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Nathan @ XSpower

XS Power/Audio Savings SMD Group Buy 2012!! ENDS 4-13-12

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Well you all had asked for another group buy, and you also asked to have it around the time that the tax refunds come in..................... So here you go!!!

Thanks to the guys at Audio Savings there will be a 2012 XS Power Group Buy and I think this one is going to be bigger than any of the ones before. There is not a set date for the group buy, because we have to get all of the behind the scenes stuff taken care of, but it will be 1 MONTH long and will start somewhere around Feb 15th to the first of March. So keep checking back for the exact start date! Wanted to go ahead and post as many details as possible.

So, want to know how much you will be saving????? 15% off all of the new XP Series 12V batteries! Yes, that is 15% off the brand new XP series batteries, but wait...... there is more...................This year the guys at Audio Savings said they didn't want to put a minimum # of batteries sold to get the discount, and Audio Savings is going to also do FREE SHIPPING with all orders! So, you get 15% off the new XP Series with free shipping, and the customer service of both Audio Savings and XS Power!!!

How is this going to work? Before the sales starts Audio Savings will provide a discount code for all the forum members to use for the sale. You will go to the Audio Savings site (www.audiosavings.com) and pick what batteries and quantities you want. Then during the check out you will enter in the discount code (that will be provided before the sale starts) and get your 15% off with free shipping!!!

Pricing for those that haven't seen it.

XP3000 (Group 31 battery same size as D3100) $319.99 - 15% = $271.99 + free shipping

XP2500 (Group 27 battery same size as D2700) $289.99 - 15% = $246.49 + free shipping

XP2000 (Group 24 battery same size as D2400) $249.99 - 15% = $212.49 + free shipping

XP950 (same size as D/S975) $129.99 - 15% = $110.49 + free shipping

XP750 (same size as D/S680) $ 99.99 - 15% = $ 84.99 + free shipping

The XP Series was designed and manufactured for use as a secondary/supplemental power source. They are designed for high capacity installations, so if you need a battery to add some capacity for your system then this is the answer! What is the difference between the D/S series and the XP Series. For competitions the D/S series batteries are able to provide more instantaneous power, but for ground pounding and daily use the XP Series is the way to go. The XP Series is not designed to be used in under the hood applications, but work great for any battery bank in the back. You can find more info on the XP Series here XP Literature or on our XS Power website.

So if you have any questions just let me know. I will post up the start date as soon as everything gets put in place! You wanted a reason to spend that tax money, and now you have one!

******* 3/6/12 update. Sales is starting today. XP3000 and XP2500 are in stock and ready to go through AudioSavings. XP2000, XP950, and XP750 will be instock very soon (few days) and then they will be added to the discount. *************

di-0NJG.png Discount Code POWER

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Can you mix the d/s and xp lines in yhe same charging system?

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will the disount only apply on the xp series or any xs power battery?

15% is only on the XP Series, but you can order D and S series with the XP series and also get free shipping.

Can you mix the d/s and xp lines in yhe same charging system?

Yes, they will work fine like that. They have the same chemistry make up and will work great together. The XP Series ended up actually being stronger than we had thought they would be when we designed them, so the XP3000 will hang very close to the D3100. Me personally unless I was doing burps and was limited by competition rules to a certain number of batteries I would build my bank with the XP Series.

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Awesome, I have 5 d/s 3100s and I don't wanna have to ditch them if i didnt have to, ill def be jumping on this sale!!

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