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  1. Headed to California for the weekend! Woo!

    1. diegoclass2010


      nice!.... what part?

    2. Second Skin

      Second Skin

      Nice, just spent the past 9 days there, Sac Town to Bay Area to Hollywood/LA...even hit up that long Pacific Coast Highway!!! Enjoy your trip.

  2. Attention Portland area: Chris Canada, owner of West Coast DSM is a SCAMMER. 4 weeks of "trying" to meet with me to return a part and now has blocked me and ceased contact. Came off as a nice guy at first but is a theif. Never doing business with him again.

  3. Ordered a bronze wheel kit from dipyourcar. Can't wait to see them on my car after. Mmmm

  4. Scammers. Sigh.

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    2. n8ball2013


      better not have been from here.

    3. wmrcs


      No they're not from SMD. Something might happen today. I'll give out a name or company after something happens.

    4. wmrcs


      West Coast DSM. Ripped me off on an upper intercooler pipe. Came off as a nice guy and tries ignoring me through facebook, won't answer calls, and lies about being sick but still goes to a car meet and posts the pictures on facebook. Never dealing with Chris Canada, owner of West Coast DSM again.

  5. Collapsed a lung today while working out, then had them aspirate my chest while I was awake. #yolo

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    2. wmrcs


      On the bright side I ordered a Prosport boost gauge and MBC ;)

    3. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      Sweet. I've never heard of that happening from working out..thats nuts. Glas your ok man. Take it easy.

    4. wmrcs


      Yea it's because I'm really tall and thin. Younger tall thin dudes are really prone to it.

  6. Damnit! I wanted an upper IC pipe for a 2g not a 1g!!!

    1. n8ball2013


      Should have got the 2g then

    2. wmrcs


      Dude told me it was a 2g. Just ordered one online..

  7. North Korea..

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    2. OrionStang


      China doesn't have their back anymore. Fucking retard in charge gonna get his country paved. LMAO.

    3. n8ball2013


      yeah its bad when china is like hey buddy you might not want to do that.

    4. wmrcs


      Maybe this is why they want to nuke us ;)

  8. I love pay day

    1. WastedTalent


      Every friday is good, and every other friday is even better. 2 jobs, 1 pays every friday, 1 pays every other.

    2. Raptorman


      Got paid, now I have $6 to my name. In the same day ;P Hahahaha.

  9. Abandoning my past 8 years is scary and I don't think I could do it even if it is better for me.

  10. Sick! haha! I haven't played in so long! I used to love that game.
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