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CC-1 Bandpass Question

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So i have an AQ120.4 and would like to set crossover points in specific ranges. Would i be able to do it with this tool?

What i plan on is setting ranges for Mid bass, mid range, and tweeters. I have looked at the manual for the cc-1 but i dont think there was anything about setting cross over points for band pass.

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Yes the AQ 120.4 has a BP feature on it, only reason I am choosing that over RF multi channels

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Yes, you can if the amp allows you to run it bandpass (not familar with the AQ), but if it is, then this tool can.

At about 7:50 in my video I show how to do it only I was using a sundown 100.4.


Thank you that is a good video... Seems like i will be getting on the cc-1 sometime next month

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