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maximum amount of port area?

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I have two fi btl n3's 12inch subwoofers with 3500 watts per subwoofer or less if need be. Each subwoofer will have 1.5 cubic feet for volume enclosure so 2 12s 3.0 cubic feet -- not including the size the port area takes up.will add that up later. What is the maximum amount of port area i can have without damaging the subwoofers for daily use.

I know alot of people say the rule of thumb is 15-20 per cubic foot.

But i wanna know whats the biggest port area i can run safely. My goal is to produce more air flow for hair tricks and pressure in vehichle. And this is a daily driver.

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more port doesnt mean louder

im going to have to disagree

And again here you are with more lack of knowledge but trying to sound like a pro. There is a point where adding port has diminishing returns. That's why split is all about testing and rebuilding


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how do the people come up with the rule of 15-20 per say. Do they test it in a vehichle? in a laboratory. a computer program. In fact that alot of vehichles are different sizes.? Which takes more or less volume to pressurize. Your not going to have the same result in every car if you follow the rule of thumb? right? So whos to say i can't have a big port in a small box in a small car and perform well?.

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more port doesnt mean louder

im going to have to disagree

And I'm going to have to say you really dont know what you're talking about. You're new, but every post seems worse than the previous. Feel free to educate some of us ;)

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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