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Found 10 results

  1. So I have a 2018 Toyota Corolla, I got some speakers installed and the guys cut the speakers wire from the OEM harness really close to the plug which i knew wasn't right, after a few weeks my speakers started clipping, that same shop said that the channels on the stock radio were fried and that I had to buy a new radio. that same shop refused to fix the cut wiring harness as now I cant put the OEM radio back when I want to sell the car. I took my car to a different shop to get a aftermarket radio so I can have apple car play, i am running RCA's to the amp and everything works fine now. Any tips on what I can do to fix the radio wiring harness? Maybe re-pin the wires that are cut?
  2. Tech Flex is something that I have always loved using in my installs. It not only helps to protect the wire I find that it has a number of other uses as follows: Color Code Wire Bundle Similar Wires Link the Wire to the theme of your iinstall Refresh otherwise "bad" looking wire In this thread I would like to share my process for covering a wire in techflex as well as some of the techniques I have learned for working with it. In this example I am going to be bundling two RCA cables together to make a 4 channel run that is tied together at one end and seperate at the other. It looks like this when complete: Lets begin: To start I prepare my wire and tech flex. The wire I am using is KnuKonceptz: I find that I have to use .75" Tech Flex for anything RCA's. For other size wiring follow the following chart: 8 Gauge - 1/8" 4 Gauge - 3/8" 0 Gauge - 1/2" If you are bundling multiple wires you can measure the diameter and determine the size needed by knowing that techflex expands to 1.5x its original diameter. So 1.00" Techflex could be used for up to 1.50" size wire or bundles of wire. Here is a spool of the 3/4" In order to begin sliding the RCA's through I hold them like this. It may help to actually tape them together like this. Also if you are running multiple separate wires through you will want to tape them together temporarily. To begin passing the wire through I bunch up the techflex and then allow it to pass over the wire. Like this: This is shown better in the video link that I will post below, but you get the idea. As you work down the length of the wire with the swollen section the techflex will move down the wire. You will have to do this multiple times to cover the length of wire you want to cover. Once I got to this point I stopped because i wanted to have the RCA's be able to separate based on the locations of the amps. I did not cut the length of techflex before starting because with the expansion of the techflex itself the length can change. Its best to apply it then cut. Now its time to cut the techflex. I have a nice heat knife I use from WireCare.com :: Your Cable Management SuperStore! but you can also heat up an exacto knife and use it. This is shown in the video. You must use one of these methods or the techflex will fray, the ends must be melted to each other.
  3. Check out our 10 gauge pure copper speaker wire! 12 gauge is usually too small for high powered subs, and 8 gauge is overkill, and usually wont fit in most terminals... 10 gauge is just right, and it's two stranded and super flexible for easy routing. Check it out!! only $75 shipped for a 100 foot spool anywhere in the 48 united states. Contact us for per-foot pricing! www.mechman.com http://www.mechman.com/accessories/cable/10-gauge-heavy-duty-pure-copper-ofc-speaker-wire-100-foot-spool-blue/
  4. I'm replacing the power and ground in my car to 0 awg and plan on doing the big three upgrade too. I'm on the fence on choosing which brand to buy though. EXO from YouTube talks Audio Technix so I checked there site and I am guessing 20 feet will be enough to run from the battery to the back seat and maybe the big three too. But I can get 20 feet of 0 awg power wire from Audio Technix for $70 but I also did some looking around and found Cadence 0 gauge on AudioSavings which is $50 for 25 feet. I just wanna buy the right stuff. Help.
  5. Would it be alright to use some aluminum distribution blocks for 8 gauge speaker wire? I have a dvc sub and a monoblock amp with only one pair of terminals, and I'm wiring in parallel so I was going to machine some nice little blocks so i wouldnt have to stuff two wires in one hole. lol. Anyways, this wouldnt cause any distortion or bad resistance, would it?
