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The Big 3 - Problem Solved.

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so for 160amp stock alt you would recommend the 2AWG kit I would guess?


2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Alpine CDE-hd148bt

Alpine PKG-RSE2

PRV Audio (4) 6MB200 front/rear doors

PRV Audio (4) TW350Ti dash/rear doors

Kicker KX350.4

Obsidian Audio (1) 18 D4 v2

revamp (2) Stereo Integrity HT 18d2
DC Audio 1.2k
5.25ft^3 tuned @34hz

revamp Infinite Baffle Cpillar

AudioTechnix 60mil deadener
KnuKonceptz & SkyHigh wire (complete setup)


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Here's what one customer had to say recently about our Big 3 Upgrade Kits -

"Outstanding. Parts were incredibly well constructed and you clearly did your homework. My grizzled old mechanic was very impressed and that takes some doing. The car overall now is just running better as well. This wasn't just an audio fix, it was an electrical system fix. Thanks for making such a great product."

I've gone out of my way to ensure that our kits work and work well!

Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
Email me at [email protected] to learn about becoming an SMD Partner!


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From what iv been reading you should ground from back of the alternator to the battery along with the big 3?  

Sundown NSV4 18"  +  Orion 5000.1dV2

MechMan Elite 370a  +  XS3100 - XP3000

SHCA 1/0 OFC(blue+  SMD Fuse Holders(blue)

Pioneer AVH-2440NEX  SHCA Pro RCA 


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