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  1. Is the kinetic battery brand dying? They got some pretty cheap battery's ow! 

    1. audiofanaticz


      They might be trying to move out old stock if they are the blue cased ones. They now offer 2 or 3 different types of series which all have different price points.



      Amazon has the smaller 600s for 44 bucks or less @srp365

  2. You guys having any sales coming up soon need 2 of these trying to work within my budget
  3. Any box builders out there who wanna build a box let me know have items to trade 

  4. What shops do the best work in Raleigh NC area!

  5. Who fixes Memphis amps

  6. Mechman should have foreign car month special I need a alt for my Nissan

    1. ShowtimeElectronics


      Hit us up, I'm sure we could help you out :)

  7. Need help tricking out my new ar-15 guys

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Plasti dip and Punisher stickers

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict
    3. Miguels


      Get a bullet button and get 10 round mags

  8. Ok been working on my amp rack for 3 days and I'm struggling wiring up the fans!!! Cans somebody please help me? Draw a diagram or something.. I'm on my last leg

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      Yes whenever the amps come on

    3. mathewyocham


      Wire them into one of your open accesory outlets on your fuse block. Theyll turn on when the key is on. Just make sure to fuse the line.



      So I got en to one on with the relay but they don't blow like they should this way! What am I doing wrong

  9. I'm stuck!!!! What's the best way to wire of 4 fans?

    1. Jhunt94



      you can go down towards the bottom, and see how I did mine. I didn't have to do it like that, but I liked the way it looked

  10. She just asked me what do you want to eat for dinner.. I said pussy!! She said no... My nights over another shot of Hennessy and I'm going to bed.. Smh

    1. DrewJones


      That's why I got me a redhead. The answer is ALWAYS YES. lol

    2. ROLEXrifleman


      Should have said " I didn't mean yours"

  11. What's an acceptable number of sexual partners to tell your spouse or gf if they ask?

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    2. hoit


      someone once told me, "lying is like cat shit, you have to keep covering it up"...i'd say the truth would be, by far, the best answer.

  12. For wire soldering what brand does everybody use and is there a preference in irons?

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    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Make sure you get a chisel tip too or you'll have a fun time soldering wires.

    3. Skullz


      weller, i always get my solder from radio shack with the thinner diameter solder in longer lengths so i don't over solder things.

    4. Swordlordboy1234


      I get my $20 spool of solder from AAMP of America... And my solder fun and micro touch are power probe. I go through a $5 can of butane a day... If that tells you anything about how much I use them, best things I ever got.

  13. Anybody got a TM-1 for a deal??

  14. Today's a good day to make a offer on the mayhem I'm feeling generous

  15. Check me out.. By my stuff come shop with us boy... Crackheadbprices

  16. tony D please message me

    1. DubNDodge


      I emailed him a few days ago. I think he's backed up a bit

    2. hdorre


      i did too on the 19th of last month, after emailing WCCA 2 days prior. No reply from either acct.

    3. DubNDodge


      fuck it. facebook it is then if that's the case

  17. Who to contact at Rockford for amp repair called 4 times left 4 messages no response been 3 weeks

    1. rockFord_Expedition


      Forrest usually answers the phone. If not, Tony D repairs amps too, not sure if your issue is warranty related or not though.

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