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  1. Voltage drop is caused by resistance of the conducting material, so if you have the resistance of the wire you are using you can calculate what the voltage drop will be. There are calculators online if you need actual numbers.
  2. I really just want to post all liberal pictures just to annoy shade tree. Is this really a place for politics? Make a thread in the political section for random political memes since that's where it should all go.
  3. My dealership told me to change my full synthetic oil every 3k because you can't trust what they put on the bottle. Of course they want that, charging $49.95/oil change.
  4. Want to tag Ahmed real bad for that picture, but I think he might even say no
  5. If you have a circuit breaker on that outlet don't over load it multiple times lol. They don't last very long
  6. I have a picture of a red one. Guy acted like his shit didn't stink. Walked outside when I saw it and he asked what I thought. Told him it looked wrong and he told me he wouldn't come back to the store I worked at lol http://imgur.com/gallery/khVxgEp
  7. Not that bad of a loss honestly. $83 to $80 could swing back in no time
  8. You'd never be able to get help if you crashed. Ain't no EMS folks stepping on all those Legos
  9. Steve, lmk how Madden is on PC. I have a power supply failure but would love to redo my PC since I don't do a ton of gaming but I love playing Madden. I have only turned on my Xbox one x once in the last 3 months.
  10. Some of my 4.5 liter bottle of Jameson lol. Saturday night was 8 whiskeys, 3 tequila and oj, 3 shots of tequila and a Corona. Was at a Macedonian wedding, was smashed.
  11. My wife is 110 lbs after a baby so I might not be the best one to respond to this lol.
  12. She's a thin girl with a mashup of Pennywise and Harley Quin. Nothing special
  13. Trail hawk. Only ~40-45k lol. Can't be spending 80k on a car.
  14. Use Flickr. Worked better for me. Nice Jeep. Was going to get a trailhawk but my wife liked the Acadia better
  15. Saw this gem today Idk how to upload images at the moment apparently.
  16. This morning, had a girl staring at her phone swerving and going 65ish in a 70 in the fast lane. I honked at her and she almost hit the median lol. But its really not that hard of a concept. If you aren't passing anyone or people are coming up behind you, move over!
  17. Yea I said I'm not watching because I thought I was going to puke. Actually was nothing. Thought there would've been more blood
  18. I feel like my son is going to be a little heart breaker Happy father's day to all the other fathers
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