it is! So i have ordered one of my subs from Sound Solutions audio "FTMFW!" great customer service! I ordered a sundown X-18 d4 and i plan on getting a second one after i get my amp, a SoundQubed 3500.1! I am late starting this, so i have already received some of my things So my ride, 2002 Escalade 6.0 in the snow here is another one with my summer wheels on i know..... they are too small Here is the 3500.1 AMP GUTS!!!!!! Hell yeah! i plan to do a plexi laser engraved backing later down the road! I also ordered a SMD-VM-1 well thats all for tonight, i will post my sub when it arrives!
  18. CleanSierra

    Proud little moment

    I know it's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I was a little proud of my year in MECA. It was my first year as a member and my first year competing in any organization. I started out at a 147.9 @ the headrest and ended at a 151.0 @ the end of the season at the headrest. On the hottest day of the year it only did a 150.5 legal and second hottest day it did a 150.8. In the evening, it does anywhere from a 151-151.5 depending on HOW hot it is in the AZ nights. This is the reason I'm posting this thread: Not only did I win my class in SPL for the year, I guess I won Park and Pound too. The other kind of cool thing is, I qualified for Nationals in Alabama(I didn't go) with the points I gathered throughout the year. I can't wait to get in the lanes next year with an even louder(hopefully) build.
  19. For Sale: 275a Singer Alternator It was installed in a 2005 Dodge Stratus. Was in there for around a year with no problems. I had two Sundown X 12s on a Powerbass 3k. Never had any issues with voltage. Was originally $489, I would like to get $300 for it. I do not know if the warranty is transferable, but I know SInger honors his work, so I am sure that whoever buys it can just shoot him an email and find out. He did send me a list of what other vehicles the alternator can be installed on. The alternator is plug and play with these cars and engines only. It also comes with the belt that I bought for it. 2005 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 FLEX DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Sedan 4-Door 2.4L 2429CC 148Cu. In. l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirateted INTERCHANGE: SEBRING 2003-2005 Sdn SEBRING 2003-2005 Conv SEBRING 2001-2002 Sdn SEBRING 2001-2002 Conv SEBRING 2006 (Conv,Sdn) STRATUS 2001-2002 Sdn STRATUS 2003-2005 Sdn STRATUS 2006 (Sdn) Ive done quite a few deals on here off and on over the years, to my knowledge I have never had any issues with any transaction whether I was the buyer or the seller. As usual I prefer Paypal.
  20. Here is my build log. The vehicle is a 98 GMC ext cab K1500, with the 3rd door. This build was supposed to be 1 Sundown X 15 on 1 SQ 2200 until SSA had a pretty awesome deal when the zv4's first came out that i couldn't pass up. I already order the 2200 thinking I was getting an X so the ZV4 is going to be a little under powered. On to the pics.. The Truck. 182k and still going strong She's no pavement Princess First day I got her Next to the Wife's Sd-2 8" A Picture of all the Original Equipment Singer 250 vs Stock Installed with XS Power D3400 Started with the false floor connected to the original seat belt bolts. I wanted a low end monster so I Built a box that was 4.2 cubes net tuned to 26hz. It easily played 20hz and fell off after about 37hz. The lows were pretty awesome for a single sub. In the truck
  21. Well Its finally time for me to start a build log, won't have too much time to work on it due to school, work, and being broke. Like a glove! yes its printer paper...I was bored at work not too shabby for paper and scotch tape
