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How do you guys afford it?

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I mean man every time I get paid I have to buy something or something happens or I got get my girl something and then im broke. Im 17 with a burgerking income and its horribble I wish I had more money for this hobby. I just dont know how you guys do it? Now im at the point of Ill settle for the cheap loud stuff and not the good  insanely loud stuff :-



"GET LOUD OR DIE TRYIN"only the loudest will survive.

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Dont rush things, i cant speak for others on the board but my systems are pieced together over tim.  Bills, kids, gf, other things get ing the way, but youll get what you want sooner or later

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Credit score before system 678 after 613 :-X  :-X on credit. Wait and save.  29%apr :-X :-X :-X :-X Bad credit bad. Not before the system though 9.9%. The best thing is a saving account that takes out a % of your check. That way it's not missed too much.

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^x2..you're only 17 bud, building a system to high end shit takes time..especially if ur a student and working. I work part time and am a 3rd yr accounting student...i barely have time to make enuf money and work..my system took a year to complete..and it's not even high end...

i got a pioneer 8600, a T112D4, power enclosure, p6001 amp, p4004amp, 6.5 rockford components, rockford 4way 6x9s, tweets, stinger cap kit, wiring and all that bullshit..

this is cheap stuff..i got punch shit in my car ffs...you gotta set your priorities first and work that hobby slowly...

I see Booty

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19" VMR Rims

H&R Lowering Springs.

Magnaflow Exhaust System

K&N Air Intake

6k HID Projectors & Fogs w/ Black housed headlights.

Optima Yellow Top - Front. Kinetik HC 600 - Trunk

Kenwood KVT-617

Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2

Rockford Fosgate T2001-BD - Sub Amp

Alpine MRV F-345 - Front stage

Front Stage - A pillars - Dayton Audio 4" mids w/ Vifa Tweeters

Front Doors - Vifa - 6.5" midbass 1" Vifa Tweeters

Subwoofers - 2x 12" Image Dynamics IDMAX - 2.91 cuft ported enclosure tuned at 25hz

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x300  ii have 3 kids a wife and a girlfriend , and doing a system is extreamly hard on my bank account,and we cant forget the extreme cost of competitions and travel...but when it comes to stuff i need for my system i save my money, i dont go with the squirts up my butt and buy the cheaper stuff just so i can have it now, save up and get the better stuff so you dont want to change it out at a later time :^ :^ :^

Americas loudest work van2006 iasca heavyweight bassboxing champion at 150.4 db with 60second average TL8 memphis PR15s,12 memphis PR6.5's coax,4 memphis PR 1inch tweets

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some of us do this for a living, so coming across deals or build huge customer cars and getting to keep all their old equipment, then i sell it or trade it for 1 nice piece. sure i do pretty well for myself, but i would say alot of it comes from trading. think about this. Add up how much all you stuff is worth then what high end piece you could trade it all for.

Plus your only 17, hell i know most of the guys around here are at least 20-21, im 26 and alot of these peeps are ol' schoolers. we have been doing this for years. myself coming up on 12 years, meade's got me beat , so dont rush it, take your time.. the time you have right now needs to be used for researching what is good equipment. If you only do 1 thing i ever suggest, its this. read and read and read about car audio, take most of it with a grain of salt but when the time comes for you to buy some equipment you wont buy crap at the very least.


2008 California state record holder 157.2 Bassrace2009 California state record holder 157.0 BassraceRollin 50's 158.7db2009 King of Cali Bassrace2009 USACi score 160.5 @ 42hz

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ya im 19...you just have to buy your shit one peice at a time, thats what im doin now. and i have to make payment on my new Hitachi Plasma(wich is fukin rediculous) and cell phone bill and a lil for college. just wait and do it piece by peice.  NO CREDIT CARDS, unless you have the money then, dont say to yourself that ill charge it now and when i get the bill ill have the money. dosent alway workout so well. if there was a number for perfect credit scoore...thats what i would have  :^.


2015 Evo X WW

Forgestar F14 18s --Rally Armour Mudflaps

ETS 3.5" FMIC, CAI, Open Dump DownPipe, Test Pipe, Ultimate Racing Catback, BLEVINS TUNE, Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers


Crescendo Mezzos x2

Crescendo 800.4, 1500.1

Loaded Fi Q12

Second Skin Pro

XS D5100

RF 360.2

Sky High Audio Wiring



1999 Grand Prix GTX

3.8L S/C-few modsWheels: Ruff Racing 280 19x8.5 Sub: Fully Loaded

12" Fi BTL Amps: Autotek MM3000.1d Sundown SAX-100.4HU/Tweets/mids:

Alpine D310 + H701, TBI HDSS tweets, Mpyr audio 65m x4extra sheit:

knukonceptz 0, 4, rcas, speaker wire EA 200amp alt HC 2400


Financial Consultant- Charles Schwab

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