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DD amps, New prices!

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Some DD Audio amps. Only two have ever seen power.

Used DD M2a silver finish: $275 shippED SOLD

Used DD S4a silver finish: $275 shippED SOLD

New DD M2a Black finish: $400 shippED

New DD SS3 Silver finish: $200 shippED SOLD

No to trades.

The two used amps barely saw any play time, because the car ended up getting a new motor built and had to have everything out of the trunk so they could do the fuel filter. Maybe 2-3 months use.DSC_0059_zps2ef43bf3.jpgDSC_0083_zps7afc7764.jpgM2aInput Sensitivity0.2V - 8VVariable Subsonic Filter10Hz - 50Hz @ 24dB/OctVariable Low Pass Filter20Hz - 200Hz @ 24dB/OctClipping DisplayLEDTested Voltage11.9 VDCTestedTHD≥1%ModelM2aCont power at 2 ohm1040W x 1chDamping Factor Cont power at 1 ohm 1600W x 1chDynamic Power2920W x 1chEfficiency thru OutputDimensions - mm400L x 232W x 63.5HDimensions - inches15.75L x 9.13W x 2.5LSignal to Noise>100dBDSC_0068_zps43ca7b7f.jpgDSC_0066_zps26047288.jpgDSC_0067_zpsd2335035.jpgLittle foam, but will clean it off.DSC_0084_zps2072b4e7.jpgS4aDSC_0069_zps91d8ed8b.jpgDSC_0071_zpsf3440c40.jpgDSC_0072_zps44ed955d.jpgM2AInput Sensitivity 0.2V - 8VVariable Low Pass Filter 20Hz - 200Hz @ 24dB/OctVariable Sub-sonic Filter 10Hz - 50Hz @ 24dB/OctTested Voltage 11.9 VDC signal to Noise >100dBCont power at 1 ohm 1600W x 1ch BridgedDynamic power 3000w Efficiency thru OutputDSC_0082_zps1f97ea80.jpgDSC_0076_zps4bb732bf.jpgDSC_0080_zpsf28d97cf.jpgDSC_0074_zps7769fd8c.jpgSS3DSC_0061_zpsa03c71b6.jpgDSC_0060_zps3af79f1d.jpgDSC_0062_zpsa4f998e2.jpgDSC_0063_zps4a78c2fe.jpgAmps will be cleaned off and sorry for some blurry pictures. I can get better if needed. Again, no trades.



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he wouldnt be the first to say they did a 167 with a system like that (one that clearly DOESNT), but i have to say, he didnt beat me anywhere, ive never competed against the guy. If he thinks his does a 167, mine would probably put him in a coma. :hairtrick:

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Do you have stats on the S4A and SS3? These are older models not available on DD's site.

Edit: Yea, not sure why they make it so hard to find specs...Sry about that. I'll get the rest up soon too.

S4a is


Series S

Input Sensitivity 0.2V - 8V

Variable High Pass Filter 20 Hz - 500 Hz (200 - 5 kHz) at 24dB/Oct

Variable Low Pass Filter 50 Hz - 500 Hz (500 - 5 kHz) at 24dB/Oct

Clipping Display LED

Tested Voltage 14.4

Tested THD 1%

Model S4a

Cont Power at 4 ohm 100W x 2ch + 200W x 2ch

Cont Power at 2 ohm 150W x 2ch + 300W x 2ch

Damping Factor >550 @ 2 ohm

Cont Power at 1 ohm

Cont Power at 4 ohm Mono

300W x 1ch + 600W x 1ch

Dynamic Power 400W x 1ch + 800W x 1ch

Efficiency thru Output >64%

Dimensions - mm 420L x 232W x 63.5H

Dimensions - inches 16.54L x 9.13W x 2.5H

Signal to Noise 95 dB


2x180W RMS @ 4Ohm

2 x 300W RMS @ 2Ohm

1 x 600W RMS @ 4Ohm



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