  22. I have had a love of car audio ever since high school when i had my first real subs, a pair of Blue Thunder 12's. Because of this love i have spent umpteen hours reading magazines, books and on forums just like this reading and learning all I can. Over the years i have designed and built alot of decent stereo systems for friends and family but never have i had the chance to build myself that cranking stereo system i always wanted. Until now. My build will be a never ending learning process with my end goal to have a vehicle that every time i am in it and i hear and feel the bass it puts a grin on my face. I also think it would be cool to compete just to meet people with the same passion i have and pick their brains. So i was in the market for a new ride to build up and i have always liked Tahoes so i have been watching the Canadian Gov Auction for a deal on an ex RCMP one. Well i found one bid 6 grand and won.. here she is a 2009 Special Services Tahoe for 6 grand.. It needed some tlc and a center console (which i bough a silverados fold down jump seat instead). The first thing i did after i picked it up was pull over a block away from the compound and smake a fat joint to christen it. Now since i had the vehicle i could go about getting all the gear i wanted... Deck - Pioneer avic8000-nex and reverse camera Processor- Arc Audio PS8 Amps- Arc Audio KS 2500.1, Arc Audio XDI v2 1200.6 Front Stage - CDT audio ES- 06 6.5" mids, ES- 03MB 3" mids and ES- 010 26mm silk dome tweeters Subs - 2 x Sundown Audio 12" Z v.4 D1 Batteries - 2 x Kinetic HC 1800 Alternator - Singer 270 amp Alternator Sound Deadening - Aprox 210 square feet of dynamat extreme Deck: Amps and Processor: Front Stage: Subs: Batteries: Power Wires : Speaker Wire: Now a couple things all my pics are taken with my iphone and i am terrible at remembering to take pics So we begin the fun part to follow....
  23. Figured I start my build log here on SMD. It's funny that this all started over a yr ago, planning to run DSS Ethos, and BC3500, and C1100.4, single 280a alt, and 2 kinetiks. then it all got traded around to this: Pioneer AVH 5600 2 Tantric HDD 18's 1 BC 5500 2 RE XXX 6.5 comp sets 1 S800.4 4 HC1800 Kinetik's 1 Dual alt kit 1 350A Singer along with stock unit Head Unit was first- dang radio wouldnt fit due to the rear bracket- so.. Bracket removed- Radio back in
  24. Hey all Finally getting around to starting a log here. I think I've more or less hit the point of no return with this build, so let's do this. Car is a 2002 Mustang GT, bought it back in June (like 2 weeks after I graduated high school.) Always loved stangs, and all through high school I wanted one incredibly bad, so when a good deal popped up I jumped on it. Looking back it wasn't a great buy, the car has some demons. Like seriously, I don't think it will ever run 100%. But after lots of work, blood, sweat and tears she is decent. And with some more fixing maybe I can get her there.... Anyway, here is the moo cow Now, on to the good stuff. As I said, I have pretty well hit the point of no return. Equipment is as follows Singer Alternator (200A, but he says there is some funky new shit in there. He won't say exactly what but he keeps reassuring me it will not disappoint. Here's hoping.) XS D3400 under the hood...self explanitory. CNF Terminal blocks (Thanks again Kevin, still absolutely love em.) Pioneer 80prs...speaks for itself I think Nendo PWS 6.5 mids (Still waiting to be installed, I'm pumped for these.) Nendo RTS-1 tweeters (Decided to try the soft dome instead of the FT-1...we'll see how I like them.) Kicker DX400.4 to run those. Super solid Amp, two years and never missed a beat. Don't see any reason to change it yet. And, the reason I say I hit the point of no return: Ordered a pair of AA Mayhem 10s today. Now just waiting for these to be I'm excited for these. I still need to get an amp for the subs, but I am planning on an Ampere 3800 for the time being. Down the road I may get a second, but for now I'm not even sure how well my current electrical will like just the one. A few little pictures to follow, we've got some work done. No sound yet...but a hell of an electrical. Welcome to all, let's have fun.
  25. I just received my XS D7500 this morning and it's a monster. My plans are to install it in the rear of my 2001 Toyota 4Runner using a battery isolator so I can continue to use my regular starting battery under the hood. It's time for me to order my isolator and I'm reading a tutorial on it and I'm starting to get confused as to whether to use a diode or solenoid type isolator and how to do it without damaging and overcharging my starting battery. Alternator is a Singer 240A (being built) and will be running a BC 5500 and a C1100.4 amplifier. Any help would be appreciated.