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  1. Not what i meant by that. What i meant was the fuse block melting showed me the short comings of the pvc jacket being soft enough to allow it to compress enough to allow a short to happen. Just poorly worded.
  2. Truth is, most are buying a company brand vs. a CCA or OFC cable. I myself buy welding cable for very specific reasons not related to car audio itself, i went and got the car audio cable with pvc jacket covering it and almost caught my car on fire from a melted fuse block where the jacket almost pressed through on a corner. From that point on i would never touch another pvc jacketed wire again as it can press through the jacket over time on a rounded or square corner, i will use something with a much sturdier jacket that can take some abuse.
  3. When you go to a movie in apple tv you will see the dolby sign with dolby atmos on it along the top row (Genre) EDIT: My whole reason to get the apple tv was to eliminate the dvd collection and have everything stored somewhere else. lol
  4. I have apple 4k tv and buy and rent a lot of movies on itunes and the rentals start at $ .99 and up, they also have low cost 4k movies for sale that change from time to time. They usually change on wednesdays for rentals with a different movie as a weekly special. EDIT: They also have an atmos section of movies to choose from.
  5. That looks totally badass and i bet sounds just as badasss. Which onkyo? I currently have the RZ810 and a coworker has the RZ610, and we both love the receiver. Tons of clean power, but i listen to a lot of music so i primarily use the Luxman R-117 for that duty. I also have a set of klipsch RF82's i use and will one day get the klipsch atmos setup.
  6. Believe it or not, a lot of music is soft clipped which will give a false positive of being hard clipped, and there is no way of knowing unless you see it on a scope.
  7. Are you going off the clipping light on your remote knob? Removing the knob will solve your clipping issue. lol Keep upping the volume until you begin to smell something, that is a sure fire way of knowing 1) it is clipping 2) new subs are breaking in, and smoke means your shit is about to die a horrible death.
  8. Rewire the sub for 2 ohm and try that out and see if anything changes. You have gone back through your wiring and connections, so it is worth a shot to see if something changes, cause if you can't go full tilt @.5 then 2 ohms should be louder and cleaner.
  9. I almost got a pro till i found out they only do 4k games and nothing else, so that was a deal breaker for me.
  10. If it is a closed cell foam, then yes it is water proof. Be careful though as you can alter the sound of your speaker by adding foam directly behind a speaker, think of speaker baffles, great idea but they really do hinder the performance of the speaker. Car audio speakers are meant to get wet, every car leaks water in the doors, it is just a fact of life, some more than others.
  11. RIP Tom Petty

    1. SonicElectronix


      Mary Jane's Last Dance is one of my favorite songs..RIP Tom Petty 

    2. Karkov


      fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.......

    3. 2loud4uboyz


      Man this is some sad news. Tom Petty is one of my favorite bands hands down of all time rock band. I jam to the favorite hit cd all the time. What a great artist he was and will remain .

  12. There comes a time when you have to lay down the smack to these bitches and show them how truly fucking dumb they really are, this was a case in point!
  13. Tried the cheap route once and will never do it again, and get yourself some paint thinner to remove the clumps and residue.
  14. Happy B Tony D.  

  15. Didn't play the original, but did play for a time SC2 and liked it. Definitely going to be waiting on it to release.
  16. Overlap is where mids and tweeters crossover points meet and begin to slope off, that is something you have to play with as setting the points too close can cause high points instead of a flat response when you use an RTA.
  17. If i remember what others have said, you want to use the amp that distorts first and volt match them the same.
  18. You must not know old school then. There are tons of US made amps in that collection. Unless your talking about the company "US Amps", which i didn't notice any, that does not mean he doesn't have any though.
  19. He's missing a few. j/k Totally awesome collection of gear in one place. Talk about being a kid in a candy store, holy fuck!!
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