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Skar Audio SK-4500.1D Amplifier Dyno (Power) Test Results -- 8,600+ WATTS!!!

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maybe they fried it at .5 which is why they're not warranting it, they don't have to tell you it failed the certified test

They are a strong board no matter which name tag is on the heat sink.

But it did sound like the amp kicked protect almost instantly on the amp dyno if you listen closely during the first burst, the click is at 2:53 in the video.

Also the amp dyno stopped running the test after the click sound, the AD-1 will usually do a around 10 bursts, and watching the video it only does 2 bursts, the first burst is when the number was giving for said 8641 watts, then the second burst the AD-1 noticed there was no power being made and stopped testing.

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On 10/18/2013 at 5:39 AM, Rmichael91 said:

Enough with the bashing, everyones been given a warning in the past. I mean lets grow up. The sk4500 bench was requested by me and a number of other potential customers. I even asked for a .5ohm run. Granted I'm even saying I think there needs to be a 3 step bank for the dyno runs, 12v 14v and 16v. I'm impressed with the numbers even with the spiked voltage. The only amp that worries me is the sk3500.

What is it that worried you about the sk3500.1???  I own two of the 1st gens and have them strapped but I clamped almost 3k rms clean on one of them at 2.3ohm 13.8v with a 38hz test tone and my subs were wired to 2ohm and I now have them both strapped at 1ohm each for a 2ohm final on a set of sundown x15d2's and I'm over 50 daily on music...

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