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AFTERGLOW-AGU.1S. Wireless gaming head set

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Impression after opening, and first impressions..........

They feel very very above average on the "well built" meter. And, they fit better than anything Ive had, or tried before. Which, isnt much.



Packaging was very nice. Came with some stickers, and blah blah... which, is kinda cool.



The MIC is retractable,... somewhat cool....



Powered up. Hook up was a breeze.




There are 3 custom engineered audio profiles. (i also bought em for music,streaming with my ROKU, and the like, well see)

Pure audio

Bass Boost - which we ALL know blows stuff up......


Ill try em all, and with everything we do. Which is pretty common.

First off, Im impressed. And for my 80$ price tag, more than happy so far. Our TURTLE BEACH sets were more, for a lot less. Wired vs wireless, and the like.

Again, im just plugging them in, and havent used them so far. Getting there.

Any ?'s,... ask.


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The retractable Mic I think is a good idea. Plus that blue light is sweet.

Yes sir. I guess you can limit some echo by the mic's adjustment.

And i nuthug blue. They have all the normal colors.

It is kinda cool, there is a MODE switch, to select from the 3 adjustment levels, and the MIC's color changes accordingly..... Pretty niffty.... I have to admit....

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Plus its rechargeable. Good buy man.

God yes,...

The monster bitch,gripe,complaint with this shit is the countless spent (or putting your work into debt buying double A's) buying those damn batteries..... lol

I can already hear the difference in just bringing up and listening to the PSN XMB page. Not a hint of echo, and its clear as water.

Again, very very new, but, so far, i cant believe i forked over what it did for the last heads sets ..... and they are wired.... geeezus. That was some years ago, but still....

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After a good couple days of playing, im a little sad to say, that these will be going back.

2 key reasons why;

1- The GAME and CHAT volume adjustment, is on the same dial. So, if you turn the game vol up, the chat vol goes down. And, i dont like it

2- and the biggest bitch, is, that i cant just "cut" my chat off. With my TB set, i could in one switch flip, cut my chat. I could still hear everything, it just "muted" me. So, if i needed to yell, scream, shout, fart, talk to the wife, and not have the entire nation hear. Flip it, and done. And this set is just... ON. And, i dont like it.

The noise, and echo is all but zero. I have NO complaints there. Its incredible infact for wireless. But, i HAVE to have what i have to have.

Sadly, these will be returned, and ill probably go back to a wireless TB set. Or, maybe try some others.

Im a little bummed........

Again, all my opinion and such.....


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Sucks man. Still love the new Sony Pulse ones.

Hey bro? Which ones? I'm picking up a new set Wed.

Link me or something ? Are they double ear? I dont the single ear. I like to hear left and right independent .....

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Don't recall what ones my nephew had but they were awesome and worked flawlessly for gaming for all types of games.


I'll definitely check em out... I HAVE TO HAVE em to play with ....

Thanks man....

Anyone else have some to look at, Im all ears. Price is, well, not ape shyte, but, I'm willing to pay for performance. ..

Thanks again skulls..

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