  6. Ok so i fix allll my wiring and stuff and i a listen to music. then everything stops in the back. i got and look and nothings making noise but everytheres on but not playing. so i take it to my audio store and nothings wrong. so i rewire and i notice when i plug in my RCA cable in the little green power light comes on but the words jenson light up as if it were on. all my fuses are fine and wires are plugged in right.. and one knoe whats wrong?... im stumpped
  7. I needed a wiring kit to power my amps that I am getting. I had been talking to Tony for a week or two and he was a huge help with getting it figured out what I needed based on the setup I'm going to run. I am very pleased with the quality of his products and will be purchasing from him again! I didn't really have a clue what I needed as far as wiring and didn't want to go with a regular kit for this reason. He guided me through the process via email, responding multiple times a day, and we got it figured out. I ordered the kit last Friday, and received it in the mail on Monday; he has great turnaround time and fast service. Nobody beats CE Auto Electric Supply as far as quality and knowledge goes! Here is the custom kit he put together for me: 20 feet 4 gauge power cable w/ ring terminal installed 2, 3 foot 8 gauge power leads w/ ring terminals installed 2, 4 foot 8 gauge ground leads w/ ring terminals installed 4 feet split wire loom 1 rockford maxi fuse holder 1 fused distribution block 80 amp, and 2 30 amp fuses 1 wire grommet On to the pics! Thanks a bunch! I HIGHLY recommend purchasing your electrical equipment from him! He already knows that I will be ordering again here shortly
  8. I'm going to be needing some more RCA cables soon, as I'm about to install a 4 channel amp. I was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, maybe $50 or so maximum for a short set to go from my EQ to the headunit, and then 3 sets of about 20 ft. each. I found this link: http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.asp?spcDB=10218&spcWord=Audio+Cables+-+RCA+%26+3.5mm&keyword=premium%20rca in another post, and I was considering those, but I'm unsure about their quality, as I haven't really heard of anyone running them. I was also thinking about some RCA's from Knuconceptz, either the Karma, or Krystal series most likely, because they both seem affordable, and come in the sizes that I need. If anyone has any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated as well!
  9. Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment.Today's AudioSavings deal is.... Cadence 4G150-BLACK (4 Gauge 150 Foot Black Amp Power Wire Spool w/ Cool Cable Technology) http://www.audiosavi..._cd=4G150-BLACK Cadence 4G150-BLACK Please note that Audiosavings audio engineers have tested this wire against 10 other brand names before deciding to carry these Cadence wires. We did all this research after getting complaints about certain other wires we used to carry. Other brands did not measure to 4 gauge like these ones. They had thick insulation but they were short on the wire. We also tested resistance which is really the only thing that matters. Since Cadence wires are made with a ton of copper, these wires had a much better reistance rating which means they will transfer more power to your amps than these other brands who make their wires mostly of aluminum. Features: Model: 4G150-BLACK Gauge: 4 Gauge Wire Length: 50m / 150ft Cadence Cool Cable Technology Special Winding Configuration Reduces Unwanted Noises and Maximizes Current Transfer High Purity Oxygen Free Copper Standing Incredibly Flexible Yet Extremely Durable Thick Protective Ultra Soft PVC Translucent Jacket Braided Super-Flex Design Ensures Optimum Surface Area and Flexibility Designed for Show Car Performance 1 Foot Markings on Wire Make it Easy to Read and Easy to Cut to Appropriate Size Ultra-Pure Copper Conduction High Current Competition Class Power Cable Eliminates Noise from the AC Line Shielding From RFI and EMI Resist Abrasions, Chemicals, and Temperature Extremes Rated at 110°C (Celsius) / 230°F (Fahrenheit) Guaranteed to Make Your Amplifier Run Cooler and Sound Better Stranding: 7 x 7 x 22 x 0.15mm (7 Ropes Consisting of 7 Sets of 22 Strands of 0.15mm Wire) Color: Black Also Available in Blue / Red Cadence power and ground cables are manufactured using the highest quality copper raw materials and engineered with other specialized elements so that they transfer high current draws with the absolute lowest impedance. By eliminating trapped air in our cables, our special manufacturing process ensures that our braided Super Flex cables remain extremely flexible and have a reduced skin effect which helps them keep cool and transfer power from battery to the amplifier with minimal signal loss. What does all this mean to you? It means a more efficient electrical system. Your amplifiers wont be starving for power or current. You can expect longer service life from your amplifier, and increased audio performance. PRICE: $74.95 http://www.audiosavings.com/audiosavings-day-deal/index.aspx?item_cd=4G150-BLACK
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