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AQ HDC3 18 halp


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Yea well I know it's the sub. At first I thought it was super hard roof flex but then I can turn it down and put my head on the cone and hear the clipping like hollow/harmonic sound. and the sub is broken in. with ~1200 rms in ~7 cubes..

E34 540iT/6

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don't know if this applys to your sub but i had a pair of subs with dual spiders and the lower of the two had came unglued from the basket.the subs still worked perfectly but the loose splder made a lot of noise,similar to clipping sound

Interesting. I'll be taking it out of the box either tomorrow or tuesday and checking everything out in detail.

E34 540iT/6

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Free air it at 20hz at about full excursion( 2.5 in-3 in) and listen and look at it. I had one make a noise like that free air but when I put it on the box it went away

Okay I'll do that tomorrow. I'm also going to try it with another amp and RCA's to see if one of those is the problem.

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E34 540iT/6

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Got new RCA's today and the noise is still there. It might just be my brain but I think it's a little bit quieter though...hmm. I'm going to test it tomorrow with NIkitaaa's amp and hopefully will be sending my amp back under warranty unless it's something whack with the sub...which would suck.

E34 540iT/6

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Is the sub broke in?

Yes, his woofer is broken in

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