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  1. And you got some belt slippage on the 340. May wanna get a new belt or belt tensioner.
  2. I went from 5k at 1 ohm to 5k at 4ohm. Seems like the lows are more powerful and it's nice and tight. I can run the lpf higher with out it sounding muddy or sloppy.
  3. A relay is basically a switch that senses power from something then turns on the circuit to what ever you want. Example, I have hid kc lights. I didn't want to run a switch on the power wire. That would involve extra 15 foot of wire. Instead I tied in to a pre existing switch, ran a single 20 gauge wire to a relay righ beside my battery so it turns the relay on that then give my hids power. Google it it's a very common thing that is used on many vehicles and no you wouldn't have to take your dash apart
  4. Just run a relay to an ignition wire and bam better than factory.
  5. Juicebox slowed, bass ballin, the motto slowed, I cook slowed... I got more but can't remember lol
  6. I had a 21" it was the best sounding sub I've ever had. Kept up with everything I threw at it I ran it on a bc2000d
  7. It should bolt up with recessed holes the have studs made on the spacer in between each recessed hole. You should be able to run factory studs.
  8. Well they have came out with a variable orifice tube. It limits the size at idle opens it at higher rpms. You get up to 12 degrees cooler at idle while still remaining the same temp at higher speeds.
  9. They actually do go up in size increments. Usually half inch. I work at autozone. The should be able to figure it out. I was taught this when I started.
  10. I have 2 of the copper coils and they are on 2 bc2ks strapped at 1 ohm and they take every bit of it aslong as I don't clip. I'm tuned to 29hz and man do they sound good. They also put up a 152.9 @39hz with that same tune.
  11. I will add too ami customs and say that, if you've never messed with aq or dd then chill. They are way different the normal subs. I've ran 5k daily on my pair for months now and they are still retarded stiff.
  12. The 4.8 is a good motor. I would just rebuild it and not swap. Save the money and spend on new heads or something ya know?
  13. Everything is the same on those motors man. It should just drop in and flash you computer.
  14. More port!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I run 250 sq in of port on mine and they love every bit of it
  15. I have 2 copper coils on 2 bc2000d's strapped at 1 ohm! They take it wonderful
  16. Use the power from your batts and just run a switch, what ohm load are you running at 1 ohm it will be fine! They barely get warm
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