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How many Bass lovers from UK?

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Just wanted to know if any/ how many of you guys are from uk....

Im from UK/ London  around Woodgreen/Green Lanes Area, N17.

Usually go out to the cruise on Sunday nights at the A10 /Enfield Krispy Kreme car park....

What about you guys? Any one live Close? if not where do you live?

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California here bro......just around the corner!  :D


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representin DE...well not really because im not really known like MEADE haha but still representin

Nick will bang just about anything.....LMAO....pun intended

i was like DAMN, Chode is hardcore! he makes james look like a friendly person LOL!

I dont know who is worse with the buttholes Chode or Big P...



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reppin the southwest... new mexico here (our best acomplishment is the fact we are featured in akon's music video ghetto)

J. Jsig_253411.jpgMy CardomainFINISHED COBALT SS/SC DUAL ALTERNATOR PICS icon_nuts.gif

theres no such thing as too expensive when it comes to upgrades like that, because imo if you are gonna spend to upgrade then do it correctly rather then be a cheap ass ricer

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okkkayy.... lol my inital question was to see if there was any bass lovers near me... lol guess not.

Steve As said took ur advice brought the ipid adaptor, man, NO SKIPS, INSTANT PLAYBACK, NO GLITCHES Im sooo happy tht i took ur advice and to be honest i would also recomend it to everyone else!...

Also changed the way my system is this week, got a new sealed box built as i dont have the space for a ported one, and faced the subs up, its goood man... 2400rms and its not cutting out any more either and i've got stock batt stock alt. but each amp has inidiviual Ground and Battery Wire (it used to be both off 1 wire and either one would cut out)

Lovin this forum more and more day by day!

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