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Vehicle: 2001 Chevy Astro AWD

Alternator: 300amp Iraggi Alternator

Batteries: 3 D3400.... 1 up front and 2 in the back

Wire: 3 runs of Power Wire HyperFlex... 2 grounds for front battery... 2 seperate grounds per battery in the rear...

Alternator wires: 2 runs ran for power from alt and 2 ground from alt

Front stage: 2 6.5" oxygen audio compenents( with 2 extra if I am not satisfied with just the 1)

Sub Stage: 2 18" Zcons in a 20 cubic enclosure after displacements.... For comps it will be tuned to 36hz with 482sq inches of port area... for daily it will be tuned to 30hz with 321sq inches of port area

Amplifier front stage: MB Quart 4 channel

Amplifier Sub stage: Stetsom 5k2e @ 2 Ohms

















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NICE! Love the Astro builds. :drink40:

Nice equipment- gonna' be good. That interior pic where the interior was there and then the next when it was gutted for sound deadening- = lots of work.

Tuned in!!

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For your info, here is specs-

Final NET- 20.5cuft

4x4s in the corner.

angled out at 9x9" in the corners.

the middle brace as follows-

going from front wall to port wall- glue 3 2x4s together 35.25" long

Going from top 2x4 brace to floor on the front wall- glue 2 2x4s together and glue them to the top 2x4 brace, floor and front wall.

Do the same for the middle brace, 2 2x4s glued together and glued to top 2x4 brace and floor.

For the brace along the back of the port wall-

Glue 2 2x4s together (4 total, 2 for each side)

Once all 4 are glued together(2 thick pieces now), attach them to the back of the port wall, sides of box and the main 2x4 brace.

These 2x4s need to be turned so the 3.5" wide side is vertical so u can get the most surface area of the 2x4s attached to the back port wall.

The 3.5" width of the 2x4s are used on the front wall.

the 3.5" width of the 2x4s are used on the underside of the top piece.

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